14 SBI Share Awarded! Pay It Forward Curation Contest Week 8 Winner Announcement

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PIF Winners.png

Huge News this week! Instead of 6 SBI shares being awarded there will be a total of 14! 4 Judges Choice Awards, 2 Random Winners, and now all 8 of the featured bloggers from the Judges Choice Winner's are winning SBI shares too!

Judges Choice Steem Basic Income Winners

Each Judge will award 1 SBI share to each of the winners.

As a bonus each of the Judges Choice winners will receive a nice sized vote from @zenbot on their entry post (if possible) or a more recent post. This vote will be paid for from the recent sponsorship by @kaliju. Post coming about this service and our recent sponsorship.

@EnergyAddict - @VictorSilab Entry #15
@lynncoyle1 - @trincowski Entry #10
@wolfhart - @reonlouw Entry #2
@Erodedthoughts - @imagendevoz Entry #1

Each of the Judges Choice winners will also receive a vote from @zenbot thanks to the donation from @kaliju

SBI for Featured Bloggers of Judges Choice Winners!!

Thanks to generous offer to help support this contest by @wizardave, @revisesociology, @dkid14 for 2 SBI shares each for this week and thanks to a the large upvote from @surpassinggoogle on last weeks winner post I will cover the other 2 shares.

This means all 8 of the featured bloggers are going to get an SBI Share!!

Here are the 8 featured bloggers who will now receive a lifetime @steembasicincome upvote.

@imagendevoz featured @haydae & @honeysim (Sponsored by @dkid14)
@reonlouw featured @fionasfavourites & @blockurator (Sponsored by @wizardave)
@trincowski featured @maryspace & @timmolloy (Sponsored by @revisesociology)
@VictorSilab featured @mandyfroelich & @marijamarkovic (Indirectly Sponsored by @surpassinggoole)

Random Winners

Each random winner will receive 1 SBI sponsorship. With a total of 15 valid entries for week 8 there will be 2 Random Winners. Steem has been sent to @steembasicincome already for the winners so your shares should be live in the next couple days.

Random Winner # 1 - @viking-ventures Entry #8
Random Winner # 2 - @leeart Entry#12

Current Entries - Please Visit!!!

This is the real purpose of this contest, visit these posts and help upvote the bloggers featured. This list will be updated as new entries are added. Please check back during the week!!

BloggerCuration Entry Post
@imagendevozEntry #1
@reonlouwEntry #2
@revisesociologyEntry #3
@freedomshiftEntry #4
@wholeself-inEntry #5
@honeysimEntry #6
@tryskeleEntry #7
@viking-venturesEntry #8
@angelroEntry #9
@trincowskiEntry #10
@bengyEntry #11
@leeartEntry #12
@backpackingchefEntry #13
@fiberartistsEntry #14
@victorsilabEntry #15


All steem-bounty payouts should have happened by now. @steem-bounty is run by @knircky and I'd like to ask that you set steem-bounty as a witness. In order to do so you can go to: https://steemit.com/~witnesses and enter the "steem-bounty" account into the text field and click vote.

great job to all those who entered. trying to get an entry done this week.

Hearty Congratulation for the winners and to @thedarkhorse for bringing up such a wonderful contest. As a first time contestant I know how much it means for winners. And I am not sure but I believe that I may be an indirect reason for the presence of @surpassing google by which I nominated @uyobong as my choice who is a strong pillar to spread the @ulog series.

To all concerned with this great Pay it forward especially @freedomshift, @thedarkhorse and @johndoer123... I dedicated my appreciation through this blog. Please have a look..


I do believe that it was your comment which lead me to @uyobong that allowed me a good spot to comment and ask @surpassing google to take a look. Never have done that before and was way outside my comfort zone, but wanted to try and be able to further reward those who are taking the time to create quality content.

Thank you for that great post showing your gratitude. It's things like this that help keep everyone motivated.

@thedarkhorse, am glad to be a part of your testimony. Keep being supportive. Your initiative are great.

Thank you for your support and your efforts to motivate and coach.

Actualy if it is so, I was feeling slightly proud for being a bridge in between. I am really a fan of @uyobong and to be precise one of a reason for me to spend more time in steemit is @surpassinggoogle and the @ulog Series. The everyday stories of many peoples of which some of them really inspires and some others touches some corner of the heart Stories with a life, a great initiative...

It doesnt make sense that I am not writing any #ulogs till now and I have my own reason...If you gets time go through this

Thanks again and Stay blessed. I already posted my entry in the blog

Not sure why you are worried about your writing skills. Your post that you linked to shows you have some talent and maybe just need a kick in the ass to use them. Hope you get to blogging more!

I got it dear and really need that kick...
Hope I would be serious from now on....

Thanks a lot for your inspiring word

I appreciate your fanship and gesture @angelro. Thank you

You are welcome Sir...Honestly only very few had been impressed me in this platform..and you are in number #01 position that had been feel like lively...

Thanks and stay blessed

Thank you. Am glad that my little dispositions are appreciated this much. AM encouraged to do more.

Thanks, I really appreciate it. Specially for my nominees. It is a huge step to this contest reward the nominees. Excellent work @thedarkhorse , judges and sponsors

Hopefully we will get similar support to allow for this to continue. I really like the idea of rewarding those who were featured.

Congratulations @victorsilab. I have purchased your SBI share and you will receive a 10% upvote from me daily for a week.

I'd say then that it was a successful week :) Thank you to all of the sponsors, to everyone who entered, and to you @thedarkhorse for keeping it all going. Congratulations to all of the winners! It's great to see that you all value this contest and what it represents !! :)

While the numbers were down a little last week I felt those featured were of high quality. Think the reduction to 2 featured bloggers really helped with that.

SBI for Featured Bloggers of Judges Choice Winners!!

Thats one big step for PIF . I can't wait until we get to make that perminate .

@wizardave, @revisesociology, @dkid14, @kaliju and @surpassinggoogle who made that possible and the contest continuing to provide a service to the community we all serve .

The heart and soul of PIF contest is the featured post who we want to start off on a positive note in this journey .

I agree! It would be great to find enough sponsors each week to make this happen. Don't mind covering a little here and there, but 8 on top of the random winners isn't a viable option for me.

Thought it was great that some contestants stepped up and helped reward those who were being featured. Nothing better then the ripple of paying it forward moving outwards one more ring.

@thedarkhorse its not an option for both of us combined . But it will take some time and we'll get there . Long term thinking and planning . Its amazing how one small ripple has so much effect as it moves .
The ones who past their reward forward are the best the platform offers .

Thank you for my share this week! And thanks for hosting, as always! I will try to get to my entry for this week tomorrow.

Congrats on your win!

Wow...talk about being awake but not really being awake. I didn't even realize you won. Was so busy cutting and pasting all the names that I didn't even pay attention to who won. This is why I got the post up early as I knew I am exhausted and need to get to sleep. We went down to the Museum of Science and Industry today. Spent 7 hours there running around with the kids and still didn't see everything. Post coming hopefully tomorrow about this trip.

Wow. I am glad you've been busy with the kids - that's the best way, but exhausting for sure!!! One could power the world off the energy of youngsters!
I hope you get the rest you need!

Just transferred some steem to @steembasicincome.

I also now have a much better understanding of how this all works, sort of cascading downwards...

Cheers for the hearty efforts!

Very nice idea!

Thank you very much!! Just commented on wolfhart's comment this and it applies directly to you:

Thought it was great that some contestants stepped up and helped reward those who were being featured. Nothing better then the ripple of paying it forward moving outwards one more ring.

Woow congratulations 🎊 @leeart and @viking-ventures

This is just amazing, I shouted out in excitement more for my featured bloggers. Thank you so much!

I love that we were able to do that this week. Not sure if it will happen again, but will do my best to find a few sponsors to cover something for the featured bloggers next week.

Thank you, @revisesociology, for selecting my submission. This gives me an incentive boost to carry on.

And a special thanks goes to @thedarkhorse, for coming up with this initiative.

Always nice to win! You did a great job with your entry and your featured blog posts were great.

Thanks! I've just entered another entry, for this week. :-)

Congratulations to everyone who entered and the winners!

Time to get started on the new round!

Congrats to everyone featured and the winners, its been an excellent week of entries! Thanks a ton for all those involved, especially the judges and @thedarkhorse!

I am reading this just now. It is a pleasant surprise that I was selected randomly! Thanks! Congrats to all!

Congratulations to everyone :) I think I found a new gem on steemit :) So, i may be participating in the contest in a few weeks ^^

Awesome job guys!!

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