The road to Steem Fest | Week 9 posts | Next week subject: Shoutouts

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The road to Steem Fest continues and we are a less a month away from the biggest Steem Related event of the year.

Remember that the Steem Fest ticket store is open now! You can buy your tickets in

Also Check out @roelandp´s last Steem Fest update

For this ninth week the topic was Free Time and After Hours?.

Oh right, the main idea of this dynamic is to get to know each other a bit more before meeting in person and then, when we actually meet it won't be awkward and we won't have weird silences but instead, it will be like two friends meeting after a long time of not seeing each other.

If you are almost certain you´ll be there or are making everything to attend, feel free to join us!!

Next week´s idea...


I´ve seen a lot of shout outs throughout all the posts from peoplel who joins this little dynamic every week and since we´ve all read about each other for quite a while - and also since the main purpose of this dynamic is to get to know each other better before meeting in person in Krakow - well, wht better way to actually prove we´ve been reading about each other and that we actually want to meet other people... why don´t we shout-out some names we can´t wait to put a face to the username.

  • So you can´t wait to have a shot of Palinka with @guyfawkes4-20? Go tell him!
  • Are you counting the days to kick @abh12345´s ass at bowling? Let him know!
  • Do you feel nothing will be the same after having a philosphical conversation with @tarazkp? Post about it
  • You can´t wait to lose all your chips against me on poker? Let me know
  • You are sure touching @ned´s hair will change your life? Tag him

You get the drill. Do some Shouting-out.

Anyway, these are the posts from week number 9 - Free Time and After hours - don´t forget to show them some love with votes or better yet, with comments, remember we are all meeting in just one month!

Also, @rubencress came up with a sick banner that we can all use in our posts related to Steem Fest, check it out here

@honeydue - Bookstores, rock n´roll shops and getting lost
@noemilunastorta - Food, wandering around and roaming old town
@rivalzzz- Possibly playing Poker, some Bowling and visiting museums
@eveuncovered - Late night conversations with the other kids
@slobberchops - Not poker, the Hard Rock café and exploring the city
@anomadsoul - Kicking you ass at Poker, Bowling and drinking
@abh12345 - Bantering, joking and blogging from the phone
@soyrosa- Wine, trolls, cultural stuff and observing people
@coruscate - Arriving early, leaving late and ending up sleep deprived
@raj808 - Bowling, Poker and some late night drinking
@tarazkp - Posting, getting tipsy quickly and touching Ned´s hair
@fieryfootprints - New people, new places, new architecture... inspiration material
@evecab - Bar scene, working out and cultural exploration
@redrica - Chill, making new friends and CELEBRATE HER BIRTHDAY!
@llfarms - Experience as much as I can and absorb myself in my surroundings
@misslasvegas- Coffee, bowling, interviews and Pretty stones
@daveonarrival - Salsa dancing, history exploration and open schedule after the Fest
@jeanpi1908 - German beer, some partying and a lot of sightseeing
@guyfawkes4-20 - Less Sleep Time Means More Free Time
@louis88 - Bowling, Poker, blogging and a Krakow Tour
@travelgirl - Markets, coffee, vintage shops and searching for cool snacks
@joythewanderer - A Dtube Vlog about my plans
@theaustrianguy - Sightseeing around the city, acroyoga and meeting new people
@celestal - Most activites will be a game time decision... we´ll see
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Nice to see my banner being used for so many blog posts!!


You did a great banner! That´s why Im still promoting it so more people use it :D


Really awesome banner man. Thanks!!




Really thank you for it, it looks great.


You're more than welcome! It wouldn't be something if it weren't being used right 😁

That is not my post under my name, fix it! 😈

@anomadsoul ooooh I missed my deadline, just done my post.....


I´ll make sure to include your post, don´t worry!


Great ! Thanks Eric

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Hello @anomadsoul since I always see you active, I am glad that a Spanish speaking voice is in the organization of this steemfest particularly I will not go, but it is not an impediment for yes, I can go with you my greetings to all that you can find and on my part tell them that a user of steemit but with a lot of good energy, sends them good vibes and enjoy such a wonderful opportunity. You may find this proposal strange, but what is not strange at the moment? hehe.

The steemfest starts on my birthday November 7, from my country I will celebrate double. When you meet @tarazkp I thank you to ask him, to allow you to give him a big hug from me, please, I know he will be surprised, but that's the idea, they will also have many interesting topics to talk about, in that wonderful place.

I think that if we do different things in steemit, that stimulate joy, move energy and surprise, users will encourage wanting to spend more time working on the platform.

He sent you a lot of good energy and continue the successes on your path. Good vibration.

Are you sure touching Ned's hair will change my life??? 😉

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That banner is pretty awesome. Your aggregation of posts in the table at the end is pretty awesome too. I am super jealous of those of you that get to attend. It looks like it is going to be a really great time.


The banner was made by @rubencress! Thanks, I´m pretty sure we´ll have a blast, it´s a bummer you can´t join us :(

It is very exciting to get to know the details of the organization of the event. Receive my affections @anomadsoul

If only there was enough money to go. Maybe next year if I win the lotto

It is a pretty good dynamic because it somehow breaks the unliked silences before reaching the event and confidence is a little bigger when you meet others

Hola @anomadsoul, me estoy enterando del concurso CONÓCEME y deseo participar. Veo que este post tiene ya 7 días pero Ud. habla de 10 días, entonces me da chance. Ahora, como es el día séptimo y no puedo dar reestim ni votar lo haré con su publicación más reciente (El reestim y el voto, me refiero)

@anomadsoul I think I might be coming. I’m fairly close to my goal. Hoping I can make it. Also I had a strange dream last night and it was you and I being chased by a bunch of guys in a marketplace. I remember you being cool and calm and me being super paranoid. I do not remember much outside of that but I thought that was insanely odd as we’ve never actually met. The mind is fuckin nuts. Lol

Excuse me. I'm a novice in steemit. But excited to write, could you help me join to be a whitelist ocdb sir. thanks a lot for your atention

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I'd given up on going to Steemfest3 until this last contest announced by steemitblog... Now there's a chance I might perform there? OMG I want to go! lol! Hope you don't mind me jumping on the Road to Steemfest train way late... will be doing up a post soon! :) Thanks for spreading the stoke and all the support you give to wonderful people on the blockchain!

Qué bien!! Estaré pendiente de su reunión y de tus dinámicas que impulsan una genuina interacción en steemit. Eres de los pocos que le hace justicia a lo que significa steemit como red social y no solo como blockchain.