My entry to the "Pay It Forward Curation Contest - Week 8"

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Here I am, with another entry for this great contest initiated by @thedarkhorse.


This week rules are a bit different, as we need to showcase 2 newbies with reputation below 50... and the 3rd presentation is purely optional but has to be under the theme "The Person Who Introduced You to Steemit or Who First Helped You Once on Steemit"

Once again, I've came across very creative and interesting artists, publishing their own works.

#1 - @maryspace (47)

Mary is an artist/writer from Venezuela. She's having a rough time, due to the political situation of her country... and many times she writes about the electricity blackouts that last for hours.

Despite all that, she's been very creative and publishing a few of her sweet and beautiful drawings. She's not very active, publishing only one of two posts per week... but the quality is always there.

Here's her latest work: La Venezuela solitaria | Ilustración, Proceso y Confesiones (Translation: The Solitary Venezuela | Illustration, Process and Confessions)

This post is about the creative process behind this image... and how she coped with the blackouts, while doing it.

Please help Mary, as she needs strength to overcome the dark times Venezuela is going through.

#2 - @timmolloy (49)

Tim Molloy is from Melbourne, Australia. His first and introduction post was just 11 days ago... and you should keep an eye on him, as he has managed, somehow, to reach almost a reputation of 50 in this very short period.

Strange Parades is the post I've selected to showcase this artist's work.

It's a spectacular drawing, incredibly rich in detail. Feast your eyes on this:

Here's a close up from the above drawing:

The other works from Tim are just as good, if not better. A solid artist that can bring a lot of value to SteemIt , that's for sure. I've just discovered this artist a few hours ago... and I hope to see more of him.

Hope you like these artists as much a I do... and if so, start following and supporting their work.

Now, for the optional part of the contest, the person I've selected is:

#3 - @viking-ventures (49)

Lori Svensen is a writter who's been publishing chapters from her book "Courage to Trust" and, since I haven't been following her book, I'll pick her submission to this very contest as an example of her blog: Pay-it-Forward Curation Contest - Week 8

The reason I selected her was because she featured me on this contest, at a time I had been attacked by a whale, who reduced my reputation to 7. It was her submission that lead others to help me recover my reputation. As such, I am very thankful to Lori.

I also wouldn't have known about this Pay It Forward contest, had Lori not bringing it to my attention.

If you want to join the contest, here's more info about the "Pay It Forward" contest.

My previous participations are here:

@trincowski signing out.


Love the art from your first 2 featured posts. @viking-ventures does great work. Her writing is is great. Have upvoted all 3

Thank you. I write what I love and am so delighted that others are loving what I write!

Thank you! :-)

Thank you for your entry and your continued support for the contest

You always find such cool entries! Thanks for joining in again this week; I'm looking forward to visiting these:)

You're welcome. This contest is both fun and useful. As long as I can find new members, I'll keep participating in it.

That's awesome! And I didn't know about @viking-ventures and your flagging thing; she really is great :)

Amazing finds @trincowski. Their work is amazing. I think that's why I love art so much it's just you, your thoughts and a paintbrush. Some will like some won't. It is so subjective. Thank you for sharing :) and I agree @viking-ventures is amazing :D

Awwww. Thanks for saying! I'm so glad people are enjoying my work. :-)
I see writing as painting with words - and I love to do it.

YW :) You were one of the first people I followed and actually responded to me :D

Yes, it sure is! I hope they can keep posting and not give up easily... that's exactly what this contest is trying to do. Fact is, a lot of users try SteemIt for a few months and then disappear without a trace. :-/

Thank you for featuring me. I am very honored - and it touches me deeply to know that I played such a fantastic part in helping you recover your reputation on Steemit. I'm so glad you stuck around.

If anyone wants a great chance to catch up on my novellas - designed to be romantic enough for the ladies, but still adventurous enough to keep most of the men interested... you'll find them all over at Dbooks. If you're new to the series, I highly recommend you start on page one - on Rebound of Power.

I am also currently serializing a photographic tour of Stonehenge there on Dbooks.

Thanks again for having me!

You're welcome, Lori! 😉

Well, @trincowski I am also inspired by your perseverance to obtain your reputation back. And thanks for your support. 😉

Thank you for the support, im going to try and be more active, this post give me some motivation to work and get better with my draws, it means a lot for real ♡♡♡

I am glad to hear that. Keep strong... And let's hope that this too, shall pass.

Thanks for featuring me. It's an honor being here with all this good works and artist :D

You're welcome. And I thank you, too... for re-steeming my article! :-D
Ah, I see you reached a reputation of 50 now. That's excellent! Congrats!

I don't know that music band because I don't like punk rock.

Congratz, your post has been resteemed and, who knows, will maybe appear in the next edition of the #dailyspotlights (Click on my face if you want to know more about me...)
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Thanks for the kind words!

You're welcome. I never saw anyone got such an increase in their reputation in just 11 days. You must be doing something right. Keep up with the good work. :-)

I thought you were talking about me.

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Thanks, I will do that.