My Road to Steemfest - After Hours and Free Time

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Hi Friends!

I was so thrilled when a conversation with @anomadsoul turned into picking the topic for this week's #roadtosteemfest free-write challenge! It's been super fun to read through other's writings to hear more about what people are excited to do in their free time at Steemfest.

I'm not really one to plan ahead too much... I'd rather just see what feels GOOD in the moment while I'm there. Just stay in tune with what I feel like doing and who I feel like being around. Here's what I can say though... I'm totally open to leaving Steemfest in an exhausted and sleep deprived state. I've met a good handful of steemians that will be there and can already tell the partying and after hours activities are going to be insanely fun.

If anything, I think i'm worried that I won't have enough time to connect with everyone I want to. I know that may sound crazy because we are all there for so many days - but I can already imagine how much time will fly. That's part of why I'm really grateful that they have built in quite a bit of free time on Saturday and Sunday.

Speaking of that... To Auschwitz or not to Aushwitz? Part of me feels like I shouldn't pass up the opportunity to go and pay respect to the souls that were lost in such a dark chapter in human history. I almost feel like my soul will get sucked into a dark hole if I go though. I can't even really imagine what it will be like to feel that much dark energy all in one space. I know that it will be deeply moving. I know that I will start bawling uncontrollably. I know that it will be a bonding experience between everyone who goes. I feel like maybe I'm a bad person for saying I don't know if I want to experience it though. I don't know if I want to put myself in that darkness... So I feel torn. I'm curious if anyone else is having any of these same thoughts?

As for my travel plans - I'm thinking that I'll get into Krakow a few days early. If anyone else will be there early - let me know! I'm excited to explore the city a bit before the event and would love to hang out with some people. I'm also thinking i'll leave a couple days on the back end of the conference too - and just leave them open. I have thought about heading over to Prague - but am open to other plans if there are groups of Steemians doing things that sound fun to me. If not... I'll probably just catch a little cheap plane over to Prague, get an Air BnB and enjoy the city.

I know this whole experience will end up being a whirlwind of amazing moments and I can't wait to come back with tons of stories and new friends. The free time and after hours are the heart and sole of events like this. Yes, I'm super excited for the various speakers and to learn and get inspired - but the real connection, conversation, and experiences happens in the imbetween moments! <3

Xo, Lea


Meet me at SteemFest 2018 in Kraków

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So I feel torn. I'm curious if anyone else is having any of these same thoughts?

Is it a place worth seeing and a part of history worth knowing?
Yes, of course, definitely.

Is it a best idea to go there during the SteemFest?
No, I don't think so.

I was in Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum with my guests dozens of times. It doesn't made me immune to what you are writing about. Of course it's all individual and depends on person but if you have doubts then don't go. I'm not going.


Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your experience @gtg. I do feel like there is possibility that maybe one day I will feel like going ...but during steemfest doesn't sound very good to me at all. I'm pretty sure i'd just be in a mess of tears the rest of the event.

Excited that I get to meet you in a few short weeks! :)


See you soon :-)

That day when you will feel like going I can go with you.


Wow thanks for the offer gtg. That's really cool of you. <3


You have much reason dear, perhaps not good to go during the Steem fest, but of course I would like to go because I never went to poland (or Europe in Fact) but I hope to surround me with brave people to join me I hope to assemble a large group to go. It would be fascinating.

Yet another side of me feels so afraid to go and I think it's a black hole full of melancholy and all the emotions that were felt during the Holocaust.

It is a dilemma that you will feel to be there maybe I can leave before the Steem Fest so that the event will remove all the evil, or later not to tarnish the party, then decide.

I've been to the Dachau concentration camp in Germany when I was 18 and couldn't stop crying for a week. It really messed with my head and I'll never return to another one ever.


Thanks for sharing your experience @luzcypher. That really helps make my decision easier... I could totally see that happening to me as well.


Auch that sad, this makes even I reconsider my idea of going to Auschwitz ;(

The secret to SteemFest is power naps 😎


hahah that's a great tip. I'm no good at those though... I guess I'll have to start practicing. ‍♀️


ok, but keep in mind, the hard part will not be falling asleep... it will be waking up 45 minutes later and putting your party hat on ♂️


hahah seriously. Maybe just drinking more coffee is a better strategy for me then. Once i'm asleep I don't think I'll be able to talk myself into getting back up!

It sounds so exciting and I can't wait to hear all about it. I think you might wanna keep the positive vibes going, maybe another time/trip might be better. :-)


Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this @clove1! That's kind of how i'm feeling about it right now. I may make the trip there someday - but I would just be a mess for the rest of Steemfest I think. May not be the best time for me personally.

Wish you could come to Steemfest! I'm sure we'll get to meet each other in person one of these days!

I'm also leaving my plans kind of open for after the official conference for now because others might have open plans to be up for whatever. Just don't miss your flight home. :)


Fun! Who knows what will happen. Good to know you are sticking around too!

Perhaps you should make a separate trip to Auschwitz another time. You will likely have a difficult time enjoying the rest of your time at Steemfest. And if you DO have fun, you may feel guilty for having fun.

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hey corus, fancy an interview for @crypto-guide ?

that is my little crypto channel and so far i had no women in front of the camera. Topic would be of course women in crypto or how steemit brings women into the crypto world (in English not in German) :D

would be nice to have little chat in person if there is time.

steem on and see you in Krakow!

here is the youtube channel


Oh I would love to!! Let’s try to make time to do that in Krakow. 😃


Awesome. Just one Month to go wohoo!

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I don't think that we'll be able to get more than 4 hours of sleep a night. In combination with the right quantity of coffee, we should be fine. :))

I'll get to Poland earlier as well, probably one day before the fest, enough time to get used with the place and meet some Steemians probably.

See you there. :D

I couldn't say better about Auswitz than you! I'm really afraid to go, but I feel it's like going to Rome and not seeing the Pope Curiosity beats me, However I feel that it is a black hole full of very sad and heavy energy, that I can leave very charged with all the evil that was there , I do not know I think we should go together but with a very fun group, so we accompany and understand what it feels like, while others support us and make us feel calm.