The Daily Better - 23 December 2016

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The Mission of Project Better

is to reward posts have many votes from Minnows but earn pennies.

We don't judge the quality of the contents, and we don't have man-power to detect plagiarism(But we will skip the posts that @cheetah had commented), only the votes and comments from human that have more than 25 reputation matters.

How to donate voting power to Project Better and earn curation rewards?

Sign up to and bind your posting key.

In full transparency, you will be able to track the list every day detailing all the posts that Project Better has chosen. At the same time, our hope is that this list will provide more positive exposure to the selected authors.

We hope that you will consider following not only this @better account, but also many of the authors whose work is featured here each day. Please consider adding your comments on these posts also!

Voting History (Updated at UTC 2016-12-23 08:01:42.63)

  • 23-12 Bitcoin News Feed 23 Dec 2016 31 minutes ago by arnob in bitcoin $3.12
  • 23-12 Request: Post Scheduling [Steemit Feature] 1 hour ago by gliten in steemit $9.1
  • 23-12 The Bitcoin Rocket Hitting Stratosphere- Price Breaks Through 900$! 1 hour ago by crypt0 in bitcoin $2.61
  • 23-12 Newslink: Don’t hate on deep-sea critters ;They've got to be weird to survive. 3 hours ago by nadira in newslink $2.05
  • 23-12 Glittered up ! Body Art <3 3 hours ago by danilamarilu in henna $3.44
  • 23-12 Guess The Stock Market-Win Steem Dollars! 3 hours ago by thefinanceguy in money $9.4
  • 23-12 Cannabis Does Not Kill. 4 hours ago by rebeccaryan in cannabis $8.58
  • 23-12 Best Ways to Buy Bitcoin in 2017 4 hours ago by elumni in bitcoin $0.5
  • 23-12 Bitcoin is going up so much that 1broker won't even take my long position! Almost $900 right now! 5 hours ago by richardcrill in bitcoin $7.21
  • 23-12 STEEMIT WORLD LOTTERY # 26. Minimum Jackpot is now $144.52 U.S. $ paid out in SBD) Next Drawing is 12/24/2016 @ 10:12 p.m. CT!!! (Second Post) 7 hours ago by riosparada in steemitworldlottery $0.97
  • 23-12 Robin Thicke ft T.I. & Pharrell Williams - Blurred Lines (Unrated) 7 hours ago by groovedigital in music $4.17
  • 22-12 Animation Spotlight Series - The work of Mikey Please (stop motion) 8 hours ago by charlotteblacker in art $14.21
  • 22-12 Steem price heading towards strong support level 9 hours ago by tarekadam in steem $0.52
  • 22-12 On My Way To The Mayo Clinic 10 hours ago by missk in life $7.22
  • 22-12 Renovations 101: What to do when your Contractor bails or causes problems! 10 hours ago by barrydutton in money $3.25
  • 22-12 There is no freedom in ..... (especially not for women) 10 hours ago by shla-rafia in freedom $4.31
  • 22-12 Newslink: Las ondas gravitacionales, hallazgo científico del año [Gravitational waves, scientific finding of the year] 10 hours ago by chotto in newslink $8.78
  • 22-12 Newslink: Odell Beckham says NFL fined him for wearing Craig Sager cleats 11 hours ago by artists in newslink $8.63
  • 22-12 Die zehn meistgenutzten deutschsprachigen Passwörter 11 hours ago by allyouneedtoknow in deutsch $7.56
  • 22-12 Newly Discovered Prehistoric Bird Lived Near a Balmy North Pole 12 hours ago by steampty in science $8.26
  • 22-12 I've never smoked a cigarette but I've smoked a thousand poorly rolled joints 12 hours ago by runridefly in smoking $2.83
  • 22-12 Happy breakfast!!! 12 hours ago by bugavi in food $5.08
  • 22-12 Plants in winter 12 hours ago by yetaras in nature $3.57
  • 22-12 Medscape Medical News - Antibiotics for AOM: 10 Days More Effective Than 5 12 hours ago by jerremie in health $8.91
  • 22-12 Science Magazine : 'Weird' dinosaur underwent radical transformation as it aged 13 hours ago by atkins in science $8.99
  • 22-12 Bronze Age Classic Comic Book - Groo the Wanderer from 1985 13 hours ago by cryplectibles in comics $1.88
  • 22-12 Newslink: The Real Paleo Diet Included More Plants Than We Thought 13 hours ago by nadira in newslink $8.57
  • 22-12 Cloudberry Cream a Traditional Christmas Desert 14 hours ago by camilla in food $2.92
  • 22-12 Be - An Original Poem 14 hours ago by sgtechservices in story $20.78
  • 22-12 White Men of Space During the Fairy Tales - A sound and light show for Christmas 14 hours ago by pickoum in christmas $37.03
  • 22-12 The Chain of Data Acquisition (Part 3) 14 hours ago by personz in security $29
  • 22-12 Paintings: Thoughts On Canvas 15 hours ago by aishwarya in art $6.24
  • 22-12 The Long Awaited Monero Core GUI Beta 1 Released, Coming Back On Darknet? 15 hours ago by bloggersclub in monero $2.16
  • 22-12 Getting Back To My Roots - Example of Environmental Art 15 hours ago by iamwne in art $8.56
  • 22-12 Fried bananas (Acehnese: bada su'uem) 15 hours ago by silvia in food $8.65
  • 22-12 Bitcoin News Feed 22 Dec 2016 16 hours ago by arnob in newslink $9.26
  • 22-12 Introduce Myself - Photography 16 hours ago by steemlegend in introduceyourself $8.86
  • 22-12 The Steem-Backed Dollar (SBD): Having your cake and eating it too 16 hours ago by mark-waser in ned $14.63
  • 22-12 Game Review: Creeper World 3, Arc Eternal 17 hours ago by lennstar in games $16.85
  • 22-12 Aceh Thanks To The World: Healthy Kids Story (Plasticine Creations) 17 hours ago by vannour in aceh $5.47
  • 22-12 A Sneak Preview Of My Handmade Soaps... 18 hours ago by sunscape in hobbies $10.6
  • 22-12 Lunch at work, an everyday luxury 18 hours ago by oleg326756 in food $3.17
  • 22-12 Ethereum erweckt den Schwarm 18 hours ago by cbergmann in deutsch $3.19
  • 22-12 The natural beauty around us #7 19 hours ago by steemgold in nature $4.34
  • 22-12 Newslink: Zuckerberg reconoce con la boca pequeña que Facebook es un medio de comunicación 21 hours ago by chotto in newslink $1.95
  • 22-12 Would You Like To Know What a Buddhist Monk Does All Day? (Video) 22 hours ago by bkkshadow in til $10.67
  • 22-12 Old age is catching up?? Probably... 22 hours ago by immarojas in life $1.48
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