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Being from California but living in Asia, it's always nice to be back where I grew up. Especially nice during this time of the year, when family and friends come together to celebrate the holidays.

After a long air journey with @suitcasemama, @suitcasetoddler, and @suitcasebaby (those last two are for you, @checky!) I wanted to get out in nature as soon as possible to stretch our legs and breathe in some fresh, non recycled air. With a newborn in tow, we'd have to make a quick local trip and I knew just the place:


The Oak Canyon Nature Center is about 10 minutes from where I grew up. Hard to believe, but it's in Anaheim, California, a city known for Disneyland, a mediocre baseball team, and the ska/rock band No Doubt. No one thinks of nature when then think of Anaheim.

But if you're in the area and find yourself needing a break from the strip malls and the concrete, check this place out. It's 50+ acres of protected land and once you're there, you almost feel like you're out of the city.


Tucked back behind a golf course and a residential area, it's very quiet. Besides the occasional airplane flying overhead, you immediately feel like you're well out of the city.


The hiking is very easy - only about 4 total miles of trails. The main path is very flat making it very child/toddler friendly. Here's @suitcasetoddler collecting leaves in his hat.


More child friendly features: there's a nature center, a mine display, park rangers that host events, even a preschool/daycare that meets a couple times a week.


There are even fire-fighting goats!


These hero goats munch up the underbrush to keep the floor of the woods less flammable. With all the fires these days, I think their job security is strong!

All in all, a great morning at the Oak Canyon Nature Center with family.


Extremely easy access plus a remote feel and a child friendly vibe make this a winner for our family. Just make sure you don't touch anything with three leaves (poison oak) or you'll be taking home a bit of a "reminder" of your adventures in the park!

All photos mine and @suitcasemama's

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Awesome walk. Who knew this was in Anaheim? Very nice. Nice pics. Love shots of the little guy :)

Thanks man! Hard to believe it's right next to the city, it was a really nice find! :)

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