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Welcome to the curation report #4 for the Discord Community of @r2cornell. I am going to continue combining Spanish and English in the same post. It seemed to work well last week. In these reports, we will include some of the better posts identified during our curation process. We will curate posts for those links left in our Post-Promotion channels. The number of posts curated will depend on our Voting Power. As we begin this process our curating will help you earn NEOXAG, SP, SPACO, CCC, DBLOG, PAL, and others based on tags that were used. Be sure and read the requirements to use these tags. It also depends on if @dsc-r2cornell wallets contain them.

I try to also curate as many of the same posts as I can with my @r2cornell account, but that depends on how much Voting Power I have in that account.

Bienvenidos al informe de curación #4 para la comunidad de Discord de @r2cornell. Voy a seguir combinando español e inglés en el mismo post. Parece que funcionó bien la semana pasada. En estos informes, incluiremos algunos de los mejores puestos identificados durante nuestro proceso de curation. Conservaremos las entradas de los enlaces que queden en nuestros canales de Post-Promoción. El número de puestos curados dependerá de nuestro Poder de Voto. Al comenzar este proceso, nuestro curado le ayudará a ganar NEOXAG, SP, SPACO, CCC, DBLOG, PAL, y otros basados en las etiquetas que se utilizaron. Asegúrese de leer los requisitos para usar estas etiquetas. También depende de si las billeteras @dsc-r2cornell las contienen.

También trato de curate tantos mensajes como puedo con mi cuenta @r2cornell, pero eso depende de la cantidad de poder de voto que tenga en esa cuenta.

As we curate posts manually we will then choose from those posts those we consider the best quality posts. Those posts will be highlighted in the report. We will try and curate as many posts as possible, although some may be missed. Some that have been curated may not end up in the list below. Also, some of the post may have already paid out by the time we do these reports. Even if they have expired look at other posts by the same author, because usually they too are worth the time to read, and do your own curating.

A medida que curate manualmente los posts, elegiremos de entre ellos los que consideremos de mejor calidad. Estos "posts" serán resaltados en el informe. Intentaremos curar el mayor número posible de "posts", aunque algunos se pueden perder. Algunos que han sido curados pueden no terminar en la lista de abajo. Además, es posible que parte del "post" ya haya pagado en el momento de realizar estos informes. Incluso si han caducado, mira otros "posts" del mismo autor, porque por lo general también valen la pena leerlos, y hacer tu propia curaduría.

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Cellphone Photography #032: Beautiful Sunset...

By @mustavi

Clickable Image

Venezuelan Ancestral Masks...

By @arrozymangophoto

Clickable Image

Kowhai Tree Flowers | My Photography Collection...

By @ononnaa

Clickable Image

A Lil Recap To the GREAT Indian FESTIVE SEASON...

By @steemer-sayu907

Clickable Image

Fotografiandoando - #38 - Más Margaritas...

By @camila19

Clickable Image

Poema - #20 - Experimentado...

By @helengutier2

Clickable Image

Poema: A los críticos (Parte # 2), (Recetas y Algo más) ||| elgr...

By @elgranpoeta

Clickable Image

Click on any of the above images to go to the author's blog post for the full post.

Haga clic en cualquiera de las imágenes de arriba para ir a la entrada del blog del autor para la entrada completa.

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We make every attempt to curate posts left in our Post Promotion Channels. We may miss some posts, but we do the best we can. Also, there are some posts that are not included below, yet were curated. This could be do to an oversight, or because the member already had one or more links listed below. Please remember it is a lot of work reviewing posts, curating, and then keep track of the posts so we have the information for this report. There are many excellent posts to choose from, besides those highlighted above. Please check out as many of these posts as you can. If we want others to visit our post we need to visit theirs. Comments and up-votes for all users is important.

Hacemos todo lo posible para curate los posts que quedan en nuestros Canales de Promoción de Post. Puede que nos falten algunos "posts", pero hacemos lo mejor que podemos. Además, hay algunos posts que no se incluyen a continuación, pero que han sido curated. Esto puede deberse a un descuido, o porque el miembro ya tenía uno o más de los enlaces que se enumeran a continuación. Por favor, recuerde que es mucho trabajo revisar los puestos, curate, y luego hacer un seguimiento de los puestos para que tengamos la información para este informe. Hay muchas publicaciones excelentes para elegir, además de las que se han resaltado anteriormente. Por favor, visite tantos de estos "posts" como pueda. Si queremos que otros visiten nuestro puesto, necesitamos visitar los puestos de otras personas. Comentarios y up-votes para todos los usuarios es importante.

Community MemberManually Curated Post Link

This concludes report number 5 of our curation project. There are so many good posts left in our post promotion channel. I encourage everyone to look through them. You do not have to wait for our Curation Report.

I appreciate all the support in our curation project.

Así concluye el informe número 5 de nuestro proyecto de "curatión". Quedan muchos buenos posts en nuestro canal de post promoción. Animo a todos a que las revisen. No tiene que esperar a nuestro Informe de Curation.

Agradezco todo el apoyo en nuestro proyecto de curaduría.


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Wow this is excellent photography and very interesting article. so nice photo collection. thanks for sharing.
good work sir
Have a great day

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Wow beautiful flowers

great work sir

All posts is so amazing

Excellent job and well-formatted post...

First post is mind blowing

Let's keep growing as a family. ;)

@dsc-r2cornell, Keep up the good work and in my opinion it's Community Development efforts too. Stay blessed brother.

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I made curative publications; And I know that this is a great job that requires patience and dedication.
Show love to others; Altruistically only.
Thank you very much and much encouragement!

Thanks for the support

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Thanks for great support. Appreciate it.

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Gracias por el apoyo que nos sigue brindando. Te mando un fuerte abrazo :3

Thanks for your support sir

Beautiful flowers

Thank you....@dsc-r2cornell, @r2cornell hope you are doing well.

Excellent friend.

We are doing very well.

I liked the posts.

Hello @ dsc-r2cornell, as usual you provide curation for every quality post. You are really kind. I think that steemit must have justice. every post that should be worth getting good grades. and you uphold that justice. I am truly amazed by the actions you take. and I am also very grateful for the curation that you have given.

from the post that you show, I like the post @helenguntier2. he gives great motivational words. but the post that you are showing is 10 days old. I decided to vote for the most recent post.

It is unfortunate that by the time I am doing the report for the week some posts are past the 7 days. That is great that you looked at other posts by the author and found a newer one you could vote on.

I do hope as we get caught up on curation it will be easier to be closer to current, yet no promises.

Lots of amazing content in here thanks for sharing all of them so nice to discover cool stuff

love this flower great work my dear friend

Nice work

!cheetah whitelist

Thank you very much!

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