Pay it Forward: Entry for Week 8 (already!)

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I've moved to Hive, along with most other people, following Justin Sun's takeover of Steem in the Spring of 2020. I believe hive is a lot more decentralised than Steem!


Thanks again for supporting the #payitforward contest. I am glad to see you so active in the project and truly appreciate it. You have some very cool authors with great initiatives featured. I have commented and upvoted both of them. All the best to you.

Thanks, ironically you say that just after I've had almost an entire day off steemit, now I've got to head out again. Back at it tomo though!


Thanks for the feature and for checking out @popschools. I am honored 😊

You're welcome, it's a great initiative!

Great featured bloggers! Both have been upvoted and your entry is confirmed.

Thanks for the mention man, much appreciated!

Hey you're welcome - I loved that mobile phone as a computer post you did btw. Look forward to more of the same!


Good picks for worth reading...I visited both blogs and commented...

Thanks you and Stay blessed

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