TimTravels - SteemFest² Day #1

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I have waited a long time for this day to come.


Welcome my dear Steemian friends to a special episode of TimTravels! I just arrived in Lisbon for the second Steemfest and I am totally stoked! Over 250 Steemians are expected to come and have a good time during the next few days. As I am writing this the Hackathon takes place and I am on my way there. But lets start slow, one after another.

I will keep those of you who did not make it to this years Steemfest updated by writing one post with many pictures every day.

Day 1

A lot of people asked me, "Tim, what camera and equipment do you use?". Well here is the answer! My essential travel gear consists of:

  • DJI Mavic Pro
  • Polar Pro ND filters
  • Nikon D750
  • AF-S NIKKOR 24-85mm 1:3.5-4.5G
  • AF-S NIKKOR 50mm 1:1.8G
  • iPhone 8
  • DJI Osmo for Smartphones
  • Gorilla tripod
  • Mircrosoft Surface Pro 4

That is what I always take with me when I travel somewhere. The drone, camera and iPhone are used for taking pictures and making videos. In order to edit and cut my footage I have the Surface with me. Filters are needed to achieve a cinematic look (more on that soon). Some goes with the DJI Osmo to get a really smooth and stabilized footage.

So now that you know what I took with me to the Steemfest, lets see what the results look like. Sit back and enjoy the Steemfest through my lens

Checking in at HF Hotel

At 14:00 it was time, time to check in for the registration and meet all the Steemians. We received our SteemFest² wristband, two shirts, a nice good bag with an incredible Steemit thermal bottle and much more. Now I am wearing the wristband from SteemFest Amsterdam and SteemFest² Lisbon!

After the registration we moved to the Hackathon at the LX Factory. If you ask me what was the most amazing thing I saw at the SteemFest then it is definitely the LX Factory. This place is a creative mini-city in the heart of Lisbon. Many small shops, artworks and restaurants are to be found there. This place is simply magical. I will come here again for sure!

After we found the Hackathon in the fourth floor we checked the guys at work and left them since they were really busy.

At 20:00 we had Open Bar and all Steemians who came on the first day met there to enjoy and have a good night.

Tune in tomorrow to know what will happen on the second day!

Steem on,


Hi @timsaid, Your photography equipment shows that you're a very professional photographer and the photos in the posts approve my viewpoint. It seems you're having some quality time there. Thank You for the post.

Please keep posting updates. It's pleasing to know about SF2. Excellent job.

Steem On!

Steem on! I will update every day

That's so nice of you. I hope from next year onward, we have mini SF in all the major countries so that users like me could also participate. @timsaid, Is it possible?

Did you get to meet some steemians that maybe you were curious to see in real life? It's really nice that you decided to do a post per day covering steem fest, I hope you have an awesome time :)

Yeah I met a lot of them. I feel like to keep the people that are not here updated.
Steem on!

Please do, I'm yearning for info :-)


Yeah I met a lot of them. I feel like to keep the people that are not here updated.
Steem on!

Hello @timsaid.. please give me money so I can buy a D600... 😂seriously...

Great photos! You got shots that I wanted to, but was too busy to shoot.

I also couldn't fit my Mavic Pro's hard case into my big luggage, so I left it behind—glad you brought yours!

You can fly mine

Enjoy it!

awesome pictures from Lisbon @timsaid have a great time at #Steemfest and keep us informed of what's happening over there. Enjoy Portugal!

Newbie here, when and where is the next steemfest? Pics look awesome btw :)

@onealfa look, he has so little devices... Just couple. Maybe you want to show your all devices? I think that your all devices would not fit into one picture, there should be a whole new post.

But let's admit that the photos are very beautiful.

thank you for letting us know what is going on, and we hope you will be instrumental in keeping everyone on task and moving us forward. I know you are going to have a blast there. Unable to go this year, but there in spirit, and will be there in person next year, my friend.

Maybe have Steemit Sticker or your Steemit Handle on your drone while it is flying?

Hello @timsaid
These equipments are really great and looks like you are a professional photographer and I believe you are having a quality time there.
We would love to see what's happening there in steemfest 2.
Keep us updated with the happenings and I would love to see the t-shirts and that bottle you got from steemit.

Great photography..Really you are professional..

very hard work and very happy to see steem equipment but i have nikon 5300

You have excellent equipment for snapshots, you are well prepared, in the photo the streets do not look awry, How do people live in Portugal?

awww...The curiosity and excitement is pumping up. Steemfest is marvellous so does Lisbon city. thanks @timsaid for letting us to be a steemfest part through your "Eye"...tuning for tomorrow episode too :)..keep bugging more

excelentes fotos! saludos.

Great picture and a skilled photographer

Thats some serious equipement :) beautiful photos i wish i was there :O

Hice pics, great job.

I am glad that you have arrived in Lisbon and that you share with us the joy of being there with other steemians. Also, I like that you have a professional travel gear. Have fun and take care of yourself!

Great views and nice camera shots. Which exactly is the LX factory?

Nice! I love your camera and lens options.

Thanks for going for me. I wanted to go and since you do a great job reporting - I would like to know of hacks! - @timsaid now I really wish I was there

Omg I just made up a post about Lisbon!! I can't go to the steem fest but hope next year I could go! Loving everything about your backpack, and waiting to see more photos! Enjoy and keep us updated

thanks for photos! very atmospheric!

Hi @ timsaid, as soon as I saw that arsenal of equipment, the curiosity got the beter of me. Nice to see the equipment is put to good use with some quality pictures, upvoted and following for sure! Is that a library or a bookshop? It looks awesome!

I really envy your pictures. .great apparatus
Hope to learn more from you...

Happy halloween...
Let's check for steemfest..
Thank's for sharing like this.
@followed and upvoted

@timsaid I love your new logo! Great photos in this post too and its nice to see another fellow Nikon user!

Brilliant captures.
Are you looks professional photographer? it seems after see your photo equipment.
great party..

good news for everbody !

Happy Halloween @timsaid.
Real beauty stuff. Steemfest on now....
Catch special moments..
Share to steem...Be safe..
Go ahead....

lovely photos! can't wait for more!

Thank you for the post and the good pictures.

Someday. I wish to participate in such events such as SteemFest. You have great photos too that are worth saving on my computer as wallpaper on the phone and pc. <3

Welcome to Portugal!! I hope you enjoy our longer than usual lasting summer!

not that anyone is asking but I like the last shot best... I hope to visit Portugal one day.

I'd kill for that DJ Mavic Pro :)

Wish I could be there myself.

Well done, keep it up

Very nice camera, I would have loved to have been able to selected that one, but instead went with getting the Nikon D7500. The $400.00 difference made the choice, as I also want to get a DLSR camera for myself., which will be the D3400, waiting on that one to make sure my wife likes the D7500, I think she will. Enjoy the fest and have fun taking pictures. We should have our new camera on or about the 8th of November.

woow, i love it

Thank you for the fantastic update on Lisbon and Steemfest2. Great photos. So glad to have people like you update for the community. Couldn't make it this year, but maybe next year!

Steemitfest to work! Help

Wow ....

Travel travel ....
Nice information

Woow Is so amazing! i've a question do You have some website to buy some pictures?

Wow @timsaid! You are truly a gifted artist.

As I perused the pictures I was caught in awe at the capture of the painted over rust on the car seeming to match the discolorations on the window frame.

I knew you were a serious photographer when I saw the drones; but, it’s one thing to have the fancy equipment, and another thing to turn it into an art form.

That downshot at the bookstore, along with the capture of the street and buildings, and the side glimpse of the graffiti…smh…amazing photography is all I’ve got!

Great job!

I look forward to Day 2. Enjoy!

Thanks for sharing.


Found you Tim! 😃

Thanks for keeping us apprised of what is going on at steemfest. It appears you have everything necessary to give us a full report. Hope there is some time for fun un there too. I love the picture of the old houses on the brick street. 🐓🐓

Lisbon looks awesome, nice drone too

Ohh! Look out at those pictures .it seems there is magic in your hands or the camera is doing hard i don't know but i can say that god gives you great hands to click picture.
I would love you to share your all the information and experience of the steemfest.
Have a great day there.
Thanks for the post

Amazing photos. Really liked your travel gear. How many people attended hackathon ?

really want to wait for your next capture at SteemFest. Good pictures @timsaid

Terrific photos friend... can't wait for updates

Thank you so much for sharing the pics @timsaid.. Actually I was waiting for a blog from my son @firepower. Your post made me very happy.

The quality of your photographs is just awesome!! After reading your blog, today I could see the good camera and equipments you are using!! ... Thank you once again... :)

It's great se see such a great equipment for photoshoot. It's really amazed me . Earlier I was wondered how they can capture such great pictures . But now OMG i understand, sir u r great .and all your photos are awsome.
Sir I know you're so busy in your work but sir it would be very helpful for me of you do suggest how I can improve my blog.

Got verry got

nice photos timsaid, thanks for sharing.

You must have a big luggage to bring those digital around.

Great pictures. Looking to travel to Portugal in the next year and Lisbon might've shot up the list as potential cities to visit.

Have fun man!

Lisbon looks awesome!

Brilliant is always brilliant in his work and words and writings.

Amazing collection of equipments... Wish to own them all and to be a part of the fest... Great pictures though :)

That is a lot of gear! do you have some sort of trolley with you? :D

thank you @timsaid for sharing us your experience during steemfest 2 at lisbon.we know you are very excited this to happen, the photo you' ve share, look like where there when steemfest 2 was happen...

Wow! That street is so cool looking. Where is SteemFest? (no idea how I have not heard of this)

Very inspirational @timsaid, Thank you!

I hope you all enjoy my beloved city! So much to see and taste. And enjoy the magical autumn weather! 🤗

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really it is creative work...

really it is creative work...

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hello @timsaid
you killed it with the camera

im happy you returned home safely from the fest. But tim i need a sample of the new logo to make a Steemit branded t-shirt.

i wanted to design that earlier until i was hinted its gonna change pretty soon.

im yearning for this and i wanna continue my steemit promo in Ghana

Right when steemit change thier color and logo

Hope to see some cool stuff with that DJIMavic pro

Drone and nikon

I think you should come to turkey with these equipments.You can do wonderful things to your users. You can photograph wonderful scenes, events and delicious tastes in every way and we can leave you comments.(bence bu ekipmanlarla türkiyeye gelmelisin .Steemet kullanıcılarına harika işler çıkartabilirsin.Her manada harika manzaralar ,olaylar ve leziz tatlar fotoğraflayabilir ve biz kullanıcıların yorumuna bırakabilirsin.)@timsaid

Shoot shoot and shoot picutre.. good job @timsaid

Give me you have drone.. hehehe

nice your post

Is photography your profession or just hobby? Too much equipment to capture what's in front of you. You are even carrying a drone with you! that's really exceptional.

By the way, Those are really nice picture for steemfest for them who aren't there physically.

We will wait for more photographs of Steemfest and Lisbon from your drone and cameras.

I love all the photo toys. Looking forward to seeing more photos and especially the drone footage.

Nice post, waiting for more updates.

Eagerly waiting for today's post .your photography is just wowwwwww..really your post is so attractive.

Hi @timsaid, I have always followed your articles and one thing that I have always wondered but never asked is... what types of gadget does this guy use? Now, I know, you got some stuffs that will make even a top class Hollywood director go green with envy and when they see your work.. you definitely will get the Oscars for best Picture. Steem on!

Hello @Timsaid, I am a new Steemian and a freelance filmmaker. I would love to cover Steem events/conferences.
Let me know in if you need a second camera in the future for your projects!
You can see my work in my introduceyourself post https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@chloesd/introducing-chloe-s-showreel


wow great gears you have with you i am looking forward for the more epic shots i know you will share that soon :D this is really exciting

It is great seeing these pics. . . such a variety of pics from various steemians in Lisbon... Your pics are showing the places that I haven't seen from others. It's great how everybody shows a different perspective.

You are a good photographer

Wow I love these great pictures. Keep them coming and show the beauty of Lisbon and Steemfest 2.0

most of the community is prepared to see the transmissions, and see the influencer, beautiful images

That's some awesome gear you got there @timsaid! I'm in love with the DJI drones, and with your pictures, they're amazing. Thanks for sharing!

I'm still new to Steemit and I finished my third post yesterday. I try to give structured feedback on peoples pictures. If you have some time, would you read my last post and tell me what you think? I would appreciate it a lot!

Enjoy your day!

that are really awesome photos love to see them
awesomeness @timsaid