Introducing TravelFeed: Featuring Steemit’s Best Travel Content

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If you are a travel blogger or enjoy reading travel-related content on Steemit, TravelFeed is for you! TravelFeed is a project by @jpphotography, @rimicane, @adonisabril and @for91days. We are passionate travelers who met each other on Steemit.

We felt we should start #travelfeed after seeing how successful #photofeed has become in such a short time. They are making a real difference in bringing great photography to Steemit, and we aim to do the same for travel content.


The Problem of Browsing the #travel Tag

If you are interested in finding the best travel-related content on Steemit, your chance of finding it by browsing the #travel tag are lower than finding a needle in a haystack: You will only see posts by a hand full of Steemians who benefit from high upvotes. Often, these posts are not of high quality. The high-quality content of the travel bloggers you are looking to discover never makes it to the trending or top page and the new page is filled with low-quality posts.

Supporting Travel Bloggers

If you are a travel blogger, you are probably using the tag #travel for your posts. With #travel being upon the most popular tags on Steemit, your chances of anyone discovering your content are very low. Many amazing content creators have given up on Steemit for that reason, but now there is a solution!

Introducing TravelFeed

If you are a travel blogger, digital nomad or just passionate about traveling and having a hard time breaking through on Steemit, then we are here to help: Use the tag #travelfeed in your posts for better visibility and a chance to benefit from our curation.

Our Curation Initiative

With our communal account @travelfeed, we will resteem and upvote the five best travel posts posted under #travelfeed each day! Each upvote comes with upvotes from all our curation trail followers, so the reward is huge.

Also, there will be a daily curation post featuring three selected posts! The winning entries will be selected from the best posts of the past seven days on a daily topic:

  • Monday: Australia & Oceania;
  • Tuesday: Asia;
  • Wednesday: Africa;
  • Thursday: Europe;
  • Friday: America;
  • Saturday: Travel Advice (e.g. what to pack, the best websites for journey planning, how to find cheap flights). These are not tied to a specific location;
  • Sunday: Weekly roundup featuring the top 3 best posts of the week from the previously featured plus honorable mentions.

You don’t need to post on a specific day to be eligible for our curation!

The post rewards of our curation posts will be distributed as follows:

  • Half of the SBD post rewards will be paid out to the winning
    entries (please, expect a seven-day wait);
  • The rest of the earnings will be used to power up the @travelfeed

The daily curation posts will start next Sunday (February 25), upvotes and resteems straight away.

Future Plans

There is always room for future curation growth once #travelfeed gets established. This means more Steemians benefiting from the travel community and sharing the inspiring destinations we all excited to learn about!

Some plans that we have for the future include introducing and curating language-specific tags and recruiting established travel bloggers to Steemit. At some point within the next months, the community feature will launch on Steemit. Think of it as a better version of tags that you can follow, similar to Reddit subreddits. We plan to become the primary travel community on Steemit!

Participate in TravelFeed!

  1. Follow @travelfeed
  2. Follow our curation trail on Steemauto or delegate Steem Power: Check out our tutorial!
  3. Use the tag #travelfeed in your posts: Check out the requirements!

Join the Steemit Travellers on Discord!

We started a Discord Server for all travelers on Steemit some weeks ago and this is the place where the idea for TravelFeed was born. With now over 120 members, it has become an excellent place to meet other travelers and chat about traveling! Also, this is the place where you can ask all your questions about TravelFeed.



Great! Ill be joining the party and posting! This will be a great tool alongside steemitworldmap! Hooray for meeting other travelers!

You do realize we already have @steemitworldmap dedicated to this? With an app, a proper map and a travel digest?

Hey, thanks for letting people know, but I want to point out that the organizers have reached out to me to let me know what they planned to do. It's not bad to have more initiatives for travelers in my opinion.

Just figured I'd let people know so there are no misunderstandings!

Thank you @martibis and thank you for your helpful advice during the creation of TravelFeed!
You also had a good point with not wasting VP, we will probably do 10 upvotes with @travelfeed soon :)

Thank you for your comment @anomadsoul! There are many curation projects carrying out good deeds for Steemians! They might have different concepts but one goal - working towards the improvement of the experience for every Steemian! @travelfeed is here to help! We are building a travel community with future plans! And we would like travellers to join us on this mission! 🌍

I love @steemitworldmap, but #travelfeed also aims to cover travel topics that don't necessarily have GPS coordinates. Take Travel Tips for example :)

@anomadsoul, did you even read our intro post before you left this comment?

I LOVE @steemitworldmap and what they are doing; TravelFeed is not aiming to be some kind of competition to steemitworldmap, but rather an addition: I encourage everyone to use the steemitworldmap code snippet AS WELL as the tag #travelfeed.
While Steemitworldmap provides an amazing map and daily best-offs in form of the travel digests that I love reading, it lacks of a way of browsing new travel posts like it is possible with a tag on steemit. Of course, there are the honourable mentions in the daily travel digest, but they lack an image and some first words to spark interest like a Steemit tag does. There is the #swmchallenge tag curated by @runicar which I love to use for my own high-quality travel posts, but only few posts are using this tag. Now go to #travelfeed and see for yourself how many great travel posts you can discover and this just one week after the introduction of this new tag. Now image seeing finding even more of the good content from #travel there without all the spammy posts in between...

Since you were too ignorant to actually read our post explaining our curation concept, I will try to explain you the differences to the steemitworldmap travel digests by comparing two of my favourite photography curation projects: @photofeed and @photocontests. They do have very different curation approaches which complement each other; @photofeed curates the best photo posts of the day (similar to the steemitworldmap travel digests), while @photocontests has two themes on each day of the week. If you now take the time to actually read our curation concept, you will see, that we are doing something very different from the steemitworldmap travel digests - not better or worse, but different and in my opinion a long needed and welcome addition for the travel community on Steemit.

Lol calling someone ignorant out of one question he made over one post. Cool, good to know thats how you roll.

And yeah, i did read it, so its a tag with RS and a curation post. Where is the innovation?

I actually read other people's replies to me here and i was thinking of voting the posts from time to time to support the project and the new users (your co workers @adonisabril and @rimicane gave good replies) but after reading yours, maybe I'm too ignorant to find the @travelfeed posts, so sorry if i dont vote them.

Btw quick tip, not a good strategy to insult people in the blockchain, im not the flaggin for personal issues type of dude, but you may find there are many others who are exactly that way, so watch it when you call someone ignorant, mate.


Mate, you are doing curation yourself, so I think that you do realize how much effort it takes to create a project like this.
Maybe you can understand that after having put in all this time and effort to start a non-profit project for the benefit of the travel community, reading a comment like yours on top of our intro post seems very insulting. I don't go to your blog and write something like "You do realize there are better blogs than yours?".

If you as an established travel blogger who benefits from big upvotes for good content decide not to support small bloggers because you are feeling offended by my comment so be it, but don't blame me for that. I respect people for their actions, not for their SP, and before you wrote this comment I was actually looking up to you and the work you are doing on Steemit.

I was not aiming to insult, but to encourage you to try and bring more to the table, this project has some very capable people and i think you could do so much more. If i had the time i would develop so many ideas but ungortunately i dont have it. If you care to bounce ideas hit me on discord, i actually wilr reading the i tro thought about 2-3 things.

The way i am and write is crude (you can actually read my airport post) and youll see my comment here is not personal, its just what i think without sugarcoat and honey, but dont take itpersonal vs the project.

Im already spending a lot of SP, SBD from my own posts and following the vote of a lot of communities, all towards minnows and projects. Im still a minnow which is the reason i try to support as many people as i can, but ypu cant blame me to be biased about a project where one of the leaders insult me, after all we are all humans. I actually try to keep personal isues out of curation and taje the posts as they are no matter who they come from, thanks for letting me see my mistake about being biased because of personal issues, that shouldnt matter when curating.

Thanks for clarifying this, I am sorry we started off on the wrong foot. Pinged you on Discord.

Hi, friend. It's amazing to have you here with us. Do explore and have fun. @greatness96 says WELCOME TO STEEMIT

Thank you! We hope to see your travel stories in #travelfeed!

Sweet! Good luck with this project! Remember us when you get famous!

Thank you! How can we forget! 😉

That is a great initiative. Thank you for your work. Your curation trail really gave me a lot of upvotes and motivation. Now I am even more motivated to post regular content on Steemit using your tag.

This is wonderful news! The purpose of the project was to help people like yourself and if you find it motivating to continue, we have succeeded together!

Do you also have an upvote bot much like the one from @minnowsupport?

Sorry, we don't. We do a manual curation and all the rewards go out to the people deserving it!

Ah great thanks! Some of my content already got upvoted by your team. I am so glad.

This is fantastic, I am excited to join you on your adventures!

And we're excited to learn about yours.

I've been a big fan of @jpphotography and his work for awhile now. This sounds like a wonderful project. You definitely have my support!

Thank you so much Matt! ~jpphotography

I'm a big fan and supporter too! =)

This is a great initiative guys! I'm sure it'll be mighty helpful to both travel bloggers and people interested in travel content.

And it will bring tons of new travellers to Steemit.. we're so happy to have you in our travel discord group!

Wow, this gonna rock! I'm excited to follow up

Great! We can't wait to see your posts in #travelfeed!

Oh. Wonderful project, guys. I just need to do one more thing. Pack my rucksack and get out the door to have some more adventures. :D

That is always the best thing to do! We are excited for your travel posts :)

Awesome initiative guys! I can't wait to use this.. congratulations on the project! It was really needed..

It was! It has been almost impossible to find the good content that was not created by top or already followed accounts, but #travelfeed will change that!

Can't wait for this :) it seems like a great start for you guys and I see a bright future ahead!

This is a great project and glad to see you get it off the ground now !

Thank you! We are now expecting lots of travel stories from you in the #travelfeed!

Very nice!

Finally an easy way to find nice travel blogs!

I recently started writing travel blogs myself also, here is the one i wrote today:

Awesome guys! Such a great initiative. I'm thrilled reading your post here and can't wait to use the tag!
It's cool to see the daily themes are roughly the same as @czechglobalhosts's contests, so we can sync them for some days. ;)
Is this the same Discord channel as the one @jpphotography invited me to some weeks ago? Thanks! =)

Yes it's the same ... there is also a channel just for TravelFeed conversations.

Just discovered @photofeed and now this! Amazing! I love a great #travelfeed to follow and could of course not be happier if I ever get curated for my travel stories <3 Good luck guys!

Good travel content gets curated (of course as log as they follow the requirements, hehe) We're so happy that your part of our travel discord server.

Awesome idea, I will definitely be contributing as the main part of my blog is about travel photography.

We're looking forward to your travel content!

Nice introduction! Welcome to the community! I'm looking forward to your posts!

Glad I saw this post. Will start using the tag. We actually started a similar curation for Travel Japan Weekly Digest. Only on Japan travel experience as that’s where we specialize in. Perhaps we could collaborate with #travelfeed in future! Looking forward. :)

Brilliant! Sounds good! We can't wait to read your travel stories! Japan has tons to offer!

I'm so excited about this project! This platform needs more manual curation projects like this that would also focus on certain niches. Great job guys! <3

PS. I love the discord banner :)

Thank you so much for the kind words and for being part of the Discord Channel ... I'm going to post the banner in the group encouraging users to use it :) A big thank you to @rimicane for putting the work in.

Thank you so much @rimicane! 😊

Great idea! It will be really good to see you implementing the idea of curating language-specific tags as I am a travel blogger and I write mostly in Portuguese. We use the tag "pt" for our community, but as it is not travel specific, it can get lost in all the other content created.

That's our plan for the future - Once our curation goes smooth of the regular tag we're going to work an the language tags. Hello from Lisbon btw .. it's our last day here of our 3 month stay!

Awesome idea and project, guys! 👍☺

Thanks! Happy to see you are using the tag already :)

Recently started dabbling around in #photofeed and @photocontests, so it's AWESOME to finally see something similar JUST for travel content! Can't wait to participate!!

Thank you so much for your interest and for participating already.

Great idea! I'm game... headed to discord and clicking on all the other links now 😊

That's great! We will be waiting for your travel stories in #travelfeed and talk to you on discord!

This is going to be great. I wish I would have found something like this when I started steeming last month.

You found it now - we started working on travelfeed over a month ago....

Excellent, so excited about this! Great job, can't wait to see how it unfolds!

We are excited to find travel posts with your amazing photography in #travelfeed! :)

I just read the posting rules, so I'll update my recent posts accordingly. This is going to be a great page to follow, I really can't wait to see what travel places and tips I discover on here.

Thank you! :)

I saw the same problem with #travel. So I love to hear that you created the new tag #travelfeed.. I hope many people will participate!

And with your great travel content #travelfeed will outshine #travel

I hope it will work well!

YESSS! What a great idea! I am so excited for this!

I've been working on my content calendar, and so much of it falls within the concept of travel tips, tricks, and stories... I'm so happy to have discovered this community in it's infancy through @vivodi 's introduceyourself post!

Following, reading the post requirements, and joining the Discord server!


So happy you found us! We would love to hear all the tricks and tips from you @stirling!

Yes this is exciting!!! we will be tagging you guys in the future!! woo!!!

Great! We can't wait to read about your exciting travels!

This is a great idea for new steemian's account, looking forward to see what this new community will offer.

Yes, the whole idea was to bring the travel community together! Make it easier for the newcomers and reward the great content creators!

I'm very very new to Steemit. This is a nice motivation, thank you.

Sounds like I have to focus and start writing some content! :D

That's great! We will wait for your exciting travel stories in #travelfeed!

Great idea to further extend the community of Steemit!

Thank you! That's the idea and you are now part of it! Can't wait for your travel stories in #travelfeed!

This is exactly what I've been searching for! I'm so excited to go check out the travelfeed posts. Thank you for making this happen! Can't wait to be inspired by everyone's adventures!

And something we all need as travelers!

Great initiative guys! Congrats

Thank you! We are waiting for your travel stories in #travelfeed!

This is a really nice initiative. Thanks for doing this!

It is very exciting! We are building a community and waiting for your travel stories in #travelfeed!

Yes! Hopefully I can take time off from work and just pack my bag and travel.

Cool , nice initiative .. we got one more tag to curate for exceptional posts 😍

Oh, thank you for your trust in our curations, we think @curie will have no trouble finding high quality posts via our #travelfeed tag.

I addded travelfeed to my query :)

As we mentioned on Discord, great project and looking forward to using the #travelfeed tag in our future posts. Thanks to all that could make this possible @jpphotography, @rimicane (extra thanks for inviting us into the Traveller Discord group), @adonisabril and @for91days (extra thanks for starting the Discord group)!

Thanks! We'll be seeing you two a lot :)

We're so happy to have you as members on our Discord Travel Server, thank you for the nice comment.

great idea guys, definitely following this.

Thank you ... we're looking forward to your travel posts.

Guys this is an awesome initiative! So great to hear my travel posts will no longer be getting entirely lost. I'll definitely be using this tag! Thanks again!

They won't ... as long as you use our tag. We also recommend to read our post on how to participate.

This is super cool! Love the features for the days of the week.

Looking forward to your tagged travel posts!!!

This is a great initiative. I am a professional mountaineer from India and I have had some crazy and life changing experiences high up on the mountains. I wrote them down with utmost honesty and it did not get the attention it deserved. I hope through this initiative, this won't happen with the deserving ones. Cheers! :)

This is where you will get a spotlight!

Great idea. Following and ready to use the hashtag.

We can't wait to read your travel stories in #travelfeed!

AWESOME initiative guys :D looking forward to see what will be shared at #travelfeed

These posts under #travelfeed will make you want to travel even more.

Awesome idea glad to participate 😊

And we're happy to have you on board!

Hey! So where would mine be? I'm from the US, but I'm living in Asia for awhile and am blogging about Thailand. Do I have to post my posts only on Tuesday?

Glad you guys created this new tag!

Sweet sauce on a stick. That's awesome. :) I tried it here:

Did I do it right @travelfeed? Or does travelfeed need to be the first tag? I'll start doing this on all my posts. Totally love this idea for collab😀.

Another great travel initiative!!!

We can hopefully convince some travel bloggers to finally join Steemit, which is the perfect platform for travel bloggers and digital nomads.

Great ! This is good ! In fact I was holding all my personal travel stuff back and posting generic crap cuz i did not want my travel posts to get lost with very few followers. But this will help. Look out for my future travel posts :) Upvoted and Followed ! :)

This is exactly why we started TravelFeed .. happy to have you on Board!

Excellent initiative:) very excited to see its development

We are so excited as well! Hope to see your travel stories in #travelfeed!

A very laudable, a good initiative to promote the travel tag,God richly bless. it is really going to some people like me. i following now.

We are glad you like it and we can't wait to find your posts in #travelfeed!

Great idea and project keep up the good work 👏😎 I just followed you 👍

Great! We can't wait to read your travel stories in #travelfeed!

Thanks @highonthehog, I love your posts! We will be happy to see them in #travelfeed :)

Fantastic Julian! Well done. I'll certainly participate.

We're looking forward to your submission!!!

I just changed a bunch of my tags of posts for the last week. So I'm all over your new travelfeed now. I'll keep that up and I'll help spread the word to more travel buddies I have here on the platform. Well done guys!

That's so kind of you. We think that Steemit it such an incredible platform for travel bloggers and Digital Nomads and not too many of them know about it yet.

There only one place for us all to go and that is up!

This is a great idea guys! I will be adding this tag to my future travel posts :)

That's is wonderful! We can't wait to see your posts in #travelfeed!

What a great initiative. Good luck with it and I hope it takes off in a big way, with plenty of valuable posts.

Thank you ... our first curations went up yesterday. Already discovered some amazing content.

Good idea! I hope to see some good travel posts! Hopefully this will give me some ideas on travel plans, as the more I am able to save I plan to travel a bit and finally get out of my house. Thanks!

You will get so much travel inspiration you might never stop reading.

I'm ok with that, I have a lot of free time since I'm not traveling!

Wow what a fantastic initiative. I just joined yesterday and did my first post without #travelfeed. I will definately use that tag on all my future posts. I am fortunate to work on a small travelling show in Thailand where we shoot at alot of unseen destinations. Hopefully I can contribute to your community as well in the near future. Happy travels all and looking forward to read about your awesome travel destinations.

Nice to know you here in steemit. I am an amateur photographer who loves to travel. I find your content so helpful in achieving my dreams. Thank you and more power.

Very happy you found out about Travelfeed, we're looking forward to your submissions.

What a great idea, good on you guys! Looking forward to your helpful advice and tutourials :)

We are all part of the travel community and we are happy to share advice and destinations with each other! You are welcome to join our discord, where you could connect with many experienced travellers!

Thank you, I joined as soon as I saw your post :)

You have created a great concept in introducing yourself ..
Nice to meet you
Hopefully we can be good friends in the future

Happy you found us and we are waiting to find your travel stories in #travelfeed!

Cool idea guys! I'm also posting about my travels. Nice to meet you:)

That's great! We would like to see your travel stories in #travelfeed!

Very good @travelfeed
I have join discore. I like travel
@travelfeed will progress and develop

Thank you! Please, use #travelfeed for your travel stories!

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This is great! I'll follow this new comm!

Because it's true, common tags are not helpful to look for quality content, unfortunately

Welcome to steemit community brother

We are happy to be part of Steemit platform and grow the travellers' community! We hope you use #travelfeed for your interesting travel stories!

Followed. Hope see more of you. Very excited about your stories=)

Brilliant! We expect to see your travel stories as well in the #travelfeed!

Wow! This is great! Thank you for the initiative @travelfeed. Now, we can easily filter the quality travel posts. Keep up the good work mate.

Thank you and please, do participate!

Nice! Welcome to the travel. I do travel and poems all on one account @mattzoidhead but vote for vote!

We don't do the vote for vote but you are welcome to use #travelfeed tag for your travel stories and engage with the community!

Nice project! will use it for sure, thanks for putting in the work! all for the travelers

We hope to see some of your future travel posts with our tag!!! Thank you!

Good idea. Only english language is accepted?

Yes, English is a must as well as min 250 words, but it shouldn't stop you from producing dual posts! I am sure you could reach out to more people that way!

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Hey this is very nice!! I also love to travel and I really enjoy sharing my experiences as well as reading others experiences, so I think this account is very helpful and I will enjoy it a lot!!

So happy you found us! We would love to hear your stories!

Nice article! keep posting on traveling.

We hope to see your travel posts in #travelfeed!

I’m very new to Steemit, but I really appreciate the idea of a more dedicated tag like #travelfeed.

The more general categories often take you on an unexpected adventure, sometimes good, sometimes not, so it will be nice to go directly to what you’re looking for.

Good luck with the venture guys … Riding and smiling as always .. Geoff

Very happy you found us - we're looking forward to your travel content, you must have TONS!!!

I'm definitely not a travel blogger, but this is wonderful! I've loved what #photofeed has done for photographers and I'm excited to see what this has in store! I love watching the Steemit communities grow and create new specific branches that make it easier to find good content.

We are so happy to see everyone so supportive! Together we can grow better and stronger! Hopefully, we will see a post from you on the #travelfeed one day!

congratulations travelfeed......travelling is my passion it in my city,my region ,my country and abroad. sometimes i am a pleasure,green,business traveller. Look at your travel destinations and would really appreciate if you will include Tacloban City ,Philippines as one of the destinations and the beautiful undiscovered island of Samar, Philippines...You can stay in my humble house for a very small fee and i can give you local organic meals and drinks...I am a certified Department of Tourism Philippines Senior Citizen guide....again nice meeting you here...good luck...ishing you all the luck