Road to Steemfest - Week 8 - After Hours

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Road to Steemfest - After Hours

Right... this is a bit tricky as I really don't know what my plans will be for my free-time. The reason why I can't be certain is that I suffer a chronic condition which can limit my energy. To break it down real quick, and without launching into a full on rant, I have a six year history with gastrointestinal issues which culminated about 3 years ago in a diagnosis of SIBO. This has resulted in a list of symptoms which are getting increasingly worse despite various treatments. The most annoying thing about all this is that the intensity of the fatigue and stomach symptoms I suffer can vary from month to month, so I really have no idea if it will be raging while I am in Poland, or if I will be full (the equivalent of 50% for most people) power. One thing I'm sure of though, I'm going to have fun!

So, if I am at full (the equivalent of 50% for most people) power 😉 I hope to join the party (alcohol-wise) and hit up bars and clubs until the rooster crows, for some nights at least. If I'm not at full power, I will be joining at bars but sticking to the soft drinks as alcohol intensifies various symptoms and maybe slinking off a little earlier than some. No booze is really no biggie for me, I love a good conversation and am quite a philosophical type. As a writer, I tend to er toward observing the social ebb and flow of conversation. So if I'm not effusive with the social lubrication that alcohol brings, I may just listen a little more than I talk (possibly a good thing). Also, I may have to bow out on those 3 am end of the night deep-and-meaningfuls'.

Similarly, if I'm not 100%, I might spend a little more of my free-time writing and blogging about the day. Letting everyone who hasn't been able to make it to steemfest 3 learn about what was discussed that day at the conference, or just creating stories and poems about Krakow. I really don't know and this is something that having a condition that can vary so drastically has taught me, to make the most of things based on my capability at any given time.

Social Activities - Planned (and not)

I love playing pool, and played in my local amateur league until a year ago, so @abh12345 a little competition for you this year! I'm definetly down for finding the local Krakow pool hall and maybe even having a little competition if we have enough interested players. I'd say I'm about an average bowler with the odd surprise strike in me lol. I can promise one thing though... a bit of moon-walking if I make a strike! Anyone who wants to form a team and witness the magic moves let me know 😆

I read in @anomadsoul's post that a Poker game could be a thing also. I did spend a large part of my summer a few years back playing PKR on low stake tables so I'm not sure how good I'd be with the high rollers. I've only played face-to-face poker (outside of the virtual) once and the friends I played with were all too poker-faced to tell me if I have any tells. I suppose only time will tell. So if you see me selling pegs on the main concourse of Krakow station at the end of the week then you know what has happened. I've been to Eric's poker game and lost all my steem, or maybe... if I win... strutting around the conference hall with a new GoPro vlogging like a pro 🙏

Thanks for reading. I hope this freewrite may explain why it is possible I might not be a beacon of energy in a sea of high powered steemains in Krakow. A friend of mine told me recently that I shouldn't talk about my illness so much, probably because they have had to hear about it a lot more than most. But it suddenly occurred to me that I have mainly putting my 'best face' forward on steemit. I suppose we all do this to some extent as bloggers. I define myself as someone who always gives their 'all' and this is true, but when you're fighting nausea or chronic fatigue, your 'all' can look very different to what some others might see it.

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Ah so you play poker too? I did it a lot in Holland (mostly online) and I'm pretty good at it.. In Spain I couldn't access my account though, the system didn't accept my identitynumber (NIE it's called in Spain) so I didn't play it there. I tried here in Hungary, but it seemed blocked or something. Too bad, because I'd like to play sometime again..

I hope you're on full speed during Steemfest!!


Ha ha... I play poker... badly ;-) I'm not sure I'll get involved in the poker, if I do it will be at the smaller stakes tables. Pool... now that's a whole different ball game. I won the doubles and singles amateur pool championship for the city of Liverpool one year and played, briefly, for county so I can hopefully win a few steem there ;-)

I hope you're on full speed during Steemfest!!

Thanks, I appreciate that. Me too :-)

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I wasn't aware (or forgot, sorry) that you haven't been 100%. Hopefully you'll be on good form in Krakow, sounds like some solid Pool competition right there!

Yes... really looking forward to a bit of pool Asher. It has been a while as I stopped playing in my local city league.

Maybe we can make a trophy for the winner like the sacko in the tv show 'the league' have you seen it? It is basically just a show about a bunch of dudes in a fantasy (american) football league ripping on each other.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a top-form month in November as I'd really like to be full power. We shall see. Thanks for stopping by and commenting mate :-)


😂 that's a quality trophy!

The tea-bag title!

So you're going! Hopefully your health holds up and you will have LOTS of fun. Look forward to hearing how it all goes.


Thanks Fiona's favourites 🙂

Yes, definitely going now. 100%. Event & plane tickets both bought now. Just pool playing domination left to plan now 😉

I'll keep everyone updated as it unfolds

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A friend of mine told me recently that I shouldn't talk about my illness so much, probably because they have had to hear about it a lot more than most.

I don't know the context in which it was said, but my very primal reaction is 'that friend should not judge as long as they don't have your body'.

In my 'Get to know me' post that you read and where you mentioned not having the best experiences with doctors as well I also linked the post about being a Spoonie - You have a case of Spoonie as well it seems :-)

Even though it's not the same between the lines I've read many people are at least severe introverts, lol, so I already am forming a little club of people in my mind that I can just sit in a corner with, not talking, just resting and observing all those 'high energy' people from a distance.

They won't understand but we'll have just as much fun :D

Wave at me anytime when you want some company but company that knows that talking is only an option, not a 'must'. I can have lots of fun with people by just being silent :D

Four more weeks! #countdown


Thanks Rosa 🙂

I read that post you linked about spoonies and it is completely true. Lol, I had never heard that term before but I have experienced that effect. People are just that way I suppose, if they can't see something, they don't believe it.

I shall surely spend some queit time drinking in the atmosphere 🙂


:-) Yes, the 'not seeing' part is the most frustrating... Telling your story and hearing 'but you don't look... (sick, disabled...)' is just not helping at all :')

So you are all pumped up for the the steemfest with some amazing preparation on the card. Not aware about the illness but like your attitude to live life completelly...drinks,pool, poker..bars..ahh gonna have so much fun....and most importantly you will be taking out time for your daily post..which i would be looking forward to know all the day buildup.....all the best dear

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😀 thanks steemflow. I always try to make the most of everything. And I'm gonna do the stage at steemfest 3.

I'm still planning and thinking up some way I can blog/vlog about it all that is a bit different. Like a unique raj808 style view of it all 😉

Thanks for your comment and support m8, it is appreciated