Hi @viking-ventures. Thanks for your nice comments about my photos, blog and for promoting them as well. I'm very honored!

This is the picture of the "little river" you talked about.

You're so welcome. It's an honor to find good bloggers.

Thanks to @viking-ventures for recommend my post to the contest of @thedarkhorse!
I will do my best in the future to keep you informed about my Thailand adventure and activity...
Years for years I wasted my time on Facebook, gave my pics as a gift to Zuckerberg, what we got back for that? Right!
Nothing, 0.000%
But now it has changed, now Zuckerberg gets only my Steemit links as a gift 😜😜😜
Great feeling to be a member of the Steemit community 💯
Have a wonderful day

I hope at some point to be part of your selection

Unfortunately, the current rules are to feature those under 50 rep. Though this week's new feature allowed me to feature someone who influenced my early days regardless of reputation level.

My thought is the 3rd slot will stay open in terms of reputation score, but will likely be a theme each week. Hopefully this allows everyone a chance to feature some people they otherwise wouldn't get a chance to.

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As always thank you for your continued efforts towards curating great content and entering into the contest. Really appreciate your efforts.

You're so welcome!
Thank you for stopping by.

Nice submissions, Lori! :-D

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Thanks to @viking-ventures

We have planted already 4603.19 trees
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As always nice selection for your featured posts . supported them .

You're right! You haven't missed a week ;) Thanks for the entry @viking-ventures; I always enjoy seeing your choices.