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Dear my lovely friends,


This post is exclusively made to share my happiness with you all, A day that I believed to be honored by Steemit or in other words a day when I believed perseverance in this ocean will make you rewarded.

Its my 8th month running in this platform, joined without any clue for what really in the store behind. And like many of other tens of thousands of other members, despite being disappointed and thought of saying Good Bye many times due to the fact that my contributions, posts or my hard works were not getting its due recognition I stayed back actively in this wonderful stage mainly by participating in daily photographic challenges and occasional blogs in between.


Week 8.jpg

And as I started spending more time in Steemit lately and as I explored more and more on the depth of this great ocean where Dolphins and Whales are playing freely I realized the real potential is beyond any normal understanding that I still feel nervous to indulge freely.

And one fine day as I was surfing through my Feed, a title grabbed my attention "Pay It Forward Curation Contest" which I opened to know it what exactly that contest is. As I left a comment in the reply asking whether a plankton like me can participate in the contest which the man handle behind it @thedarkhorse were so responsive that I immediately received a reply insisting to participate and any further doubts Whether to or Not has been flown away by a complete another kind hearted steemien @cuppcake that I decided to give a try at last without any hope of any reward.

And as I read that there was a first time bonus but was also sure I am not eligible since my profile doesn't satisfied both those criteria but to my surprise - the first one - the sponsors of first time bonus @freedomshift, @thedarkhorse and @johndoer123 were gracious enough to grant an execption.



On 7th day, ie today morning as I logged into discord I had my second surprise by the notification from @freedomshift that my first time bonus has been credited to my Wallet. And few hours later I received the Steem bounty announced. Screen shot of both attached.


I would like to admit that I never expected that I would be paid for participating in a contest let alone winning which was a delight to my senses that I decided to be more serious in this wonderful platform.

Thank you @freedomshift, @thedarkhorse and @johndoer123 for making me believing in winning here.

Wish you all success for the future.

Best Regards,
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Dear friend, I am so happy that you have decided to stick around and not give up! And thank you so much for your kind words. I try so hard to do what I can to help people. Especially to prevent them from leaving all together. However, I must say I have so little to do with what @thedarkhorse and @feeedomshift are doing. I am only a donator to their cause. But I will say, keep steeming. And never give up! hear from you. Your involvement level may be small. But it may be a morale booster to this great initiative and othar two which must be applauded, The first time bonus was really changed the way I approached this platform.

Thanks for the support and time for this reply

Have a nice day and stay blessed

it is really nice to hear from people with more positive vibes, I like it @angelro

Thanks fr your kind words dear and your time for reading it.

Hope your hubby is fine now

Have a nice day and stay blessed.

Thank you for this! Love hearing that our efforts have touched someone in a positive way. The contest is great for newer members IMO as it helps you learn to look for great content and reward those who are doing things right here on steemit. Plus you get to become part of a community of people who are trying to help others...seriously if that alone isn't enough to want to join I'm not sure what is. Building relationships here is critical to long term success.

Plus you get to become part of a community of people who are trying to help others...seriously if that alone isn't enough to want to join I'm not sure what is. Building relationships here is critical to long term success.

This is the best part that I loved most. Getting a chance to interact with many like minded people in this great olean is really a blessing to be honest.

Just to make the above statement more relevant last Sunday my first job in the morning was to visit all the nominations Links and the bloggers Post to read and comment (Done on around 6 entries which means 18 comments) It doesnt matter how many of those got reply

Thank you and stay blessed

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This post along with the comments in your entry is very nice to here . The fact that the contest is truly helping people along on a difficult journey . Its what we hope and strive for . to meat people like minded like you is the icing on the cake .

Nice to hear such warm words from people like you and infact this contest made me Feeling of belonging here..

Thanks and Stay blessed

Its a nice feeling is it not :)

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