Shedding light on different issues around the world is definitely a perk of Steemit!

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Yay! Thank you so much @newbieresteemday and @beeyou! Hopefully more people will see and support some of the excellent charity work that is being done here in Thailand! :)

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I spent wonderful day with elephants in Lampang. These are smart and talented animals! I have abstract painting on my wall, made by adorable elephant :)

I have checked the place before my visit. It's ok, but the older elephants were trained to make some tricks like in a circus. I didn't like it but the animals were well looked after and looked good.

Cool! Did you find they treated the elephants well? @suitcasemama and I ended up at an elephant camp in Chiang Mai as part of a larger hiking tour - we were shocked by how the elephants were mistreated!

i m in favor to save elephant. and the best think i like about Bangkok is safari world with marine-park
hi, even i post related to travel if you can like my blog you can follow me to thank you in advance

Thank you for the comment @mihirbarot. I took a look at your blog and would respectfully ask you to consider creating your own content, instead of copying and pasting directly from other bloggers without attributing them credit. This goes against the ethos of @steemit. Besides, we're much more interested in your original thoughts :) @steemcleaners @cheetah

hi eoj, i was new on this platform and i was not aware about cheeta so i do copy past and i received a comment from cheeta and then i understand copy paste is not allowed on steemit but then after i get information from more website and try to write in my own words . but thank you for your information and guidance i will sure try to improve my self thnx for your guidance. :)

No problem! I wish you all the best and we all look forward to your original content.

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GREAT causes, I added this post to the most recent TeamGood Titan newsletter, I don't wanna shove the link to it on here but it's on my blog/post that just went out and tagged you

Thanks so much @battleaxe! I appreciate you helping me get the word out about these great initiatives!

Great article @eoj... keep it up;)

Thanks so much @andrea97!

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