MinnowBooster Project Overview: 6 Ways to Earn More Using Their Services

in steemit •  10 months ago

I'm always on the lookout for ways to earn passive income online and there are several services here on Steemit which allow you to do just that. In today's video I'll discuss 6 services from @minnowbooster which aim to help minnows and whales alike build their channels and earn more right here on the Steemit platform.

Links Mentioned in Today's Video:

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I just came across these services as well and have delegated half of my SP to it with good returns so far. I decided to delegate because I do not post very often although I do comment and read a lot of posts from the community. I think this is a great example of how a community can grow successfully together. Thanks for the information!


Nice! I was hoping that somebody would share their experience here. So thank you for doing that and I'll upvote for visibility.

Hey Brandon, thank-you for showcasing full spectrum about @minnowbooster,until now I only know about the bit-bot thing only.In near future I would be looking forward to delegate some SP for passive income.

Wow Great! i Didn't Know How To Do these Thing Properly! Thanks!


You're welcome, glad it helped! :)

Thanks this was super helpful! Thought that they were just an upvote bot!!


Yeah much more than the upvote bot. I thought the same thing before I started digging into what they had to offer.


@brandonfrye I won one of your random SBD giveaways a few days after I joined steemit, asking if you thought it would be a good platform for posting neuroscience content. Since then I've had one pretty successful post over at #steemstem thanks to you getting me interested: Manipulating Memories: Instantly Eliminate a Fear.

Just wanted to thank you for helping the newbies here navigate the ins and outs! Ill certainly be looking out for more informative posts from you!


This is the first I've heard of #steemstem but that's very cool! Congratulations on the rewards and keep up the great work. I'm glad to see that you're continuing your posts on science here on Steemit. :)

thats why on the Minnowbooster website says ... LEARN TO FLY ! :) they are really amazing !..


True lol. They're doing a lot to benefit Steem Users in some very innovative ways :)

Thanks Brandon. I believe I read the same article you mention. I had no idea before seeing that that Minnow Booster had other services. I was hesitant to use their services at first but now see the benefit and plan to try a few of them out. Take care.


There are also some other channels to delegate your SP to and earn a passive income. @jerrybanfield is one of them. I'll keep my eye out for options and maybe cover some of these other channels in another video soon.

Thanks, this was very helpful. I passed this along to my wife. She is trying to get started up on Steem as a serious platform for her media...Still waiting on account approval. Anyways she appreciates it, thanks again.


Excellent, I hope she gets approved soon! Welcome to you both. :)

Thanks fir the info.


You're very welcome @jkenny!

Im just starting to follow the minnowbooster concept. Pretty interesting. Its getting more crowdy on steemit and thats very good... but everybody wants a chance :)


That's true - the more the merrier! :)

Really good article. As a minnow I'm just looking to increase my Steem Power. After I get my SP to a decent amount I will probably look into minnowboster and delegate some steem power to it.

Being pretty lazy, passive income is the kind of income I like the most. :D


Lol, nothing wrong with a passive income stream. :)

Thanks I used MinnowBooster for the first time. Great video!

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Great stuff as always sir. I have been on the fence for about a month now decided whether or not to delegate any of my SP...And took a dive and sent 50 to Smartsteem...Of course, I have no idea when I'm getting paid, if I ever do LOL

Looking at this though, Minnowbooster may have been a better option. I'm not sure how much delegation I will do in the future, similar to what you said...But I tested it...We will see.

Seems to be the way to do things on this platform lol Throw things against the wall, see what sticks....lol


Cool, I'm not too familiar with Smartsteem except for the fact that I've used them for upvotes in the past. Maybe they payout once a week or something. You can also check out @jerrybanfield who claims to payout 64% per year on your delegation which is one of the highest I've seen. Or yeah, MinnowBooster is solid as well. But you're right.. you just gotta dive into the deepend with Steemit lol.

thank you friend for the information i just saw your videos on youtube i follow you to know more from you thank you and have a great time friend.


Awesome, thanks for the follow and for letting me know how you found me. I hope to bring you more educational video in the future. :)

I would like to test minnowbooster in future . Ty for spreading awareness .


You're very welcome. I'm glad this put @minnowbooster on your radar. :)

I am going to go take a look at it now. One question if you don't mind? Do you feel like when you use this, you lose connection with others? I am starting to build some good relationships on here I do not want to lose that aspect of Steemit. Thanks.


I guess it would really depend on which services that you're using. The only reason why I haven't used the delegation yet is because I hate to lose the influence (even temporarily) since I've invested a lot of my own money to build that influence. But it's still something I'm considering. And I don't think it would affect your relationships here as you're still able to comment and upvote others.


@brandonfrye. Thanks I appreciate your response. I will strongly consider this as an option.

I have been using smartsteam to sell my votes if my power gets over 99% that way im not "wasting it" if i forget to vote for a few days or go on vacation! :)


That's a good point. May as well let your voting power go to good use!

Great video. I learned a lot in using bots in steembottracker.com. That is my goal in doing steemit, having passive income; or at least having the least amount of effort in making income. This post surely opened some new possibilities. Thanks for sharing.


Great, I'm glad this was helpful. There are so many possibilities here with Steemit! :)

excellent video. i'm still learning the platform and subscribing to you makes me feel like i have a boost up and i'm ahead of the learning curve.

best service in the steemit..i use this in my all post...

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Best tool out there for upvote bots! Also used randowhale today and it was quite profitable!

Nice video by the way brother! Hope you have a awesome night!

I have used @minnowbooster before , their instant upvote gives visibility to posts .

They are trustworthy . They would even refund if votes aren't available . Completely transparent .

Really helpful video. So I have a question i.e, If someone delegates SP to minnowbooster. Will his passive income from the SP he delegated remains constant or it may vary depending on the use of his delegated SP as an upvotes? Thanks in advance.

very nice post you ,,
I hope you will share the knowledge you have to me

Great post @brandonfrye about MinnowBooster.

I never knew that how beneficial services it offers. You've covered 6 services and exactly the number 7 service is about getting notification. As you said you can get the Notifications with the Steemify app and Ginabot is also good for this purpose.

I like the idea of lease steem power and sell your vote.

By the way, this Minnowbooter post is so informative and I learnt a lot.

Thanks brandon.

@brandonfrye i have been losing my mind trying to understand how minnowbooster works thanks for the video .
I will repost upvote and delegate to educate more people everyone needs to learn this.
Thanks again

I do like your videos. They are very educative.
Buh my question is how do I power up steem power from my available steem? Am I going to click on the power down button??

Tasks like this gives newbies like me a great positive push to keep steeming.
Thanks a lot!

Thanks I've joined your discord.