TimTravels - London: My new Hometown! Part 2

in photography •  2 years ago

Welcome my dear Steemian friends to the second episode of TimTravels - London!

The first day was long and at the evening we were really hungry. Guess who we met? @nanzo-scoop! Steemians, he is one of the most kindest guys I know. I met him at SteemFest 1 and I am happy to tell you that we became friends. Steemit connects people! What a beautiful gift, right? He showed us some famous spots and restaurants to eat. We decided to have some burgers! The best burgers I’ve ever had! We went to a place called Byron:

Nanzo taking a picture of Tim who takes a picture of Nanzo

This was an Oreo milkshake and the staff asked me whether I wanted it before or after the burger, I said before. A big mistake. I couldn’t finish my burger because the milkshake made me replete!

After the food I needed to have a walk through the English Garden and found a new friend here! Say hello to Mr. Squirell!

We didn't have much time left since we had to get to the airport in time. We left our friend and tried to see as much of London as possible. Steemians, watch the city through my lens!

Thank you for following me on my journey through London. I hope you enjoyed my pictures! Which shot was your favorite? I used a Nikon D750

See you soon and until then, Steem on


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Nice camera Tim. Took this just now to show my appreciation to the Nikon D750 and to give you a high five from Mallorca's breakfast table

image image


Cool pics people! I am too lazy to carry a camera around, so if I post anything about my travels, any photos will have been taken by my mobile phone, lol.


at some point I decided to alwaxs have it with me. I keep regretting it when I dont


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hahah busted by @nanzo-scoop
your pics are freakin vivid!
love the squirrel!


haha nice


Awesome, lol


even BTS are amazing... thanks for sharing it @nanzo-scoop

@timsaid You certainly have a good eye for composition. I really like the shot of the clock tower. It's moody and a bit grungy. Nice capture. Was the squirrel shot at f2.8?

Loved the photos! Fantastic shots there buddy!


Thanks for the feedback bro! Means a lot

Sounds like amazing meet up with old friends :)

Spectacular photos of London's most iconic places, well done @timsaid!!

Fantastic job Tim. So many wonderful pictures!

These are good quality pictures and I think all the other people will agree with me.@scotty777

Nice sharing with good photos taken! Mr. Squire is cute ya!! I am from Hong Kong, I haven't met any of them tho, thank you for your sharing, hope you have a good time in London!:)

Beautiful London ! Also foods looks so much yummy !!

Perfect shots.jpg

Aww the squirrel is sooooo CUTE and the first photo is my favorite - with impact :) Amazing photos as usual..


Thanks! I try to do my best

Hey tim! it looks like you had a great time there! I like the pic of the building with the clock, Big ben? That building is a masterpiece! Im following you :)


Yes, it's the Big Ben :)

Hahahaha, zu geil Mr. Squirrel :D Sehr schöne Bilder! Benutzt du einen speziellen Filter? Die unteren Bilder sehen nach einem Sepia Ton aus. (Ich bin allerdings nur n Foto Noob, keine Ahnung ob man das so nennt^^)


Keine Filter, ich arbeite nur mit dem Weißabgleich manchmal :)

nice photos :)

Uuuh bro I already love to shot with you 😍

Nice pics!! Have you ever visited Hakkasan restaurant? Was one of my favourites (the one in Hanway place)


Keep us updated if you have been there 🤗

I like Mr. Squirrel ! )


Me too :)

great pictures once again & and great blog writing! Keep up the good work! What lenses did you use in these pictures?


The kit lense, 24-85 mm


dann werd ich mich mal drüber informieren wie sich das Objektiv mit meiner Nikon D7100 so versteht :) danke dir

Oh I miss London! Hope it's as nice to live there as it is to visit. Don't get yourself blown up by terrorist though...

I am so jealous i wasn't there :P Looks like you had really good time and I'm happy you visited my city ;) I like how creative you got with your pictures and really represented London well.I hope more people will want to come and see London! :)) See you soon :) xx

Nice shots and fun story, thanks for sharing the miracles of Steemit in steemian land! Namaste :)

OK, I already have a D750, but dammit I want a STEEMIT HOODIE!


Haha, I love it! Best hoodie, ever!


I'm literally wearing a plain black hoodie today, and suddenly feeling like I'm missing something. Gotta sort that out soon :)

It was great seeing you again @timsaid and meeting your cousin @noogie. Next time you're in town, give me a call!

I'd love to return the compliment and visit Hamburg one day. Hopefully I can make SF2 and we can catch up there at least. Keep Steeming!


Definitely was a great time bro! Next time I pay!
See you soon and hopefully on SteemFest II

Da haste^^



hahahahahaha.... nice one @lcshaft ... :)

What a journey, I would love to head over there one day very soon. Great photography, some quality architecture photos there.

The camera is unbelievable !!! I actually like the first picture with the Steemit hoodie ! So nice you met @nanzo-scoop ... Looks like you both had a great time in London! Hope to see more travel posts with your new camera


Oh I will travel more!


Good to hear that!

@timsaid hey london gonna be my new hometown too but first let me find a new girlfriend she is somewhere out there ur upvote will help me find her 🖖🖖😎😉

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We have your musical reply here. It comes from Fergie and it was launched in 2006 - London Bridge!


Haha, you have some Electro?


Yes! We are slowly building the #steemradio-electronic tag!

oh London. My dream place.

Hope you are safe in London



Nice click
& Thanks for sharing your journey.

really amazing. dear. going to follow upvote and resteem you @timsaid


Looks like you had a great time in London and some fantastic pictures as we'll cheers mate

fantastic....views....deserve upvote and resteem....my friend...

I have been to london few times, beautiful place to visit.
Thanks for sharing
Upvoted resteemed

Wow the quality of the photos is impressive, very good
Besides London is a beautiful city which you can get incredible shots :D

This look amazing very good photos nice job. image

@timsaid, london is one of the best place that someones will have. Hope you enjoy your journey and i love the captures! That was perfect.

@timsaid Nice pictures, Lonon is very beautiful

Cool :)
And beautiful photo's!

Gorgeous photos @timsaid, I wish you all the best in your new life quest London and home. :)

Oooh this takes me back to my trip to London. Love every bit of it, keep up the good work and have fun!

Wonderful photos! I want very much to visit London. You would think an American like me who likes to travel would have hit London first, but I've managed to fly over and around it visiting other places in Europe.

Nice shot of Big Ben. I like the squirrels, too. They seem very tame.

Beautifully Written and Really Really Amazing Picture... Great Work @timsaid

I would be doing this if I had nothing tiying me up here... Moving the entire family can be... Troublesome.

So, I live my dreams through you!

Great photos. I like the Steem shirt.

and that oreo shake is calling my name! :))

Awesome pictures! You really have an eye for perspective and colours. Good Job!
I like the squirrel shots best. Squirrels are cute and clever little buggers, I like them.

Amazing pictures as usual, I'm so happy for you that you gifted yourself a new camera. Can't wait to shoot with you soon :)


He gifted himself a new camera AND actually took it with him to take these great photos. I'm too lazy myself to carry a real camera and instead I just take pics with my mobile, lol.

Lovely photo shoot Tim, looks like mr squirrel acted like a model for you ;)


He's a good friend of mine!

Legit photography! Enjoyed your blog as well. I now have the itch to travel to London.

Wow, these are some great pictures! Looks like a blast!

@timsaid I have read your blog.
You have a mazing journey with lens D750.
You have shared the good blog with nature pictures, many blessing my man.

If you have time, please visit my blog. I have some thing to you.

Good luck my man.

Great destinations as always, thank you for sharing it to us.

So enjoying your pictures!! Hope you enjoy mine as well...I need PROMOTING!!! lol Thanks!

You got some great photos! And I totally feel you on dessert before dinner. But, who is really going to say no to an Oreo milkshake?

Super awesome pics! I like the squirrel looking to the right. Keep up the steem!

Thanks for the photo series, "Tim in the Shadows"!

love the photo. will read it later 😁

Great stuff dude, I didn't know @nanzo-scoop until now either! Looks like there's some great info on crypto there, thanks for introducing him here. Keep killin' it! Love the behind the scenes shots that @nanzo-scoop left too! Haha

nice nice, I have some nice ones too. Not good enough to share unfortunately.

Nikon D 750! Nice .... It is a very atmospheric picture.

Thank you. I love London so much and remember the best days I was there.

nice trip to london I think

Omg, your pics make me miss london so much. They are all nice. There are so many good restaurants in london but i donno why ppl say there is not any. 😕

Great article my friend. 👌🏻

Nice photos of London

London scares me. I went there when I was 24 years old and got robbed by a pack of rabid teenage girls in the tube. They sucker punched me then ran off with everything. Geeze I didn't even get that type of treatment in Thailand


Not the best experience to make. I really do like Thailand, enjoy the weather there!


I agree, as long as it is not May. Way too hot and humid then.

no I have always want to visit here, one day I plan on making it

It's the silence between the notes that creates the music

-Enough said;)

Nice photos, i've heard of Byron hamburger , someone once mentioned it was their favourite.
I love London , i could walk around taking photo's all day . I also like the hop on hop off buses that they have when your feet cant keep going. They are good because they have the open air top so you can take photo's without seeing your reflection in the window :) .
Great post, upvoted and followed.

To be great in life you have to follow the best, that's why I follow you, follow me and we help each other

Which picture was my favourite? I would say the clock tower one. Really beautiful city, with so many monuments and modern life integrated together as one.

Hahaha I love the inception pic of you taking a pic of him while he takes one of you. Very clever :)

Great article, big thumbs up !!

Nice pictures. Enjoy your stay!

Feeding wild animals... blablabla... :D




In fact he is very clever and does only not look wild :)

London is as amazing as YOU!!! gR8 JOB!

Lovely photos. I have been planning for years to visit London. Hopefully I can do it sometime soon!

Damn, those are some amazing shots. Especially the one with the fries.
Those fries look good.
I need fries


Everybody need fries!

These are some really great pictures .. Be good if you could name them :)

These are great photographs! I truely feel like i am inside the picture, provides alot of depth. Thanks for the experience!

nice pics and cameraall 🙋

Dude photos are awesome again !

Bro, that thumbnail photo is amazing. You make me want to go back to London again. Thumbs up for the close-up Squirrel photographs. Love them! Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

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Great photos!!

Keep it up.

Great job @timsaid London is just awesome. I lived in kensington for about 6 months and your post took me back there.

i absolutely love byron burgers. and the milkshakes are to die for right?!

Great Post, love your work.

These are some really nice pictures, it's obvious you had fun my friend, thanks for sharing these amazing moments with us :)

Some good pictures. I'm surprised the squirrels come that close. I liked those shots the best.

@timsaid It would mean a lot if you can check out my latest post. It's about supporting a friend with a hard disease. Nothing selfish.

Beautiful photos, Congratulations!!! I would like to visit London

I love London...I really need to go again soon. Thanks for reminding me how wonderful our capital is. !

I am a South-African and I have been in the UK twice. London is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever experienced and for that reason, I would love to one day move to the UK...