#Contest: Week 8 - Pay It Forward Curation contest by @thedarkhorse

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AT LONG LAST! Week 8 of @thedarkhorse's Pay It Forward Curation Contest has started and I am even more excited than I was for the previous one and this week, I get to showcase two awesome bloggers.

For those reading this post for the first time, head to my previous post once you're done reading this to check up on the Steemians I did a piece on last week.

#Contest: Week 7 - Pay It Forward Curation contest by @thedarkhorse


Now, back to #Week8.

First up, I am really excited to introduce @haydae to you - this dynamic duo of he and she (Hedi and Clémentine) will keep you captivated with their blog which features mostly travel and photography related content but rest assured, this is not your average everyday old travel photography blog with one hit photos!


At the time of writing, 'One street is all it takes, falling in love with Malacca' was what caught my eye and sealed the deal in securing @haydae as one of my features however, an earlier post the week prior pretty much already gave them a head start.

What reeled me in about their latest post?

Well, that's quite simple and in fact, it was the very first paragraph - can you imagine it? The likes of a city portraying itself as a museum on wheels!!!

Malaysia's Malacca is definitely one of it's country's most iconic cities and I feel that it's rich history and amazing cuisine (hint: you need to be able to deal with some Malaysians, as they apparently do come across as rude) has got me wanting more, and by wanting more I meant booking my flight ticket, a straight one-way no return ticket that is.

I'd hate to overwrite the article by any sentence so instead, read it for yourself.

In second place we have @honeysim, purely because I absolutely fell in love with her writing style and the amazing amount of effort and quality she pours into her posts! Let's consider her my SteemitCrush.


In her latest piece featuring her experience and what I assume might have been a slight culture clash, she tackles traditional Japanese wear with her own Kimono Experience - find her article here: My Kimono Experience - Traditional Japanese Wear

In a surprising, almost effortless, few seconds you are transported from whatever culture you hail from to that of the Japanese slash @honeysim - which may very well be both daunting and hilarious at the same time and yet, so appealing to anyone who suffers from wanderlust - #WanderLust: Is a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world.


Clearly, she is able to not only convey her strong love of travel but also connect the reader to what it is like to be an actual person in the country she visits, while reeling the reader in to also do the exact same thing - again, for fear of overwriting, read her latest post by accessing the prior link.

That's a wrap from me and in so doing, my entry for #Week8 in the Pay It Forward Curation Contest by @thedarkhorse. Find out more here: New Format - Week 8 - Pay It Forward Curation Contest - Steem Bounty and SBI Shares


Great entry! These were enjoyable to read. Thanks for featuring them. I have commented and upvoted both. I sincerely appreciate you supporting the #payitforward contest. Wish you all the best.

Thank you @energyaddict22 I love this contest and truly hope that many more Steemians will get on-board. It is such a great way to showcase some of the upcoming Steemians.

Darn man who is cutting onions....my eyes are leaking, lol.....I am moved @imagendevoz - Steemitcrush - you are too kind....thank you so much for the feature. I am really humbled by such act and your kind words. Thank you for choosing to be apart of the pay it forward contest. It means a lot to me especially seeing that you are now in your second round. I am happy to know that you are having fun while helping others. I will check out your other featured blogger in the morning....my futon is calling out to me.... :-D

Absolute pleasure - when I saw your latest post it was pretty much tickets for me trying to find an alternative, nothing came close. As you've probably figured, I love travel content. Enjoy your futon.

Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. Happy i can produce something that you can appreciate. Thanks again.

Thanks for your entry! I have upvoted your featured bloggers. Also as a Judges Choice from last week you will be getting a nice vote on this post.

Awesome - thank you very much!

You received a large vote from kaliju due to being a Judges Choice Winner in Week 7. Keep up the good work! Week 8 Judges Choice winners will have at least one of their featured bloggers receive an SBI share too.

Holy **** did we just have our bio written by someone else !? That's just amazing ! So many thanks imagendevos ! Hope you can be the judge choices winner again with @honeysim content or ours

Ps: sorry for not seeing this earlier, we got to work on checking those mentions ^^"

No problem and thank you for the amazing feedback - you guys should join in on the contest. It's all for a good cause and is surprisingly fun.

Nice to meet you here from pay it forward page. (Following you now)

Both the posts nominated are worthy to look and read for..Checked it and commented..(No voting power now to upvote)

Great entries @imagendevoz! And I love the way you introduced us to them with your post, nice and simple, and it makes us want to read more!

Thank you very much for the feedback, glad to hear you enjoyed it.