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Well, it's that time of the week again - time for the Road to Steemfest. This week, the lovely @anomadsoul announced a very interesting topic (doesn't he always...) to write about – what are your plans for Steemfest?

What do I plan to do in my spare time there?

I can't help but feel a little unprepared to answer this, because you see, I don't really have any solid plans. I don't have one particular thing I want to do. Hell, I haven't even looked online at the tourist attractions to hit up in Krakow, although I hear there are a lot of beautiful spots out there.

The reason I haven't made any specific plans is that I feel it would ruin it in a way. If I set out to see something in particular and don't get to see that because of a change of plans, it might upset me and I don't want that pressure on my shoulders.
I was just talking to @anomadsoul about going with the flow and that's precisely what I want to do. I want to talk to all (or at least some) the cool Steemians that will be attending Steemfest, some I already have in mind, some I'm sure will become great friends there.
And I want to hang out, although I'm not quite sure what we'll do. You know, the thing is everything's fun when you're with the right crowd, from the most boring stuff to skydiving. So, I don't really know...

I know there's a trip to Auschwitz planned, which I'm passing up. It's just not my kind of thing. So, I know there'll be some spare time there, on Saturday. And I think I'll just go wandering around the city, I love doing that. I love walking without a purpose in mind, without something set like 'I've got to get to X monument' or whatever. I find you learn more about the place that way.

I love history, although I must admit I don't know all that much about Krakow or Poland in general, but I'm sure it's a town filled with history and I'm sure I can learn some new things walking around it.
Also, it's become a sort of tradition for me to look up any rock'n'roll shops in any new town I visit and I've found a lot of nice things in unexpected places, so maybe I'm lucky with that. The thing is I don't even buy all that much, but I can browse for hours. Not any shops, regular shops are boring, but band shirts and skulls? I can do that for days. Just saying, you know, in case anyone's kind enough to come looking for me at some point!

And it's the same with bookstores, preferably English ones or ones that at least have an English section. I love the feel of a bookstore, the general atmosphere of books, of people choosing books, but I do also love to at least be able to find one I might like and I don't speak an ounce of Polish, so...

I've never had a problem being by myself, although I know some people do. I'm fine, alone or with someone....but of course, if I encounter some Steemian desiring to go with me, they'll be more than welcome. After all, that's what this whole trip is about, isn't it? Meeting new people. Socializing. Making friends. And what better way than to get lost in Krakow?

And of course, the biggest thing is to get hammered. Okay, no, I'm joking, I'm not that big a drinker, but I do find that a long, weird conversation over a glass or two can be awesome fun. I don't know. Do I want to party? Sure, it sounds like it's going to be one badass party. Do I want to see the town? Sure, I hear it's beautiful. Do I want to just sit on a bench in the middle of Poland and think about life? Also yes.
My plan for Krakow is to do anything that comes along. My plan is to not have a plan, because then I might miss out on some cool 'unforeseen' fun, you know? So that's no good.

So, what are your plans?

Anywho, can't wait to meet you all in Krakow and thank you for reading,


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I love your plan not to have a pan =) Sounds like a good idea to just go with the flow. I'm pretty sure that whatever I plan will change once we're all there, so might as well just go there with a good attitude =)


Well, thank you, but I'm hoping no one's bringing a pan :O

Kidding :P No, I think we should just go with the flow, see what Poland (and other Steemians) have to offer! I look forward to meeting you :)


AHAHAHAHAH pLan...sorry for the typo. But I also plan on not having a pan LOL. Screw cooking for these few days ahahah

Look forward to meeting you too!


Damn, I'm confused now :P And my pan's all sad 'cause it can't come...Really got its hopes up, I'm afraid...:))

Some serious procratinating going on there laced with a palpable excitement. It will all be good, go with the flow :-)

I am gonna be there too so in my free time i must plan something to do too ;) Trying typical polish food? We will see ! If we meet we can plan something together, i like to meet my steemian friends! Sooner i will write my roadtosteemfest post too with my plans for the spare time ^^ I admit i have some ideas :P Most of them involve food, drinks and history ^^


Trying typical polish food?

Hmm that could be an idea :D I'm heading over to read your RTS post now!! <3

Going with the flow and not making many plans, I think, is a great way to approach conferences like this. Anything can happen so just expect to have fun and go with what everyone is feeling at the time.

See you at Steemfest.

sit on a bench in the middle of Poland and think about life

Oh... I never thought of this one... I would prefer sit on a bench in the middle of Poland and just space out... 😂

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Ah another good idea :D

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