WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT - Think you're well traveled? Name that.... TAIL!

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Name that tail Winner Annoucement.jpg


Winners PLURAL actually!

To review, all you had to do to enter was answer two questions about the featured airplane tail:

  1. Which airline does the tail belong to?
  2. What country would you most likely be in if you had the distinct privilege of boarding a plane with such beautiful tail art?

That was it!

Between the original contest post and the second contest extension post there were three valid entries:

  1. @minimining guessed - Vietnam Airlines, Vietnam
  2. @bashadow guessed - Novoair, Bangladesh
  3. @maquemali guessed - Novoair, Bangladesh

Congratulations go to...

(insert drum-roll here)

(insert dramatic pause here)

(insert commercial break here)

(insert close up shot of contestants sweating here)

...@bashadow and @maquemali!

This tail belongs to a Novoair airplane. It was taken by yours truly last month in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh

So remind me, what is the prize? What do the winners get? 

  1. First (and most importantly) bragging rights/unalterable/immutable blockchain fame
  2. Second --> all SBD gained both contest posts.

The first post racked in a massive .06 SBD.

But hey, thanks mainly to @czechglobalhosts (who kindly featured me in one of his ColorChallenge posts), @newbiegames, and @sneaky-ninja the second post pulled in 1.19 SBD. Not bad!

Because there are two winners, they split the SBD evenly.

.06 + 1.19 = 1.25 SBD.

We'll go ahead and round that up to 1.26 for the sake of simplicity.

1.26/2 = ?

.63 SBD each!

Clap for them!

(insert applause here)

(insert proof here):

Name that tail winners transfers.PNG

Congrats again to @bashadow and @maquemali!

This was my first attempt at a contest. Thanks to all the participants and all the supporters, with a special thanks to @newbiegames for encouraging these types of contests!

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It was fun, and then there was that tail site, so many artistic tails out there.

this meaning dosse not understand so ful clerly brooo

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when will be your next contest so i can take part?

I'm hoping to run a contest in the next week or so :)

Nice post @eoj I searched that website but I wasn't able to find it. I'm glad someone was!

Yeah, maybe it was tougher than I thought! Thanks for the support though! :)

Yeah @eoj It was tough! I'll be here following your posts for your next update 😊

Congrats to the winners !