Street Art in Bangkok - A Walk Through the Neighborhood

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street art BKK.jpg

Inspired by @lynncoyle1's recent post on murals in Playa del Carmen, Mexico I thought I'd go for a little walk with @suitcasemama and @suitcasebaby through our neighborhood in Bangkok to see what kind of street art we could find within walking/strolling distance.

There's a TON of great street art in Bangkok, but since we were on foot and had a toddler in tow, we had to keep it very local. We live near the Asok BTS Station, so we headed south on Sukhumivit Soi 16, to see what the less touristed back streets had to offer.

Charcoal Station.jpg

Near a khlong (canal) at a bend in the road is a charcoal vendor's shop. Yes, most of Bangkok is electrified today, but since cooking gas has become more expensive, many street-food vendors have turned to charcoal to cut costs.

This particular charcoal vendor is under the watchful eye of this six-eyed cat. Let's take a closer look, shall we?

six eyed cat (2).jpg

What came first, the cat or the charcoal vendor? Ah, the eternal question! Unclear, but it must be comforting to know that you're being watched over as you work.

Continuing down the road, right near one of the exits of the Queen Sirikit Convention Center MRT you'll find this colorful wall starring a very well dressed chicken holding scales.

Chicken (2).jpg

Upon further inspection, you may notice a couple of things:

Chicken Close up (2).jpg

There is a #CodeFC stenciled on the left under the giant "CODE" and the fancy chicken on the right has been signed by Asin. After poking around on the internets a bit, it's clear that this wall hosts a couple of different artists.

From what I've gathered, #CodeFC is an artist originally from Rome. He has been creating street art for nearly 30 years (since 1989) mainly in Rome, London, Ibiza, and Bangkok. I tracked down his Global Street Art profile page which provides his social media links (sadly not on Steemit yet!).

Sure enough, scroll down a few rows on his IG and you'll see our neighborhood wall!

Asin is a Thai artist who seems to be quite busy in Bangkok. You can see variations on his chicken theme all over the city. He has also taken his craft outside of Thailand to Berlin and Amsterdam. Learn more about him here.

We saw a few more murals on the way home including this one which seems to depict a Thai Hamlet holding a skull:


And as we turned the corner to come home, we saw my favorite:

Plumer love (2).jpg

I've passed by this one a hundred times and have always enjoyed it, but it took me preparing this post to see the secret message in the confusing plumbing. It's very obvious as I look at it now, but didn't notice the pipes spell out "LOVE" - not a bad message to share with the neighborhood.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to dig up much information on some of these works. If you know any more about these artists or their stories, please share in the replies below, I'd love to learn more!

If you're interested in seeing this street art in person, let me know and I can point you in the right direction.

Lastly, if you are currently in Thailand or planning a visit, please consider giving back. I've recently written on Four Worthwhile Causes in Thailand. There is a lot of good work being done here!

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Thanks for tagging me in this so I could come have a look @eoj!! These are some cool murals as well, but I totally love the funky chicken lady best :) The Thai Hamlet is pretty epic too though!

That chicken lady is all over this town, I'll have to find more for you! :) I'm glad you liked it and thanks for your original street art post that gave me the idea!

I like it very much! :) I have my own collection of photos from Bangkok's street art - I was really surprised of the creativity and style of these paintings! :)


Thanks @veggie-sloth! Where in Bangkok was that photo taken? Have you made your own street art blog yet? Are you living in Bangkok these days?

It was taken near to the Jim Thompson House. I decided to walk to this beauty place along the canal. There were great street art examples so I made several photos :)
I live in cold Poland, although today there were 30 Celsius degrees on thermometers. Almost like in Thailand :))

That's hot! Hotter than Thailand these days, it's rainy season here!

It's really hot and the rain is not expected soon, but when the January comes, everything is covered by snow and it's dark. It's a great time to go to Asia and watch the sun :)

We'll be here, awaiting your visit :)

What came first, the cat or the charcoal vendor? <-- These are really important questions!

Philosophers have pondered this question for centuries, nay, millennia!

Very interesting art! Especially that guy who travels. Have you ever seen Banksy's work? He's a very interesting street artist whose work has been known to increase property values in Britain!
I was equally intrigued by the repeated fleur de lis on the charcoal shop.

I've heard of Banksy, but never seen his work in person. Yeah, no idea about the six eyed cat's fleur de lis! Fun post to do, learning about some of the artists, but couldn't find much info on that one!

I was able to see his exhibition in Bristol a number of years ago. Really awesome!

That must have been great! I'm really appreciating street art more these days. We actually found some more on a walk we did a few days ago!

Apologies for the delay, @suitcasemama and I try our best to do a screen-free Sunday :)

Screen-free Sundays are a good idea. I just change focus a bit and let myself read more, write less... or write for relaxation rather than a goal.

I agree, very cool! And this is just near our place, there is tons more street art in Bangkok that I've not found yet. Thanks for stopping by @paulag! :)

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That was a very beautiful tour of some epic street art, thanks for bringing us along, and for using the #walkwithme tag so I could find this! The chicken lady was my favourite xo

Of course the chicken lady was your favorite @lyndsaybowes!! Mine too actually haha

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You're awesome @checky, thanks! Yes, well aware that our two year old toddler a.k.a. @suitcasebaby doesn't have a Steemit account yet, but can't help myself, the tag is too awesome!