Happy New Year Steemians - Welcome 2018! My End of the Year Review

in photography •  10 months ago

Happy new year my Steemian friends!

Another year has passed and looking back we once again ask ourselves: what has happened in the last twelve months, how quickly time passes by and if we really lived our life the way we wanted.

This is a question everyone needs to find an answer for themselves. I, however, will summarize my 2017 in this post.

Let's look back at my first post of 2017. This is what I wrote with the beginning of 2017:

Every day is unwritten and we are capable of doing the greatest things with the right motivation. We all need aims, cause they make us ambitious. Right now it's the calm before the storm. Right now we are a very small community, we know each other and hopefully became friends. But things will change very soon. Soon we won't be that small anymore - it's very likely that we will grow and have millions of new Steemians.

Steemit gave me the motivation and made it possible for me to finally live my dreams. Traveling around the world became real, I even bought the camera I always wished. I met many great people, got many followers, read unbelievably inspirational comments day by day and proudly can say: I am the person I always wanted to be.

I began the year with my first real journey to a country far away: Thailand. See the post here


Koh Tao

This was the stunning and picturesque island Koh Tao, see the post here

Khao Sok


I started to learn more about photography and improved. I never attended a course or anything, photography is just one of my biggest passions. I thought everything by myself.

Stift Göttweig, Austria

Love is the strongest force we know. Link

Hamburg, Germany

Paris, France

Dinner at the Louvre

Paris part II

Munich, Germany

London, UK

Vienna, Austria

G20 Summit, Germany

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Berlin, Germany

I even bought the drone I always wanted to have with the help of Steemit! Link.

Kristdala, Sweden

Crete, Greece

My privat boat tour

Mallorca, Spain

SteemFest 2, Lisbon, Portugal

I finally made my first video this year. I am very proud of my SteemFest After movie. Check it out:

I have been to many places this year and even more in the new year. I wish you all the best my friends and Steem on! Keep the good work up and never forget where you come from and where you want to go.


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Amazing! I just realised you've practically been to as many countries in a year as I have in a lifetime (though you seem to have travelled mostly to European countries)! Keep up the traveller spirit and may 2018 take you more places! Do plan a trip to some of the South East African countries - it'll be rewarding trip especially for those with a penchant for photography!



It’s nice


You r correct ya.....

The whole year of travelling felt like a few seconds.
Why do I remember most of these photos.
Hey I didn't even know that I'm a fan of your blogs lmao.

First I would like to wish you a happy new year! I would like to thank you for sharing your experiences and the places you visited! Third, your video is spectacular! thank you once again for sharing your stories, because they help a lot all new steemians like me, who want to grow and reach your level of quality.




My dear friends wish you all Happy New Year!
Lets all together witness the rise and wide adoption of Steem in 2018.
Big kiss

With love, @tuhin786

link ::: https://steemit.com/photography/@tuhin786/2018-chelebrating-photography-for-all-steemit-friends

Upvote for Upvote


Wishing a very happy and wonderful New Year 2018


I'll remember 2017 like it was yesterday


Saya suka

It's been a real honor to meet you this year and joined in this awesome community. Steemit also changed my life, got lot of motivation, new experience, new friends and lots of new knowlage.

Looks like if's been a wonderful year for you :) I also made a short video from clips threm my 6 months beeing here on Steemit.
Happy, peaceful and succsessful New year, with lots of love and health to you and four loved ones. Steem On ma man! :)

wooooow, this amazing photos ^.^
Happy New Year!!!

Congratulations! I hope many more Steemians will start living the dream and continue inspiring us by sharing incredible adventures like these. I will also invite my friends who are photography enthusiasts to follow you.

Photos are amazing. They should go on postcards. Best pictures for me are "Amsterdam", since it brings a lot of memories. Happy new year !

awesome photography

Happy New Year!!!


Hai,first things first I would like to wish you a happy new year!
great post, thank you for sharing a good post and give us a expose to a good content like this.

Happy New Year to all!

Happy new year to you as well. Very nice pictures, thank you for sharing!

Happy new year to you as well! I wish I would have already been to all these wonderful places!

Tim that is a very beautiful story and it is so cool that I do remember some of your posts from this story.

I think you get that a lot, but you photos are just amazing. Happy to see that Steemit transformed your life si much.

Looking at your sweatshirt, want to make the same one.

happy new year!! You we're one of the first ones I followed and still follow and love reading when I have time to catch up on the feed!

Appreciate, the new year as focus steem burst

Excellent trips you made and very interesting posts were for this year Tim. Thank you and I congratulate you, I wish you happiness and good luck in the new year 2018!

Happy new year. All photographs are excellent and heart touching. I say Just wow. I can learn more from your post. I salute. you are a great supporter for good worker. Your post is working as #promo-steem also. Thanks @timsaid for sharing. Nice video. I like it on youtube.

Awesome photos. Happy New year

Congratulation! You have had a successful year! @timsaid

Amazing shoots and pictures you got on there.. Im sure traveling makes u a different person, im also sure you learned and experienced a lot this last year..

Well, let's see what 2018 have for us all. But 90% of it has for us, depends on us. So ... stay strong and keep enjoying life mate.

Cheers, happy new year for you.

Cheers to that, Tim. You took some amazing photos and saw so much of the world...luckily there is always more to see. Here's to new adventures in 2018!

excellent shot and beautiful photography.
thanks for sharing @timsaid

Wow! Amazing experiences Tim! Congratulations and happy New Years!

Great photos! What camera are you using? I'm planning an upcoming trip lastig five months and need a camera, either buying a new iphone with a good camera, or a compact. Which would you recommend?

Awesome pics
Great post
Happy new new year

Omg what a fantastic and thrilling year you had just wow so amazing to see that awesome photography The Professional as always :)
Wishing you a very happy new year keep sharing and inspiring

Happy new year your work is soo good I like it and follow you for your work thanks

Thank you for sharing your awesome journey on 2017 @timsaid hope you have a great new year! thanks.

With every new year come greater challenges and obstacles in life. I wish you courage, hope and faith to overcome all the hurdles you face. May you have a great year and a wonderful time ahead!

I'm quite jealous of how much you travel - what type of camera do you use when traveling? Or do you just use your phone?
Thanks for the post, beautiful pictures!

It's time to fill heart with optimism, hope and dreams, it's time to start over and renew, because a new year will begin and we must live it and enjoy it to the fullest. Wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year @timsaid!

woow you almost included the hole world in this post.
Happy new year for all Steemians and all people who love humanity.
my wish for you all is that your dreams all will come true. Including me for sure lol

thank alot for sharing your experiences with us and letting us enjoy them 20..that is very sweet of you..and i wish you a very happy new year..may your all dreams come true in this year :)

You do amazing photography. Do you have an amazing 2017 and wishing you nothing but the best for 2018. Happy new year!

Congratulations dear friend @timsaid for all your achievements, thank you very much for sharing your testimony of what steemit has done for your binestar and to be able to know beautiful places for what we can appreciate for the images that you show us.
I wish with all my heart, a new year for you and yours, full of health, peace and prosperity.

Wow, what a fantastic journey you had in the fabulous year of 2017. Your post on G20 in Hamburg is my favourite as I always love to follow issues on international politics. Thank you for your great post @timsaid, cheers!

🚀🚀🚀 Happy New Year 🚀🚀🚀

Thank you for sharing all those photos . A great summary of the events of the past year
and great wishes for further success in the coming year . Happy new year

Great photos and stories! Looking forward to what 2018 brings for you.

Happy new year @timsaid I wish you the best 2018 you could've ever imagine! Your photos are more than amazing, I'm seriously addicted! Hoping to see more of these in 2018.

We hope to take advantage of the mistakes of the past year to receive the next year with more hope.
Thank you for sharing all of those photos that show events that have passed in the past year .
As well as those images that include all those picturesque scenes .
I hope that the coming year will be full of love and happiness in all the peoples of the world, a happy year for everyone.



great photography...happynewyear...

I hope you have a beautiful 2018

Those are really amazing photos! and i wisg you even more amazing new year! Thank you!

Life looks so much different where you live. It's very cool and I'm quite jealous. Maybe 2019 will be my goal to live like this!

Happy New Year from Cambodia!!

happy new year ... to all who can see my comment thanks wish you happy health and beaut full year be good be safe be happy love you all

Happy new year to you too! Your growth is inspiring.

Thanks . I always feel smarter after reading your posts. Please keep sharing your thoughts. interesting post

hello @timsaid you took a wonderful pictures in a professional way , thanks for sharing your lifestyle , and show us the wonderful view about the world

Hi friend @timsaid,

Best wishes to you from Pakistan. Stay Blessed.

Happy New Year.


thank you for sharing this! these pictures are amazing! my brother has a drone and gets some great shots from it, it's really cool the views you get from it.

Hello, I really like the content that you upload to your blog, I think it's great. Do you support me with my blog? Thank you!

Hi @timsaid
Happy New Year
God will give you every happiness in your life. @syedwaqas

woooooooow! you are a lucky one
Amazing pictures
Wish the best for you this new year
Saludos desde Venezuela :D

Happy new year all steemit mates😊❤❤🎊🎉🎍🎋

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Nicely captured pics! Happy New Year @timsaid

Amazing pictures :) Happy New Year Wish You Best Next Year At Steemit Thank You So much For Sharing following you (y)

Really great post
Happy new year @timsaid

Good job.
Please Follow Me @nicegirls

Nice fantastic post Happy 2018 Contribution comment#

Those night sky shots are gorgeous! Happy New Year! :)

Wow, quite a year @timsaid! It's been a pleasure getting to see your posts along the way and seeing your adventures all year. I can hardly imagine how 2018 could be better, but I somehow think it will be. Happy New Year!

Dir ein Guten Rutsch und ein gutes Jahr 2018.

New Year's greetings to you and your family @timsaid

HAPPY NEWYEAR @timsaid. Looking forward to your 2018 travel post

Your photography skills are insane!

Amazing pictures! Happy New year!!

Happy New Year

Thank you for sharing such lovely photos, I really liked the ones from Sweden. Hoping to see more of your adventures this 2018, Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year @timsaid! From the looks of these amazing pictures it seems like 2017 was an awesome year for you. Wish you the best in 2018.

Happy new year, Tim! Thank you for this motivating post!

What amazing travels! Everything looks so spectacular. Happy New Year to you!!

Happy new year .
Follow my blog

I have always had a lot of clear things and they are becoming more evident but getting to Steemit has facilitated the way because it is the way where people can see my perspective and in that way Steemians from all over the world can support me, reading what my mind registers in each publication. Happy new year 2018.

Happy New year , Amazing pictures

Excellent working! Counting my blessings and wishing you more. Hope you enjoy the New year in steemit. My dear Friend

happy new year @timsaid

Wow amazing photography my friend...Happy new year..

Happy new year

It would be nice to be able to get around some country like you. I also dreamed I could do the same with you. Achieve success and spend it in a fun way.

Happy new yearrr to you too🎉🎉🎉

Cant believe that you taught yourself to reach that amazing standard of photography! May 2018 be as awesome to you as in 2017!

Awesome! As i only joined steemit a few hours ago and I'm also a photographer, it is such an awesome post seeing your journey through steemit. Happy New Year!

Wishing all steemit friends a happy new year! and for some of you who would like to know your zodiac, wish to share : https://steemit.com/teammalaysia/@debralim/prediction-of-our-animals-zodiac-for-the-year-2018-please-support-and-upvote
Happy New Year to all.

Happy new bro thank @yeminthu

Happy New Year to you and your family. Those old memories you have included via your posts of 2017 are always cherishing ones for you. Thanks for sharing.

Steemit is changing very quickly The network effect is already creating more projects, tools and communities than most people can keep up with. Steem will grow more powerful with every user. 2018 will be the year of years.

really nice year you have spend ,very beautiful photos added in this post ,i enjoy your post

All the shots are nice but I really love the monkeys one.
Happy New Year.

@timsaid this is a great one and I love the summary of all that has happened via your accouny this year and it shows that you are a great photographer. I love all pictures I do see any time you post.

More to see this 2018.

Happy new year in advance from Nigeria its 6:01pm +1 gmt

One love

Love the SteemFest video. Can't wait to go next year. Happy New Year!