My Entry to "New Format - Week 8 - Pay It Forward Curation Contest - Steem Bounty and SBI Shares" - @thedarkhorse

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My Entry to "New Format - Week 8 - Pay It Forward Curation Contest - Steem Bounty and SBI Shares" by @thedarkhorse

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It is becoming more and more difficult to find good quality work and steemians - bloggers. And doing the tallying - organizing and updating lists for each contest is taking more and more time. So, this morning, I was feeling a little discouraged and tired of doing the thankless work with very little support and feedback - it is much easier to criticize someone for being careless and or lazy, but, it really is not easy to pick out the really good ones.

Just as I was feeling tired and discouraged, bam

I saw this:

el-nailul upvote @freedomshift/first-time-bonus-for-week-8-pay-it-f…

So, I followed the "rabbit trail" ...

1. @el-nailul (47.2)

Roy El-Nailul (47)
I am a farmer | Tropical Rain Forest Survival Trainer | love to explore, art, adventure and cooking

I then read her post: Morning Page: Have you set your goals on steemit?.

My Goal Determines My Future ...

I only need to read the first two paragraphs to be really impressed:

Our village had electricity ... in 1997 and long before we had one from private company ... I lived in very remote village in North Aceh district, ... Only one monochrome television at that time that placed in Meunasah (Public Building), ... and none of our villager would be able to have one.
One time, I talked to my father to buy one tv ... he managed to buy dual band radio transistor, we were so poor ... encouraged me to think differently; Radio will give you more information ...

At this point, I had to "take my hat off" to this wonderful person and her wonderful story.

And the the real shocker: "9985ba26 El nailul @el-nailul transfer 0.750 SBD to freedomshift Please distribute it to the next week winner, as my support to this incredible community"

Can anyone be not moved by this act of generosity?

Perhaps the amount is not much to you or me, but reading the story, how could you not?

I know that is is a sign, if you believe in such a thing - which I do - for me to get fired up 💥 💪 and submit an entry ✍ this week and not stop! She "Kicked my @55 🐛, and my but (one t only) 🐢"

So, haters will hate and doubter will doubt, but I have stated many times: I am not here to "profit from blogging" and I just got a sign to continue and don't stop submitting an entry.

2. @bjgeese (40.1)

I know and I know, that it is clear that this is not exactly in-line with the purpose or what @bjgeese is really here for:

Not here to post much and really only on steemit because it's an investment to me. I planned to hold steem for some time and my brother inlaw told me I could make some extra steem while holding. So decided to create an account and lease some power
@thedarkhorse is my brother inlaw and the guy who runs the #payitforward curation contest.

And, I also know that this post, Why are you picking on me? Because you are a lazy thief!, is too old for upvoting, but, it is important that it gets the attention it deserves!

This entry is to honor two great steemians, @bjgeese and @el-nailul, and to bring to Y'All great and useful posts to help you achieve success and avoid the traps and pitfalls. I am sure that they agree with me that earning rewards or any other benefits are far from our minds and intentions.

🌍 🌎 🌏 🌃 🌄 🌅 🌆 🌇 🌈 🌊 🌍 🌎 🌏

Footnote begins from here.

As I have said in various places - I am here to:

  • encourage
  • inspire
  • help
  • collaborate

and my areas of interests are:

  • health
  • wealth
  • technology
  • leadership

And, upvote is not required nor encouraged

Note to those with low SP (less than 50 SP) - Please Do NOT upvote. I would rather see meaningful comments than any upvotes.

Regarding upvoting with low SP, see: Your 2 Cent Vote is Worthless, The Real Deal on Dust Votes - @thedarkhorse

For most newbies with low SP, 120 SP or less, your upvote does not pay IF it is the only upvote.

And upvoting

  • depletes your SP by 2% for each vote (same as resteeming a post)
  • regeneration of SP is at 20% per day

So, you get to vote 20% or 10 upvotes for low SP votes each day.

But, No Worries - Help is On The Way ...

Introducing Dustsweeper. A new service to turn Dust into Profit. - @dustsweeper

All the best! 🌀 🌊 🌋 🌄 🌈



Helllooo @freedomshift, i just upvoted your featured bloggers.

Woow thank you to choose me on your feature!, I hope it is because my post is good enough to be displayed on #Pay it forward curation contest @freedomshift

I hope it is because my post is good enough

Yes it is good:

@thedarkhorse ... Like your first pick [that is you, @el-nailul] ...

Sunday mornings as I am free i decided to go through all the entries here..It looks like you picked two bloggers and blogs that might be useful for quite a long time even after payout period...

Good pick, I visited both and commented on it

Thanks for the work you are doing

Good picks, commented on both!

Thanks for the continuous effort and time that you put into this contest @freedomshift.

I will be featuring you in my Week 8 entry....and no you do not get to decline the feature :-D.....Keep up the good work mate.

thanks again for all your support to the PIF contest . upvoted and commented to your featured posts :)

Thanks for your entry. Like your first pick and obviously BJ always gets my vote.

Awesome stuff @freedomshift I hope they do well!

Thank you for your entry @freedomshift; way to go to choose bjgeese too :) I'm out of voting power tonight, but will have a look at your entries tomorrow!

It's been two times you have been featuring in PIF hey @el-nailul. When will you start picking your Curation then?

Thanks for all you do to make this payitforward initiative a success. Since bjgeese doesn't really post enough to help, am on my way now to check out your other find. With leaders like you the platform is growing stronger daily.

Great job @freedomshift - I hope that you are doing well