My New Photography Drone - DJI Mavic Pro

in photography •  last year

Hello and welcome my Steemian friends to a special blog post!

As most of you know I love photography and take picture whenever I can. I thought about expanding my equipment and maybe start to take some short movies as well. Ever since I saw the first drone I knew I wanted to have one. Today the day has come and I got the new DJI Mavic Pro.

One of the main reasons I chose the Mavic Pro is because of its transportability. You can fold it and it will fit into any bag: perfect for traveling! In a few weeks I will be in Crete and you can expect some nice aerial shots.

This is the box the drone comes with. Let's have a look inside

Upon opening the first thing you will see is the drone, the remote control and little pocket with cables inside

The controller where you can mount any phone. Used to see a live image from the drones 4k camera

The drone folded and unfolded

Inside the box you will find the drone, RC controller, extra propellers, several cables for Android and iPhone, several manuals, a charger and the intelligent flight battery.

Live in action!

I am preparing some aerial shots and my personal test report for you this week. We will get some technical facts for the DJI Mavic Pro and see its raw power! Can't wait to share the new perspectives waiting.

What do you prefer: Videos or Pictures?

See you soon and Steem on!
P.s.: I heard some of you miss my Myth or Fact series. Don't worry! I prepared one for tomorrow and it's time to bust some myths!

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Oh man looks sexy af.. Did you take them pictures btw and if yes what set up did you use they look amazing :)

Cheers for the new toy and use it with joy 😄

Id love to buy one in the future if i gather some financial support from somewhere tehehe

💕. Goldie


I used a Nikon D750 with a 50mm f/1.8 lens for the pictures of the drone


The pictures are beyond professional 💖. And thanks for the upvote 😊 id kiss you but im too far away ^^ 😗


Pics look great! The sunsetting backlight gives it nice color! Looking forward to see some pics from the drone! It's on my wish list to get a drone.


It is all about light :) You captured the drone in a perfect light situation! Did you use an ND Filter for the wide open aperture?


Oh man looks sexy af.. Did you take them pictures btw and if yes what set up did you use they look amazing :)

Cheers for the new toy and use it with joy 😄

Id love to buy one in the future if i gather some financial support from somewhere tehehe


Wow! That is so cool @timsaid! Looks real professional. Would love to see some videos from this thing. Are there goggles to see what this drone captures live? How many hours can it fly on one battety?


Yeah there are goggles! And it has a flight time of 27 min per battery charge which is pretty good

Watching with interest. I fly a DJI 3 professional but know it won't last forever as I fly over the sea and the salty air is not good for such things in the long term!
Can't wait to see what you get!


I hope Mavic and I will become good friends lol

You're the Casey Neistat of Steemit my friend!


I should get in touch with him and invite him to Steemit. Time to have a little shoot with him


Hahhaa Casey on Steemit would be interesting. Unfortunately, Casey isn't using drones that often anymore in his vlogs because he doesn't want to break the laws in NYC.


Casey is a rebel, once he discovers Steemit he may change his mind!


Drone and NYC is a nogo


That would be amazing!!!!

Good grief man - even your product review photos have the "Tim Filter" lol. Publish straight to magazine. I have to say your photography point-of-view and finishing style makes them incredible for story-telling. If you can achieve the same level of personal connection with video, then it would be great to have that mixed in.


I have't filmed anything yet so I don't know how the results will look like. But I think the right "eye" is what counts. Going to share some videos soon :) And thanks man! It's totally unintentionally that I use that filter haha


Definitely, the eye of the photographer can make or break the shot. I am interested to see how the drone video comes out. Do you have to register it in Europe? Here in the states you can't throw a paper airplane unless it's registered with the FAA as a Drone. lol So many rules.

i just see gopro drone at 999$+ some seconds ago.. damn, not cheap for me.
Hope you enjoy it!


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Yeah not cheap at all, that's true. I hope you will enjoy my shots

Awesome post @timsaid! Also your pictures are top notch.
I have been debating whether to get the Spark or the Mavic.

Nothing beats a DJI drones! By far superior than any drone out there, well thats just my 2 cents.


Oh to answer your question, dude no one wants to see photos, you buy a drone for 4K video, so make that happen :D


DJI ftw!


LOL i replied to myself....... Oh to answer your question, dude no one wants to see photos, you buy a drone for 4K video, so make that happen :D

I can't make a choice between videos or pictures. It depends on what is being portrayed. A little of both would be fantastic!!

Looks Like you have a big world in your hand.. I like your drone btw and hope you post pictures. Eagerly waiting for drone captures


I wont disappoint you

Wow ,, that is very cool. Now you will easily do your hobby. Thanks @timsaid


Taking shots without moving? No that's lame. I will be running and the drone has to chase me!

What do you prefer: Videos or Pictures?

With 4K we can have both! Congratulations for your new toy @timsaid, we are waiting new beauties from you.

Excellent photography ! I liked controller the most and its feature ♡


Yeah!!! And also it's not an expensive drone


i like this pictures, its so beatiful drones


It also has a feature where it follows you are without having to be controlled. I've wanted one of these for awhile


I would being interested in getting on used if it was not abused.

Congrats for mavic. It's definitely one of the best investment for travellers/ photographers


Check out my good friend I just brought to steemit to share his drone footage of so epic surfing.

Hi @timsaid
Your article is very useful, dji mavic indeed sophisticated drones.

Mavic Pro has the same camera sensor size with Phantom 4, i.e. 1/2.3 "(CMOS), but has a field of view that is much narrower so that if in-crop yield his photo/video is not as wide as DJI Phantom 4.

The picture quality on a Mavic already very nice and comes with a "Tap to Focus", where we can choose where to focus his camera must be. It means that you have to touch the part where on the picture you want to focus on in the DJI Go App.

Mavic Pro will be the smallest DJI drone until recently with the ability that can produce a video with a quality of 4 k

DJI Mavic Pro, can be said to be the world's smallest drone products have made a lot of people will has sophistication. Thousands of these products every day are sent to many users of drones in various corners of the world. DJI Mavic Pro is also one of the best because of the drone sau so far only had a few users reported problems. Thank you to have shared

Nice! I've been thinking of getting one. Just not sure that I'd use it that often...but it just looks so cool! I saw it first on one of Casey Neistats vlogs. It has a cool feature where it can follow you. Maybe you can do a cool review of it doing that?

How far can it fly?

hey @timsaid ! congrats on your investment.

I've had one for a couple months, and let me say... I love my Mavic Pro!

Best of luck to you with yours.

btw, what type of camera did you take these photos with?

Also, be careful with "Sport Mode" - it is absolutely thrilling and terrifying. And I skipped on the recent firmware update, as I hear a lot of people switch back... just a heads up.


I just got a bit jealous. Sweet drone @timsaid. Looking forward to seeing some aerial shots.

Nice drone!

Awesome @timsaid I use this same drone to film a lot of my production videos and other online teaching videos! One thing to know is that before you take pictures with this drone and try and sell them (if that is your intent, maybe its not which is ok as well :) you need to have a license to legally do this. This video really helped me understand a lot about the Mavic pro when I first got it and I hope this video helps you as well incase you were unaware of a few of these things :)

So cool, like all the features. Can't wait to see some awesome pictures.

This one is a blessing for photography and videography. Best part, it's so compact you can take it anywhere.

awesome, cant wait to see some footage

This is cool. I want one too :) How much did it cost?

I'd actually just picked up my first little cheapo $60 drone to muck around with.. Has a 4MP 30fps camera on it and little to no stability controls or safety features found on the more expensive units.. Good thing the damn flying machine only weighs a few grams, given I've bounced it off the floor and walls more than a few times now.

I'm Jelly! Very nice rig dude. Excited to see footage from it. :)

DJI is amazing, I hope you will make extreamly nice videos, and share with us!

I am sure in the near future I will also buy a DJI!
Great post! Follow you!

wow! looks pro. When we can expect first photos from it?

I always have problems controlling drones xD but they're fun for sure! Put it to good use and don't crash :)

Awesome post, would love to get a drone.

Your Bokehs are amazing.. love your photos...

nice look....upvote and resteem :)

nice done!!! like this photos!

Very high-quality photos of the drone in action. This is my first time reading one of your posts and I am impressed. So many of the #photography posts are spam cake or low quality. It's good to see this.

It's interesting timing as well. Yesterday I was talking with @furion about the #Viewly project, which is a way to host videos on Steemit using a combination of blockchain technology and other technologies. Look out, YouTube!

Do you upload your video to YouTube? Have you thought about using Steemit to generate revenue off not only your posts but your videos, as well?

drone footage is really cool.

That is so cool. I have played with smaller ones, but I hear these are awesome.



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Mine already has a camera problem and it seems many have problems with the drone!... Called them and they get pallets of drones back... they are 8 days behind, just for putting them into the computers...

woow this drone is special

NICE pics man! KEEP IT UP!

Amazing photos!!! Also the new DJI Sparks looks great!!


Sure, this post have greats pictures. i like the resolution

Hi Tim! Nice post and great pictures! I think about to buy one too... :-) thank you for sharing this with us.

Looking forward for new pictures (ツ)

These are an amazing piece of technology. I actually pre-ordered one a year ago in early September to be delivered end of October to use in my overseas island hopping trip in December but had bad luck when they couldn't meet demands and delivery dates got pushed as far as Feb. I ended up having to cancel that order and now the harsh realities of a struggling photographer/artist the version 2 might be out by the time I have cash again to afford it.
It will be great to see what you manage to create with this tool.

post ur first cilck with drone:)

I wish i could have one

You will love it. I love mine. If you haven't flown a drone before, it's worth practicing with a smaller one to get used to it before you start buzzing the mavic around. I bought a Husban X4 to practice with and it stood me in good stead when I started filming with the Mavic. Learning to fly it smoothly is one thing, learning to fly it while recording video footage is a whole different kettle of fish.


I hear you! I was flying today, wa said okay. But fly and film the same time? That's another level

Ohh I forgot one thing those photographs are looks mind blowing..
nice and clean work

Thank you so much @timsaid
I have an old phantom 2 and I was wondering what should be the next step to be updated with a drone. I have friends with the phantom 4, others with the inspire one, but I think the Mavic Pro i the perfect solution for people like me, who like great images but also something fast and easy to operate.
I'll waiting for the raw images. I think you can upload both, image and video to can compare the quality on both formats.
Thank you again!

Nice post! Upvoted
Thank you for the 50 steem power. I really appreciate that @timsaid?

Good for you. I'm new on steem and getting back into photography and will be buying the same drone in the coming weeks if you have any pointers it will greatly be appreciated


Sure! Welcome to Steemit. I'll make the post soon and give you some hints

oops. 4mins $50.79. good job

This drone is looking sharp. I wish I had one, but from what I know you need some kind of a special permit and therefore register, that is a little ridiculous in my opinion. Just curious what is the range that it can be controlled at?

This is an expensive toy!

Exciting to own a drone for photography!

Thank you for sharing this. This is a good idea. Maybe one day i will try it. I have 4k screen in my laptop. So make 4k video and picture both. Thanks.


Before Crete I'll be in Sweden, let's see what I will catch there

me with my camera, wanting your drone

Yesss, they can make amazing vids and shots! So you've got one for yourself.
Great, waiting for some fun material later.

Congratulations on your purchase. I've wanted a drone. This is going to be fun to watch.

Damn, I want one of these - can't wait to see it in "action."

Ma man, don't those pics look professional as fuk. But now on the serious note following you for the drone review as I would like to buy it next year if nothing better comes out, saving money currently. The only drone I had was JJRC Elfie, a small cheap folding wi-fi drone with a 720p(more like 480p) camera. Good luck and don't crash!

Really i am intrested in drone photography you are doing great job

Hi Tim! I just joined steemit and I also just purchased the DJI Mavic Pro and funny that your post is the first one I saw on steemit today! I love how you took professional photos of your drone to share (most photos of the drone are not so great). I clicked follow and can't wait to see what you capture with your drone!

This drone is beautiful, i've been looking into getting one but I'm just starting out. Any suggestions for a first timer???

Great article and photography. Well done. Followed

was thinking of someday getting a drone for videoing and photography would this work for both thanks again

My wish is to purchase a drone. To make photos and videos. Nice post BTW :)

very nice! Curious about the video. Good investment ;)

I want one too!!!!

Lots of Drone based businesses (photography) popping up in Phoenix, AZ

Gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing the pics!

Very cool drone👍

I am looking forward to seeing the detailed review of this drone!

The thing looks freaking amazing ... and it looks like you've almost paid it off with this post! ;)


i see this on youtube ... awesome

Now you do not need any selfy stick .... 😂😂😂

when your photography gets supplemented with drone, then its definitely going to give you the awesome angle of photography with 6 dimensional view...well done.

will you gift me one please ? :D :)

That is a nice one. High on my wish-list for my next birthday but the last changes on German an Belgian Law is making a lot of trouble....


Oh yeah. Better safe than sorry. Take care of the regulations and fly safe

Man I'm so jealous!


I totally understand! I was jealous as well and had to get that

Great purchase my friend! I just put mine up in the air for the first time and it was amazing!!! I actually just posted a video of me messing around with my mavric today:) Check it out... source

Wow, such a sleek and modern design drone. Looks cute also! Between, how much did it cost you?

That is a combination of two things I love, flying and photography. Can't wait to see what it delivers. Thank you for sharing.

I didnt know I wanted a one untill now lol


I am sorry lol

I cannot wait to get mine!! I have a Parrot Bebop! : (

Nice one...looking foward for your awesome picture from your drones...

Nice - mine is still in the box.

When passions collide time becomes the villain

Said by me.

Cool post, cool job and cool, cool, cool!

Hoping to see some amazing aerial shots from this drone!!


I can't wait to get some great landscape shots

Whats the cost of this drone? I have dji phantom 3 ,I am planing to buy this one :)

Enjoy! I got one and it's an amazing piece of hardware.

just one word i give your one of the best post.awesome ,great,beautiful

This is great

That is gonna give killer photos! I wonder if one day will work with Blockchain technology ;) Cheers!

One day I have to this :) very cool :)

Was working with the Mavic yesterday. It is an amazing machine and the image quality is exceptional. It is important to always have a "spotter" with you when flying. So easy to crash if you don't know where you are. These photos show just what a sexy beast this drone is. Good post, followed and upvoted