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This is my entry to @reonlouw's Share Your World Contest. If this is the first you're hearing about it I encourage you to check it out, you still have a few days left to enter! The contest itself is very straightforward - just write a post of at least 300 words answering three to five the questions he's posed on the contest post.

For my entry, I've picked the following questions to answer:

Tell us about a funny family member or close friend. What makes them funny?

Kathmandu, Nepal. Photo: @suitcasemama

This little dude on my shoulders absolutely cracks me up. He's pushing two and a half and now able to use his tiny body pretty well and form some pretty hilarious sentences. He'll return to the house and shout "Welcome Home!", walk backwards and say "Moonwalk!", and of course the naked running around the house (and occasionally out of the house). He's always been a joy to be around, but these days he's getting legit-future-comedian funny, at least to @suitcasemama and I.

What kind of weather do you enjoy the most? Why?

Approaching storm in Luena, Angola - Photo: @eoj

Growing up in Southern California, we didn't get too many great storms. Earthquakes, yes, so many of those I wouldn't get out of bed if it wasn't over a 6.0. But bone-rattling, simultaneous flash-and-boom thunderstorms were rare. As I began traveling the world chasing disasters in Africa, Latin America, and Asia, I was exposed to different types of weather and came to love loud, scary thunderstorms. I'd say my favorite weather moments are watching a massive thunderstorm approaching, preferably from the safety and warmth of some decent shelter.

What was the most fun you had as a child?

Photo: @eoj

My mom and dad would take our family on road-trips camping every summer for a week or two, normally to a beautiful National Park in the American Southwest. It felt so normal I didn't appreciate it at the time and I didn't realize that not every family did this. I loved exploring, getting dirty, making campfires, and sleeping under the stars.

As I've gotten older, the appreciation grew and love of the outdoors stuck. As a young man, I'd often just drive until I was off the beaten track, hiking and camping by myself. To this day, I don't feel I've had a proper holiday unless I'm off the grid long enough to feel unconnected to technology and reconnected with nature.

This photo was taken of my nephew, seen in the distance on top of the rocks, in San Bernardino National Forest in Southern California on a beautiful day. It reminds me of childhood camping experiences and inspires me to try to make the outdoors a part of my family's lives as well.

There's a bit of my world. This was the first time I came across the Share Your World Contest, many thanks to @reonlouw to hosting -great idea for a contest!

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Great entry @eoj. Glad you found the contest.

I agree with you regarding thunderstorms. They are awesome, especially when the sky lights up with lightning that fireworks can ever emulate. But I also agree that viewing this from a shelter is the way to go.

Thanks for stopping by! I just mentioned to @steven-patrick that we're having a pretty good one right now in Bangkok, some great booms and flashes. Thanks again for running the contest!

Great pics to go along with post. I too love thunderstorms. When I lived in Minnesota, I remember lying in bed and hearing the distance thunder. Listening to it get closer. Finally the lightning and rain. We lived in an old house with wooden double hung windows and they would rattle with the thunder. Very dramatic :)

Thanks for stopping by @steven-patrick! Really ironic, we're actually having a massive one right now here in Bangkok! Opening the windows, letting the (relatively) cool air come in, and enjoying the show!

Nice entry and beautiful photos. As children we don´t realize the care of our parents when they make programm for us. So when we grow up we shouldn´t forget to say a big thank you them and try to do the same with our children. You must have had beautiful time in National park! Sleeping under the stars in nature is great adventure.
Good luck in the contest.

Aw I hope to meet your funny 2-year-old. And your family trips look awesome!!

I'd say my favorite weather moments are watching a massive thunderstorm approaching, preferably from the safety and warmth of some decent shelter.

You wish is quite interesting. Your blog post is very nice to read. I wish you to be a winner.

Mingalaba and thank you for your kind words. Greetings from Bangkok!