SteemFest3 Updates - New Ticket Giveaway - Updates - New Names added (8!) and our very own Hardfork!

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Last weekend it happened, it was 10 AM in the morning and my gf started to feel some cramps. Then 1 hour later the cramps were frequent and somewhat after noon we arrived at the hospital, only to have our daughter (hardfork 2, codename velocity (thx @gtg), nee Wyne (Wee-nah)) to be welcomed on 2PM to planet earth! All is well with mom and chick, she is very relaxed and her little brother is the kindest ever. So that is all very welcome.

On a side-note, I got dead-sick with an intense stomach fever earlier in the night. Not very recommendable when your gf is giving birth and you are supposed to support her :) She kindly asked me to "BRUSH YOUR TEEETH!" when I was puffing along with her, oops. Oh well makes up for a funny story.

Anyhow, here in NL we get some government subsidized help with cleaning and first time errands due for the baby in the first week after giving birth. The woman helping us out is the kindest, experienced and very helpful so I could actually do quite some work for SteemFest.

Krakow Main Square - image from public domain via Unsplash

So what was on the list this week:

  • Worked on requirements for the Wall of dApps rollup banner expo in the breaks area, showcasing many of the apps from the Steem ecosystem. There are still a couple of spots left, if you have any questions about them, mail me - Deadline for print is 19 october however!
  • Worked on the goodiebag for the event. If you are attending SteemFest and want to distribute anything useful for all attendees, you are welcome to have it inserted in the goodiebag. For this you need to have your insert / swag at Qubus Hotel by Wednesday 7 November 12 AM latest at the SteemFest desk.
  • As reminded time and time again, the hotels are as good as sold out and the deals are closed now. If you are lucky you can still find a spot, but in my calls with both INX Design and Hotel Qubus I was informed most probably due to yield pricing room rates will be going up, although they still try to match the SteemFest rates, or at least a discount compared to rack rate. Alternatively I suggest checking out and Airbnb.
  • Made a signup form for airport transfers, which you can book via our partner which also supplies transportation during the event (airport transfers are not included in the SF ticketprice unfortunately) signup via:

Bitshares sponsors SteemFest and gives away 5x SteemFest tickets!

The decentralised exchange and financial platform for stablecoins, digital asset issuing called Bitshares is sponsoring SteemFest through a worker proposal voted in by a majority of voting stakeholders of the blockchain. Part of the sponsorship proposal is to give away some (5!) SteemFest tickets in 3 individual competitions. If you don't have a SteemFest ticket yet, or don't have the funds to obtain them, give it a shot via the post over at @bitshares-at-sf!

New Names announced!

  • @apshamilton (IL): Serial tech entrepreneur, lawyer and public interest advocate.
  • @steemcafe (US): 25 years in Marketing & Advertising. Media Consultant & Entrepreneur.
  • @camuel (UK): Musician, Sound Engineer, Podcaster
  • @buttcoins (GT): Guatemala dweller, Hostel owner, Improv performer, Event manager, Slam Poet
  • @captainbob (US): Entrepreneur, Videography, Aspiring Filmmaker
  • @artakush (NL): Vlogger, Entertainer, Artist
  • @kevinli (AU): Vlogger and Co-founder of Ddaily
  • @slayerkm (UK): Vlogger, Podcaster and Co-founder of Ddaily

Reminder: Art at SteemFest looking for your best work!

Just like the previous two SteemFest editions this year Art At Steemfest is going to happen in the weekend dedicated to works by the arts community. It is a pop-up art gallery with artworks by Steem-users. This year the venue is a multimedia expo room on walking distance of both hotels. By using this 360 degree projections sphere there will unfortunately be no actual prints to be made, but the upside is that we have virtually unlimited place for artworks thanks to this rotating all-around-you animated projection gallery!

If you have a (digitized) artwork (photo, painting) you want to be considered for the Art at SteemFest pop-up art expo during SteemFest, please follow this form to share your work.

Click here for the Art at SteemFest submission form

Ongoing SteemFest ticket give aways

Get your SteemFest ticket at

Ticket prices increase in 14 days!
read more about the price increase algorithm here

Have a nice weekend!
Greetings from Amsterdam,


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Congrats @roelandp! More of a bit of you on this planet is a blessing!!

Wonderful to have a new life in the family!
Super loving congratulations on the news I didn't even know you had another one on the way!
Great to see progress on the event, sure its going to be STEEMTASTIC!
Best Regards to you and your new family!

So excited for steemfest. Long wya to travel via kangarooland but I feel it will be totally worth it.

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I’ll be happy to meet a fellow Aussie although I’m traveling from much closer (Israel).

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Nice! Cya there

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Congratulation on your new child! Exciting times. See you at Steemfest!

Congratulations on your baby girl!

Giving my sweat working 15 hours a day on the chain to make my way from Brazil to Europe - we'll make it!

Congratulations on the new baby! 🎉👼

Will see what artwork I can submit. 😁

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Ohh, ohh man! Congrats to you and your Fam... I guess the Little Princess already has a Steem account! ;)
Cheers for this!

I am so excited for this trip, starting to think about ideas of what i will do in my downtime and things to pack for my trip, this is really great to help people get there....thanks for what you do

Another mini you : )

One more family member to enjoy holidays in Alentejo!
Congratulations! Try to get some sleep!
See you in Kraków.


Unfortunately my parents sold the place in Alentejo after 18 years. Last time after SteemFest Lisboa was my last time over there :(

BUT! They stayed in love with PT, and found a new nice place... Near Arrifana - so I will be checking that out most probs early next year :)

See you in Kraków!


I spent part of my vacation last summer near Arrifana. I went there to check it because I'd never been there. I was in a hurry but I felt a lot of potential in the place!

My guess is you'll like it!


It's a giiiirl - Congratulations to you and your girlfriend, Roeland! 😍

Sometimes I wonder how you're able to manage all those big projects at the very same time. Seems that Superman wasn't just a movie character... Thanks for your dedication!

Congratulations brother!!!
Thank you for making the world a more beautiful place by multiplying your genes Roeland!
I'll be in Amsterdam for ADE, beers are on me should we happen to run into each other like at Consensus in New York last year 🤝🤜🤛
We'll definitely kick it in Krakow!
This will be my third Steemfest, and flying to Europe from the US, for the amazing events you've produced on behalf of Steemit, has become an annual pilgrimage I look forward to every year 🤩
THANK YOU Roeland, for everything you've done to make the world a more wonderful place.


thanks man! oh wow are you in dam for ADE :) nice. I think @firepower will be there too. I think i'll be pretty swamped with daughter' son but most of all SteemFest final preps, but maybe we can meet for some coffee or something :) where are you staying?


I'm sure you've got your hands plenty full (and not with a kiteboard at the moment! 😉)
Here's where I'll be:
If the stars align and you need a break, that would be super fun to kick it with you and @firepower (he and I, @anyx, @sjennon and crew all enjoyed dinner together the Sunday night of Steemfest 1).
Congrats again on the second addition to your family! 👏


Man, @scan0017, I just noticed this. You soooo stole this from me LOL (after I stole it of course...)


You're probably right!
That pic of Dean Winchester is awesome!
Spread it around, make the world a better place by showing your appreciation for those you love!


I know, it is pretty epic :)

Many congrats on little hardfork no.2!!! Glad to hear that all is well with her and mommy :) And thank you for all your hard work on SF3, I absolutely cannot wait for next month to come!!

How is the steem whale going? Shouldnt we lifestream during breaks? I think with esteem it should ne easy to Transfer sbd right?

Congrats for the 2nd child!

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yes or with :)

yeah i really want to run it somewhere during the event sure. atm the router is off or something because the whale seems offline. but that will be fixed.

Congrats Roeland, on your new baby!!

This post is featured on today's daily news :D

Greetings from Brussels, @joythewanderer

What an exciting news!! Congratulations on the baby girl! I'm happy to hear that mom and the kiddo are doing well and I hope that you feel much better as well.

Little Princess we have! Congrats! May your little princess grows up healthily, beautifully and happily!

Congratulations on the baby @roelandp!

Do you know when steemfestdreams contest winner will be announced?


No i don't know, I am not in direct contact with them, I hope they announce something soon, but the steem account is so quiet atm?


Thank you very much

Congratulations for the new baby!

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congratulations @roelandp to you and your wife on the arrival of the baby girl! i hope everyone is doing well.

Congratulations @roelandp! The family is growing slowly. Looking forward to meet them on Blockchain someday. 😊

Congrats @roelandp on the arrival of Hardfork 2! I'm glad her arrival was a lot more smoother than HF20, and no doubt bought you much more joy.

Congrats on the new baby! And I think I might just have to enter this contest!!!!

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Congratulations on your hardfork! First time I have heard a baby called a hardfork lol.

Congratulations @roelandp!

Congratulations @roelandp on the new born baby.

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Congratulations on what appears to be a very successful HardFork! \0/

Can't believe you're doing all things SteemFest 'in betweem' it seems - can't wait till we're all together in Kraków.

Recently briefly met a friend of yours in Rotterdam who heard me and @pundito talk about Steemit. "Do you know @roelandp?" he asked - "Ehmmm well, he's only organizing SteemFest!" I said ;-)

Congrats on the new born baby girl @roelandp and thanks for the Steemfest updates!

Congratulations on your new daughter and very impressed that you’ve found time for SteemFest planning!

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congratz @roelandp wonderful news. the best things in life.. remeber time goes fast and they grow up sooooo fast

This sounds awesome brotha.. One day I hope to attend SteemFest!!

Congratulations on the baby and what a pity you got sick just when you needed more, although a guy like you sure solves everything, @roelandp. As far as I can see there is a lot of work to be done. The event is just around the corner. Congratulations to the new winners. I hope the attendees will keep all of us who didn't have the good fortune to participate informed. I look forward to those posts! Since I couldn't go (crying) I can enjoy it around here! Greetings

@roelandp, congratulations! It is really nice that you have a new member of your family! Stay healthy all you!

Congratulations to the little hardforkje! :) Good to hear that “mom and chick” are doing fine :)

Is there a fixed price for the airport shuttle?


i think so, you can check for their regular pricing, but maybe they can offer sharper price for the event if combining arrivals. I am not sure about this.


Ah ok, will check! It sounded like you had made a special partner deal with them.

Congratulations on your baby girl!! :D I loved the expression HF for this situation, I will remember it for sure if I have the chance to become a mum someday. Thanks for the transfer info from Balice airport to Krakow, I didn't have it planned yet :D

Congratulations on your new arrival and I hope you are over the bug. I assume those carriages will be waiting to whisk us to the Steemfest venues each morning. I like to travel in style :)

Congratulations on your new baby @roelandp !!!

Congratulations @roelandp on the new born baby.

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Congratulations on the birth of your new family member!

Congratulations on your growing family @roelandp, this is super news!



Congratulations my friend @roelandp. Being a dad is one of the best feelings in the world. I have 3 sons ages 4, 2, and 3 months. It's amazing to come home from a long day and have them celebrate my entrance. I'm sure you are a fantastic father. My Steem journey has already rubbed off on them as my oldest sang a Steem song the other day which was nothing short of hilarious. I just had to post that on DTube cause it was so cute. Amazing progress with SteemFest... that's one of my top goals is to be there next year!

Wow that’s some serious sympathy pregnancy symptoms!! Congrats!

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Congrats @roelandp! i hope your child must be a good person !
again congress dear. Thanks for share dear.

Wow amigo, debe ser una hermosa experiencia tener hijos propios, yo tengo muchos alumnos en mi fundación para niños pobres, que los trato como hijos, pero tener hijos propios estoy seguro que es una bendición.
Es impresionante como sigues con la organización del evento, es genial como mucha gente se animó a asistir, que grandioso que todo esté agotado, eso habla muy bien dle SteemFest.
gracias por contarnos todo, amigo. @roelandp
Wow friend, it must be a beautiful experience to have children of my own, I have many students in my foundation for poor children, I treat them like children, but having children of my own I'm sure it's a blessing.
It's impressive how you follow the organization of the event, it's great how many people were encouraged to attend, how great that everything is exhausted, that speaks very well of SteemFest.
thanks for telling us everything, friend.

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Giving this a miss this year.

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Eh this make s me so sad I can not make it to Steemfest

Awesome... would love to go.

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Hey Congratulations

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Kids are the greatest

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Thanks for the updates and have a nice weekend @roelandp!

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Congrats @roelandp for the steemfest

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@roelandp, First of all great to know about the Dapp Banners and that's vital aspect of any Global Meetup or Fest. And it's an effective showcasing of strength of Steem Economy and Multiple running Dapps on Steem Blockchain.

And no matter which occasion, without Art it's incomplete and we all are surrounded with the Artistic Aspects. And great to know about the 360 Degree Display and for sure it will be fun to explore it.

And i want to appreciate your work because as an SteemFest Organiser you are putting efforts to make this event an grand success and as we all know it's an greatest platform for the Steem Collaboration, so sounds everything is on track and ready to welcome.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Thanks a lot for doing your work. I'm @clixmoney and this is my second account. I just voted for you as a witness. I'm building this community to make more collaborations in steem blockchain. We are now doing interviews, collaboration videos and building it step by step. I will always vote for the same witness with both accounts. Thanks for any suppot, we use all the earning to power up and upvote our members.

Hahaha that story is killing me :D well still better than nothing your answer should have been :D congratz to ur new little fork :)

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Congrats on your baby princess 👸 🎉

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congratulation @roelandp

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I just did, I was hesitating if to submit photography or illustration, as I do both and they're separated categories but as it was only one work per artist chose illustration. I hope it makes the cut cos I'd like my work at least that way to be present :) Honestly I would love to attend as musician but for that I require to travel along with my partner @hedac and there's no way we could afford... Sigh! Looks like it's gonna be a super fun time! Enjoy everyone!

Omg congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! So exciting!!! Not the part about needing to brush your teeth, haha.

Anyhow, here in NL we get some government subsidized help with cleaning and first time errands due for the baby in the first week after giving birth. The woman helping us out is the kindest, experienced and very helpful so I could actually do quite some work for SteemFest. <<< That is SO awesome that you can get help like that!! Happy for you to have some help right now!

Congratulations on this most recent addition to your beautiful family, @roelandp!


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hey @roelandp these sound amazing! I like you are opening the window for the goodiebag to whoever would like to ad value to it. My question, how many goodiebags will be given for sure so far?