The Road to SteemFest 3: Free Time and After Hours.

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This is a continuation story sponsored by @anomadsoul and his idea for this week was mentioned in the last SteemFest 3 post here


My previous posts about #roadtosteemfest are here, here and here, so this will be my FOURTH one.


I have just rejected @anomadsoul’s poker challenge as:

  • I haven’t played in years, and can’t actually remember the rules
  • I will be with @bingbabe and she probably doesn’t want to hang around watching
  • He looks like he’s got the ultimate poker face
  • I'm confident he will kick my ass repeatedly due to point (3)

I'll be interesed to know what happens on the tables though. There are going to be many post about SF3, and this will be one of them.

Let's hope the SF3 post's are from people who are really attending this time and not imposters as we encountered at the London crypto-currency show several months back.


I would bring along some Magic the Gathering simple decks as this game is a combination of Poker and Chess for the thinking man with a fantasy skew, but it also has a rather steep learning curve and in the deluge of chit-chat it’s probably a bad idea.

At least then people might know what the hell I’m talking about when I post a Magic themed article. I think this is just a pipe dream, but if you think its worthy plan then please say so.

I remember last year we had lot of free time: Friday and Saturday night and Saturday and Sunday morning. This means there will be a lot of time to hang out with each other so...

As much as I’d like to rewind time and go to Lisbon, it’s just not going to happen, but listening to the experience of one who has and what happened goes a long way.

We won’t be arriving until late Thursday night, so may not be able to attend the Bowling event, though we will try if it goes on late enough and we are not too knackered (an English slang word).

The reason for the late arrival to SF3 is that @bingbabe is not so integrated into the STEEM World and may get bored with the sit down lectures that I have seen in the Lisbon video footage.

I intend to meet and talk to as many as possible in the ‘free time’. @steevc mentioned to me, 'You may be surprised by the amount of others that recognize you by your name, but don’t expect them to look like what you imagine.'

I can understand that, and I think that will be the fun part. With all these people, I still think there won’t be enough time to do all the talking and interacting I would like to do.


We are still thinking about the Auschwitz tour but the distance and journey is putting me off a little after reading this.

it takes about 1.25 – 1.5 hours each way to and from Auschwitz

I’m not a big fan of long coach journeys and exploring Krakow might be more fun. When we bought the SF3 tickets, the question was asked if you would like to attend and I said no.

As we are staying in the INX Design Hotel and that was one of the subsidised ones, there will likely be many more Steemians there too. This will be good for breakfast chat (yes it’s included) and better still post SF3 chat in the bar.

Is it a good time to make those connections in the hotel bar? I think so, as we will all be at our most relaxed then.


@bingbabe loves travelling and I’m sure she will want to explore the city on Saturday, find the Hard Rock Café (to get a t-shirt) and do some other touristy stuff.

How many will be left by the time Sunday arrives? Many may leave on this day but we are not leaving until Monday as we want to experience the ‘final banquet’ or whatever it is called.

If it's anything like Lisbon with that long table and gleaming silverware I dont want to miss it!

Hopefully there’s not a mass exodus on Sunday and we still have some people left to chat, mingle and get to know. This day will certainly be considered ‘after hours’ from the impression I’m getting from @anomadsoul.

Maybe I will bring those Magic decks after all!

Meet me at SteemFest 2018 in Kraków



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Hello @slobberchops, I'm staying until the Monday am, so there'll be at least one person to talk to! I'm planning to explore Krakow as well, I'm a bit of culture vulture, so I'll be researching museums and art galleries 😊 I haven't been to Steemfest before but I have been to other similar things eg the LIFT conference in Geneva and I always found I needed some down time - a walk (run?) around the old city, or a little while in a lovely park or by a riverside (wrapped up warmly in this case) or an art gallery 😎


Perhaps your up for a run with some of the others while there? We will see.. but I'm not running as my leg will probably seize up. Good to know some are staying for the banquet and are hanging around for the ending credits.

I am pretty sure you guys will find a way to have fun no matter what happens and who sticks around. I am heading to a conference next week myself and I know that the majority of the networking takes place after all the sessions are finished.

I'll be there until Monday morning too, so another person to hang out with, if there aren't that many of us left ;)

I've never played Magic the Gathering, if there's the chance to, I'm definitely up for it! I'll be bringing a card deck too - Cards against humanity, @bingbabe played it with us last time at Steem camp, so she can confirm it's a great game to break the ice :)


I'll see what I can conjure up re: decks. The game has got so complicated these days with all the rules but I have some old cards that are more simple to play with. I will need to create some decks to use. @bingbabe wont play as she just cant get a grasp of the rules. It takes a certain mindset.


Sounds good :)

I'm up for seeing the sights on the Saturday, but I'm flying home on Sunday morning. Maybe we can get a crowd together for a walking or cycling tour. There's also the matter of the Steemfest run. I'd suggest Saturday morning before breakfast, but not too stupid early. Last year I came home on the Saturday and so didn't get to look around Lisbon much.


the Steemfest run. I'd suggest Saturday morning before breakfast

It's unlikely we will get to the bowling event on Thursday evening though not impossible. I guess we will have to make some arrangements beforehand so @bingbabe can meet you before breakfast.

I ain't coming as my leg will likely seize up and that would be bad. Some others may join in, maybe a post would get some attention?

@lloyddavis has just started running and @shanibeer is a runner too. Food for thought?

aaaaaaaahhhhhhh! I am soooo jealous right now! lol


There's still time to get a ticket ;)

Let's hope the SF3 post's are from people who are really attending this time and not impostors as we encountered at the London crypto-currency show several months back.

LOL, whaa? haha


You will see them; people who don't attend pretending they are there and telling us all how great it is in the hopes of votes :)

Im leaving on Tuesday so allll the time in the world for a post-SF get together Id say!

I wouldn´t mind a Magic match :D I love the game, I actually bought some booster packs of the new Ravnica series a few days ago.


Do you have a deck, and know all the rules? It's a steep curve at first.. but if you do I'll bring a custom deck. If not, I was going to make a couple of newbie decks. There's so many extra rules these days it's hard from some to pick up on.

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