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As @eveuncovered rightly said, "during conferences, school trips and workplace get togethers, the good stuff is always outside the scheduled events" and I couldn't agree more; in fact, I strongly disagree with Ted from How I met your mother and his statement that nothing good happens after 2 am.

Now you might suspect where I'm going with thisbut bear with me.

Last year, after the Steem Fest in Lisbon finished, I went by car to Malaga, Spain with @nelyp. I slept for around 10 hours straight, only waking up to get some food - by the way, sorry Nely, I still owe you big time for sleeping most of the way :( I'm the worse.

Why did I slept so much on our way to Malaga? Because I slept 3 hours on average every day.

The truth is, just like last year, I plan to sleep very little from November 6-12 and I'll strive to spend the most time I can with the most Steemians I'm able to.

So regarding all that free time and after hours activities...

  • I'm getting to Krakow on November 6th and I know for sure there will be some Steemians already there. I believe we'll find time and place to meet and greet in the evening.

  • Last year on Saturday night we played a Steem funded game of Texas Hold'em. I'm pretty sure we'll repeat the fun from Lisbon. We just have to find the place, the time and the High-Rollers. After that, I'm pretty sure of the players will be down to clubbing. I know I will.

  • Bowling. Roeland always comes up with great ideas. Last year it was Pool / Snooker. This time is bowling vibe. I'm a fair player but I'm not the best... The thing is I'm highly competitive so I want to win. I think @guyfawkes4-20 wants to tag along but, if there's someone who wants to team up and is a good bowler let us know!

  • Saturday: I know we have the option of visiting Auschwitz as a group. The thing is, I've never liked touristing with other people as the experiences change if you explore certain places by yourself. So, I still have to decide if I want to do some Krakow exploring with a small group or if I want to go to Auschwitz with the big group.

  • Night life: If I recall correctly, most of the event days after the conferences, we had a fancy dinner and some wine/beer time after dinner. I'm planning to hit some bars after dinner and I know theres already some people with the same mindset so, if someone wants to tag along, you are more than welcome.

Sunday morning: We are all gonna be tired after a week of ups and downs and probably a lot of people will leave that morning (so sad, damn) but, I think I would like to do some Krakow sightseeing and walking around the touristy spots. Perhaps we can do it together?

Anyway, these are just ideas I have about that week. I'm pretty sure some of them won't be possible and also some new ideas will be born in the heat of the moment. I just wanted to put out there my interests in case someone has similar expectations about our free time in Poland :)

meet-me-at-steemfest-in-krakow (1).jpg

Meet you at Steem Fest!

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I'm just a passer by here as I'm not going to SF, but I would highly recommend Auschwitz. If you don't like big touristy groups, go there by yourself. Trust me, you will never see human life, and death the same again.


I agree, I'm thinking about going by myself a few days after the SF .. thanks so much for the tip!

I so agree with you on the Auschwitz thing, I usually try to avoid guided tours and stuff like that because I hate being with loads of people, much more fun being with just a few others, you know, being anonymous :D

So, I'm glad I'm not the only one who sees it like that! Also with you on the night life thing and the Sunday morning touristing (if we're still able by then!) :))


totally agree as well =) I dislike hoards of tourists...


Ha, @anomadsoul said the same thing...we're slowly gathering a small non-hoard of our own :))


Well we can promise to be quiet and leave each other alone, so it will be like a "silent and respectful hoard" :P


That should work. :)))
I have a feeling the Polish people will remember us throughout history as...those weird people. :D

count me in for bowling! I'm sure you guys need a girl to balance things out right haha @guyfawkes4-20.


Uhhh that actually sounds logical! I guess we have a full team now! :D


It makes total sense. But, I have no bowling skills whatsoever, not sure if I'm the right guy, haha. ;))

Well, obviously I won't be there, so I expect you to fully do things I can't. Such as rubbing your genitals on street lights, or groping some wild boars. You know, the good stuff, man.

On a serious note, have fun, bro! I'm sure it will be a great time!

I read all of this with a knot in my throat... like I want to gooo :(
Still my sensible side of the brain told me I was not fit to travel alone and no way I could have afforded to go halfsies with hector even if winning one of the tickets... in my case it was the two of us... I have been offered a performance precisely those days hahaha and I've declined cos I'm totally winning the lottery, or something out of providence will happen... it's when your brain refuses to give up on things... STill I have the satisfaction to see many good dear friends going to it.. and I follow all this closely.



You will be missed!!

I will be there too with the rest of TeamMalaysia member on the 6th November too 😆, see you soon!


That's great man! Hope to see the Malaysian crew soon, are you bringing t-shirts again?


Haha finger crossed, I'll chase the T-shirts department in the meantime 😜

I kind of feel ya with the Auschwitz thing - certainly something I'll have to think about more before I decide. I will go though, but I have some days in Kraków after SteemFest as well :-)

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It is so much fun and excited!! See You there @anomadsoul

See you there! :)

Sounds like a great plan. I'm excited to be there, so hopefully we can hang out for a bit.

have Fun :) it's exciting ,

Have fun bruv.i will meet you at the nest steemfest😄

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I really want to fest, but I will give up on behalf of the distant place. Please have fun ^ ^

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That phrase is very true. I have a conference that I am attending next week and I know for a fact that the majority of the networking is going to take place after the days sessions down at the brewery in the closest town. They have a shuttle that takes people down there through the night. It is usually where most people congregate. I am hoping I can get some good pictures to write a post about it. Have fun at Steemfest! Hopefully your nose issues won't hamper your travel plans!

I will personally pass on the Auschwitz thing. Firstly because I've already visited there and I was depressed for pretty much the whole time after that! It's like watching Schindler's list and then trying to get into a mood for a party: it's impossible. That being said, a Polish friend told me yesterday that there are some people who will put you in a trabant (the only cars people were driving when the country was still communist) and show the 'old communist places' and bring you to places to eat what they ate back then. That sounded like an interesting thing to do, as it's not really mass touristy. I will be arriving on the 6th too, but not until 10 p.m. but I'd be up for meeting some people after that :)

I'll be there on the 6th too, guess many of us are! :) On Saturday I'm planning to join Auschwitz tour, but on Sunday Krakow must be visited for sure!!