Proof there is indeed life after HF20

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Photo - @suitcasemama

@suitcasemama and I are very happy to share the reason why our posts have slowed and we'll probably be less coherant than usual from now on.

Presenting the first post-hardfork Steemit baby!

We're hereby leveling up @suitcasebaby to @suitcasetoddler - the newborn will assume the @suitcasebaby moniker.

We hope he eventually has enough Steemits to comment on a post :)

@suitcasemama and @suitcasebaby are healthy and well. @suitcasetoddler has been great with our new addition so far. We're exhausted and very, very thankful.

It's strange, @suitcasemama and I are normally quite private people. We usually wouldn't dream of posting something like this to a bunch of strangers. We've only met one of you in real life - we're looking at you, @jpphotography!

But I have to say, our experience here has been almost all positive. We've been extremely fortunate with who we've bumped into here: @newbieresteemday, @beeyou, @davemccoy, @themesopotamians, @travelfeed, and others who have encouraged us along the way and convinced us to stay.

I'm a bit distracted these days, but I know there's a lot of angst out there right now. I know there's a lot of talk these days about the positivity here being artificial and incentivized, but hey, try scrolling through the comment section of youtube, twitter, facebook, reddit, or any major news site without getting sick to your stomach or losing your soul.

I'll take Steemit any day of the week.

And usually I do - I'm spending less and less time in those other places.

Steemit is many things to different people. I'm personally not sure if it's a social network, a blogging platform, or a robot playground. I'm not sure Steemit knows what it is yet.

But it's telling (to me at least) that I would post something of this significance here on Steemit before heading over to those other places.

I'll get to those other places too - this is big news after all - but I felt I wanted to 'honor' Steemit by sharing here first.

Maybe Steemit will be no more in a year and we'll all go back to only having those other places as options.

I guess I've decided - I don't really care.

If my Steemit adventures yield nothing but storing my words and memories forever on the blockchain and puts me in contact with interesting new people I would have never otherwise me, that's more than enough for me.

In the meantime, we're going to back to enjoying the heck out of this special place while it lasts.

Happily and tired-ly yours,
@eoj, @suitcasemama, @suitcasetoddler, and introducing: @suitcasebaby.

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Congrats @eoj! Lovely addition to the Steemit family. I think many of us here are like you. Hardfork doesn't really change what we are doing. We are in it with Steemit no matter the outcome.

Thanks @steven-patrick! And it's nice to hear others are in it for the long term. The last couple of weeks made me think I was going to be in this massive place all by myself :)

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Thank you @checky! I'm off to change some non-existent diapers!

haha, enjoy!

Wow, congratulations!! And welcome to the new @suitcasebaby :)
Sharing this announcement here first indeed is a great honour for Steemit :D

Looking forward to you coming back and reading to the baby! :)

That would be awesome! :)

Congratulations @eoj and @suitcasemama! This is beautiful and a wonderful part of life! You have been blessed, and we have been blessed by you sharing it with us! Thank you :)

ps... you're right ;)

Screenshotting the "you're right" in case I have to use it in the future ;)

Thanks @davemccoy, now you're right. We are blessed and extremely thankful. These are special days, life is good! Recruiting babysitters in case you find yourself in southeast Asia :)

lol... of course! What a beautiful family you have @eoj... that is truly fantastic! :) ... and they babysitting might work out well! By the time I get over that way they might be out of diapers and I can just do the fun stuff and play with the toys and games!!! Its awesome to see the creativity and imagination as they learn everything for the first time!

Look at that precious face! So happy for the two of you. Congratulations!! Say goodbye to any free time now that you have a toddler and baby. Life never seems to slow down thereafter. Enjoy your precious moments together! They really do grow up fast.

I feel the same way about Steemit. Sure there are others out there, but it is the friendship I've made on here that makes this place for me...for now. Might change if we all decide to jump ship. ;)

Thanks so much @beeyou! We're trying to heed the advice of those who have gone before us by trying our best to savor this very special time, although you're right, it's already moving at turbo speed!

When you jump ship, bring us with you ;)

Congratulation!! This is awesome

Thanks so much @betterthanhome!!

Gongratulation and good luck! :)

Thanks so much @veggie-sloth!

Ex-son!! Your adoption has ended buuut thanks for being a good adopted kid! Also, congrats for the new kid!!!

Ha, okay, ex-parent! Thank you for the congrats, we're all very happy!

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Thank you @esteemapp! I'm definitely using the Surfer app, love the drafts feature, and am in the discord group too :)

Congratulations @eoj!

Thank you sir!

Awesome ... Congratulations to you and your family.

Thanks so much @rentmoney! I'll still try to partipate in your posts/contests but may miss more than normal in the coming weeks ;)

hahaha love your title! The FIRST hardfork baby!!!!! That's a huge deal!!!! so excited for you guys!

That's right and I won't be convinced otherwise! :) Thanks so much, we're completely exhausted but loving it. And big brother has been awesome, it's so sweet to see how he treats the baby :)

Oh yes, there's life - and what a cute one!! I love the picture, it's so heart-warming :-) Hope the mom is well, too, and will quickly recover.

Enjoy your family time, and thanks for sharing the moment with us

Thanks so much! @suitcasemama takes great photos, even when recovering from bringing a life into this world - she's truly a rockstar! :)

Thanks for your warm wishes, we're loving these days together. Mom, big brother, baby, and Dad all tired and thankful :)

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