#Contest: Week 8 - @backpackingchef entries for Pay It Forward Curation contest by @thedarkhorse

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Hey #Steemit! Firstly I just want to say a big thank you to @thedarkhorse for such a great contest. It's amazing to see so many Steemians showing love to new users with good potential!

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My first choice for #payitforward is @permieemmy, a new Steemit user who talks about social permaculture and regenerative societies, as well as the importance of cryptocurrency in this day and age of mass consumerism and capitalism.

"By opening this Steemit account, my aim is to kick myself up the arse and force myself back on to that road of self-driving forward motion; leading me to find the very methods to create self-empowerment and to encourage empowerment of those around me. While permaculture tends to look at the physical means to build self-sufficiency, I'd like to explore the social methods used to obtain it and maintain it."


The main reason for @permieemmy being my first choice, is that it sounds like she has given the world her all, and never expects anything in return, but constantly finds people using her because of this selflessness.

"Like most of us, we feel taken advantage of by those who use us to make money for them, to prop them up with advice and good natured hand-outs, by those who expect without giving. I have felt myself giving my whole self for a long time, putting my own passions on the back burner to make a dollar from the grave and to ensure that everyone's else's needs are satisfied before my own."

I look forward to reading more of @permieemmy's posts, and learning more about social permaculture!

You can visit permieemmy's featured post here:

And her latest post here:

And her latest post here:

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My second entry for week 8 #payitforward is @wildsider, wildsider is a traveler, trying to get as much out of life as possible! Loves nature, hiking, cooking, even cliff diving! And many more great things. He's a skilled photographer and a great blogger.


"I love nature, If that isn't obvious enough from my list of nature involved activities. I dedicate that mostly to me growing up in the hot desert of Arizona and then moving to the beautiful area of Sandpoint, Idaho."


@wildsider speaks greatly of Idaho, and shows some of the beautiful pictures he's captured while living there, throughout the seasons.

"for those that have not yet visited Northern Idaho I strongly suggest putting it on your destination list for 2018."


I look forward to seeing more from @wildsider, and i'll certainly be adding Northern Idaho to my ever-growing list!

You can check out his #introduceyourself post here:

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My third entry for week 8 #payitforward is @jessbear, I was introduced to #Steemit by Jessbear, she showed me all the ropes and how to wrap my head around cryptocurrency as I was a complete noob in this department, maybe I'm a little biased as I'm currently traveling with her, but I find her blogging and the volunteer work she does to be very humble and selfless.

"I have been travelling since January 2017, and have come to share some stories with you; for information, inspiration, a how-to-do-it-on-the-cheap guide, and of course, for some laughs. From hitchhiking across Turkey, to hiking through Japanese forests, to being absolutely nowhere in Borneo, to learning about countries I hadn't heard of a year earlier, I hope to teach you something new, or show you the possibilities of travel and how it can change your life and perspective."

Currently @jessbear is volunteering at a ranch for rescued cats and dogs, that have been abused and thrown away.


"If you've read some of my previous posts, you'll know that I love doing work exchange as I travel! In November last year, I was travelling through Turkey when I decided it was finally time to do a work exchange role to help animals! I found the perfect place on Workaway; a ranch in Southern Turkey that has 35 dogs and over 70 cats rescued from the streets or abusive homes!"

Jessbear is living her dreams, and I think that's what we all aspire to achieve. And what's even better is that her dreams involve helping and making life better for animals and people alike.

"Now, I've been living and doing my dream job for nearly 6 months, looking after these fur babies with my human family of Kamil and Itir (our Turkish parents and parents of the fur children), and an amazing team of friends from around the world!!"


I've learned most of what I know about #Steemit from @jessbear, and because of her introducing me to this community, I'm able to write about the things that mean the most to me. And to share all my stories and recipes with you all, so I'd like to thank @jessbear for giving me that opportunity, and @thedarkhorse for allowing me to include her in this weeks #payitforward!

You can find @jessbear's latest post here:

(I'll post a more recent link when available)

That's all from me, the @backpackingchef. I hope you all take the time to have a good look at these new users, show them some love, give them some upvotes and follow their amazing stories!

If you haven't heard of #payitforward till now, please check out @thedarkhorse's posts about the contest and show some love as well. And one last thank you to @victorsilab for featuring me in week 6, and introducing me to such a great community.


Good luck to all the entries this week!

Lots of love, the @backpacking chef


Thanks for joining us in the #payitforward contest. Glad to see that you are participating after being featured. This is a great entry. I have visited, commented and upvoted all your featured authors. Wish you all the best.

Thanks a lot @energyaddict22! i really love the fact that such a great contest exists on Steemit. I'm glad these people will get the exposure they deserve!

Well, I'm going to say it. One of the best curation posts I've seen. You tell us exactly why you like them and why we should check them out. You gave us enough information to peek our curiosity! Well done @backpackingchef.

Consider them visited and commented!! (updating something then I'll be right on it)

Thanks for that @tryskele, that means a lot! I thought I'd give it my best, and try keep the format simple. Looks like my 3 pics are already doing well getting lots of exposure. Thanks for being involved with the contest!!

Great entry! Have visited and upvoted all of your featured blogger and enjoyed their posts.

Thanks for that mate! I'm glad to enter these great bloggers! Thanks for giving them some exposure!

Thank you for your great entries to the PayitForward curation contest

Thanks @wolfhart, i'm glad to be a part of it!

Thanks for participating in the payitforward initiative. Going to check out your finds now.

Thanks a lot @practicalthought! I hope they do well!

@backpackingchef I am eternally grateful for this and thank you so much for giving me this support so early on in my journey. It's keeping my head screwed on and reminding me why we're all out there doing this :)

No worries mate! As I said to my other choices, you've earned it for yourselves! It's good to see such great content coming from new Steemit users! Keep up the good work :)