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This post is my thoughts on the new theme of @Ulog and I am dedicating this post to every #Uloggers in this wonderful platform and @surpassinggoogle


How much is too much?? This question haunting me for a while, As my time and dedication level with steemit is on a steep rise sicne last few weeks or months so the relevance of my question getting also on the higher side now. On a lighter note I am referring to my own posts, it doesn’t makes me satisfied to post daily on photographic contests though I try my level best to make each of those posts interesting with some write up so that it qualify it as a Quality post

While swimming daily in this great ocean namely STEEMIT with utmost dedication making me inferior some time especially when coming across some whales and dolphins with their extremely delightful posts that covers almost all subjects in the universe. Along with the same it is also realized that some posts with any real value is appreciated, acknowledged where some excellent, high quality stuffs are dying a premature death with zero votes. These things forces me to ponder about changing the way I should approach steemit everyday, especially on the posts that I am creating not the comments for time being.



I am neither a writer, a poet nor someone who could easily make an interesting review of a restaurant or to make an instant haiku and nor a professional blogger though I try my best to publish occasionally posts that may considered to be worth notable like travel stories of places that I visited, once in a while some haiku or a story etc. But for me to sustain here - in this ocean where plenty of whales and dolphins are ruling - in the long run, there was really some sort of invention required.


And that was what @surpassingGoogle has come up with some brilliant theme that may looks like last as long as steemit exists and every steemit member could participate which means stage set for minnows and planktons, especially those newbies for whom it feels uneasiness in how to move on along with experienced and professional guys in this great platform. The #ulog Series started by @surpassingGoogle - a witness in the platform @steemgigs - is a stage set for making celebrity out of ordinary.

Our world and obviously this wonderful platform having enough people who could share stories of good deeds that they carries on a daily basis which would definitely inspiring and others who may in need some ears for hearing their painful days and the Ulog is purposefully tailor made for these people,

Simply ulog is YOU, I would like to describe it is as YOUNESS. I would like to make each day but intentionally for the time being refraining from it because the days are normal, as I said there is no YOUNESS in it, but I am thinking why could I start with a term #EXULOG in which I may start sharing my past in separate posts as there are plenty. May be I will later.
For the time being let's enjoy the celebrity status off ordinary people through their #ULog


The statistics shows (as i am copying from this post) https://steemit.com/steemit/@surpassinggoogle/ulog-see-how-many-various-paradigms-can-be-coded-in-simple-looking-steemit-post-to-understand-how-much-goes-into-a-steem-based

#ulog is the freshest of them (my projects) and just weeks old and #ulog produced 2029 posts and 6k plus comments after just 6 days since its birth etc. Now, even if 50 percent is considered quality etc, that is a good start because there is a grand picture etc

And that is the way forward now. So dear friends, join the party, Enjoy it and support Lets make everyone's day the #ULOG a things to celebrate.

Your response to my thoughts are highly apprecaible.

Best regards
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If you would like to support an extra witness and you would like to support please do for "steemgigs",

To vote witness, simply visit https://steemit.com/~witnesses and type in "steemgigs" into the first search box for witnesses or simply click Here to do it on one click!

If you want to make witness voting decisions on your behalf by @surpassinggoogle, simply visit https://steemit.com/~witnesses and type in "surpassinggoogle" in the second box for proxy.



First thing I've noticed, you do have good writing skills and execution of collated thoughts are so much interesting.
Though you should not really count the efforts you put in this platform because just to let you know, all of us have done the same thing as well.
You finally reached out and engaged with whom you know a very active one as well. These are the things that we will do up to this extent if we really gonna do steemit seriously. So good job! I hope I can create wonders after this comment posted.

Your reply made my day..may be made my week as it Monday as our week started. I am happy with your compliment...

I got your message and there is very interesting part too which it took some time to understand....

You finally reached out and engaged with whom you know a very active one as well.

Nice to read this line and I hope I could depend on you for my growth...

Thanks a lot for your time..

Added later: Can you give me some idea to celebrate my 2000 followers that I acheived yesterday...Appreciate you for your kindness

See? It's not even the upvote that matters much but look at the number of your followers! You should be proud of it! There are lots of minnows and newbies here that their upvotes are still yet not gonna reach $0.01 the reason even 10 upvotes from them will not even reflect a figure on the rewards of your post. We should also just enjoy steemit as a social media just like the joy of what we are getting everytime somebody has posted a very nice message about our full blast-effort pieces we posted here on this wonderful platform.

This is just what I am going to ask from you. Once you reach the reputation of 50 and above. Do not forget to reach out to other steemians out there who almost lost hope just like what we felt as well. This domino effect of encouragement will make steemit a better place for all of us.

This is one of the best reply I got since quiet some time here..Too much thanks will ruin the day..So no Thanks but I am really happy to connect with you today..

You are really someone with a precious heart. Your thoughts on newbies and Minnows shows that how much you care about him. In this ocean like platform someone like this really required to boost the morale of such people as much as we can.

To be honest I too thought many time to say Good bye to this platform mainly because like thousands of others my posts which I had spent hours and may be days had not being getting recognized. But some how I felt little interesting too as I continued my journey with some contests and all. There was no one to guide me or to act like a mentor etc. Very recently only I came to know about all aspects of Steemit to be frank.

I never approached this platform from the monetary part but now I realized it could have been better if I had some more SP.

Any how I promise I would be there to support as you said to the maximum I can...

First of all i think your writing skillf is high for this cause your content is so good.i am highly thinkig that you are a skilled guy .i wisher that your journey going to strictly to you goal..
It is the your opportunity from honorable @surpassinggoogle cause he is the amazing guy always help other .
Thanks a lot @angelro for your blog

I'm an automobile enthusiast and all I watched is your presentation skills along with formula car.. we made 3 formula Student cars in my 4 years of graduation.


Thanks for your time for spending to read me..Did you mean that you gone through my Formulae one blog..Then I would appreciate you if you could comment there...

BTW are you from Andhra...Just asking..

Stay blessed

Yeah! Funny from Warangal Telangana. And you are from?. I'm talking about the picture in the article 😁😁. But I want to visit your formula one blog. Can you please give me the link??

I am from south too.Guess from where?

Please read this whenever free...here is the link..


this is the best post I've ever read, @surpassinggoogle is someone who is noble and loves to help beginners

Thanks for your nice reply..You are right. @surpassinggoogle is doing a wonderful job to inspire others...

First of all i think your writing skillf is high for this cause your content is so good.i am highly thinkig that you are a skilled guy .i wisher that your journey going to strictly to you goal..
It is the your opportunity from honorable @surpassinggoogle cause he is the amazing guy always help other .
Thanks a lot @angelro for your blog

@ surpassing Google - Surpassing Google🤩🤩. Name itself shows his strong will .

Thats a wonderful reply which made me happy today morning. I appreciate your kind words...And it is hard for me admit myself that I am a good writer.

But it seems to be worth when people like @surpassinggoogle and the followers him admit..

Thank you and Stay blessed

@angelro, am glad that you are devoted to promoting #ulog with your daily entries. I hope this post gets featured in @surpassinggoogle's next #true #ulogger post. The foreword is powerful. You will succeed.

@uyobong Sir, I am delighted and absolutely feels honored to receive such a commendation from you. As I grown in this great platform without a mentor and without being anyone to guide me people like you, ce
@surpassinggoogle are really keeps me motivating.

I look forward to more #ulogger stories from more and more #ulog post because in most of the cases there is life in it. Even the stories of sadness makes me moving...So it is a wonderful initiative..

My support will only grow from here..

Thank you and Stay blessed

I'll be honest with you, your skills are better then you think. Just go ahead and write and then write some more. You will find your voice and once it happens you will realize that this can be a lot of fun.

Woh... Thanks for visiting that blog and this lovely comment...very recently only I started scribbling something and it feels a lot to hear such comments from people like you....

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