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I don't know about you, but I love me some @checky.


What's @checky?

@checky is @ragepeanut's creation and might be my favorite bot ever.

Basically, it's looking for typos when you mention fellow Steemians in your posts.

Why is this useful?

Well, if you mess up a tag, the person you're hoping sees your mention might never find it. @checky alerts you to this so you can edit your post, helping you connect with who you wanted to connect with.

For example, I'll slightly mess up tagging @newmadicsewl (who should be at @nomadicsoul) and, unless there's another @newmadicsewl out there, @checky will be the first in the comment section below, letting me know I might want to check my spelling.

I've unwittingly summoned him (or her?) a few times referring to @suitcasemama and I's offspring in posts using the non-existent @suitcasebaby tag:


And at first I found I was explaining myself to @checky...


...but recently I've been having a bit more fun with him/her/it...


...and he/her/it seems to be having a bit of fun with me, by trying to get me in trouble with the wife!


It's almost enough to make me want to make some bad mentions on purpose just so I get some @checky love in the comments.


Anyway, I know it's been pretty tense around here since HF20, so I wanted to make a bit of a random post thanking a stranger for his service and let him know I'm enjoying his creation. Thanks @ragepeanooot!

Post over - @checky, do your thing!!!

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Hi @eoj, I'm @checky ! While checking the mentions made in this post I noticed that @newmadicsewl and @ragepeanooot don't exist on Steem. Maybe you made some typos ?

If you found this comment useful, consider upvoting it to help keep this bot running. You can see a list of all available commands by replying with !help.

YAY @checky! NAILED IT!!!

I was hoping I would get corrected by @checky

I know, I saw what you were doing, nice try! :) Maybe it doesn't work in comments, only posts?

It works in comments only if you set your account to advanced (!mode advanced), didn't want to annoy people in the middle of their conversations. @steven-patrick (tagging you so you can see this)

Thanks for the good laugh I had reading this post ! I'm so happy that you like it so much ! :D

I had seen some of your interactions with @checky before and wasn't sure whether or not I should make it ignore the @suitcasebaby mention because you seemed to have fun with it. However, if @checky annoys you at any point with its comments when you mention @suitcasebaby or @suitcasetoddler, just reply !ignore suitcasebaby suitcasetoddler to him and it will ignore those mentions.

@checky has no gender yet but maybe it will after the logo request I'm gonna make soon, its profile picture feels too serious/cold ! Thanks for the kind words, really appreciated !

No way, I'm not annoyed at all! I tend to forget about @checky when I'm writing the post, so it's always a bit of a pleasant surprise when I receive some checky-ness. And, as you mention, I'm totally having fun with it, so no complaints from my side!

I'm glad you enjoyed the post and a sincere thanks for the effort you put into it...it works great and is helpful, what else can you ask for? Keep up the good work!