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As we were all waiting (and waiting...and waiting) for the dust to clear from HF20, @anomadsoul had a great idea. Since many of us couldn't post, comment, vote, or think about Steemit without it blowing up even more, why not go back and pick some of our best posts and share with the community? If we could barely post, at least we could make use of the time by getting to know each other a bit better.

And viola! The #gettoknowme challenge was born.

Well, I feel like I'm a bit late - this draft has just been sitting in my @esteemapp for what feels like forever, but hey, better late than never, right?

Without further ado, here are a few of my favorite posts, or at least those that might help you #gettoknowme better.

I started on Steemit in January 2018 under the @starthere moniker, but writing only about a cryptocurrency experiment and humanitarian applications of cryptocurrency felt very limiting. I found myself posting once or twice a month, tops, and not really inspired or motivated to do much more.

That's when the @eoj persona was born.

Post One - @eoj #introduceyourself


As good a place as any for a #gettoknowme challenge, my #introduceyourself post is a quick snapshot of how this Californian surfer ended up chasing disasters and doing humanitarian work in some of the most remote corners of the world, eventually settling (for now) in Thailand.

Post Two - Cox's Bazar Surf Report and the Father of Bangladeshi Surfing


This is probably my favorite post, written when I was in Bangladesh on a work trip looking at the Rohingya issue. Even though not many people saw this one, I absolutely LOVED learning about Jafar Alam's journey as the first surfer in Bangladesh and how he gave back to at-risk youth in his community. This post joins my professional humanitarian life with my preference for off-the-beaten-track travel and my love of surfing.

Post Three - Giving Back: Nepal


I've spent a bunch of time in Nepal and wanted to share with the Steemit community some of the good work that's being done there. @suitcasemama and I can vouch for most of these projects first-hand. The goal is to raise awareness and hopefully to inspire others to support these great causes. This post is actually the second in a series - I started with Giving Back: Thailand - Four Worthwhile Causes to Support.

Post Four - Well Off the Beaten Path (Episode One) - Restoration of Saat Tale Royal Palace - Nuwakot, Nepal


File this under WAAAAAY off the beaten track. Not many Nepalis make it to the Nuwakot Palace these days, let alone tourists. Heavily damaged after the 2015 earthquake, it's fascinating to witness the restoration work being done by local artisans, often by hand, using century old techniques.

Post Five - Steet Art in Talat Noi, Bangkok

One unexpected result of starting a blog on Steemit is that all of a sudden I am more aware of my own environment, noticing things in the city I'd normally just pass by. This post was largely inspired by @lynncoyle1's walk around her neighborhood in Mexico and like her post features some amazing street art. I believe this is also my highest payout post on Steemit so far, about $12.

Post Six - The Stranger Than Fiction Digest - Edition One: Art Gone Wrong

Photo: Peter Barnett

This was another fun one to write, detailing some wacky current events with the theme of Art. Which reminds me, I'm due another one of these. I do like to keep up on the news, but most of it is negative - I thought I'd highlight some of the lighter stories.

Post Seven - How to Overcome Screen Addiction - 5 Practical Tips


An aspect of modern living I'm fascinated by is how technology affects our lives - our minds, our bodies, and our relationships. My first post as @eoj shares both recent scientific findings on what screen time is doing to us and offers advice on how to push back.

Post Eight - The First Ever Steemit Survivor Contest


As you can see by now (if you made it this far!) I'm all over the place. I obviously can't decide if I'm more of a creator or an engager. I'm probably about half and half. On my engagement side, I connect through the occasional comment but mostly through contests. I've run a couple of contests (including a Name that Airplane Tail Contest) and am currently running a months long Steemit Survivor Contest that has attracted a fun group of people. It's super easy to play and your'e very welcome to join!

Post Nine - Blocks for Good - Humanitarian Applications of Blockchain

Released by @starthere, I highlight the efforts of an Irish startup called Aid:Tech, who aim to improve the provision of humanitarian aid through blockchain. A refreshing read if you want to be reminded how blockchain technology can be used to make the world a better place.

Post Ten - EXPERIMENT - Tracking The Top 10 Cryptocurrencies For One Year


I realize @anomadsoul asked us to avoid crypto, but for better or for worse my year long (and super painful up to this point) experiment of buying $100 worth of each of the Top Ten Cryptos on January 1st and holding all year is how I ended up on Steemit.

Now for my nominations! I will nominate the lovely and talented @suitcasemama, who also happens to be my wife. I had @nomadicsoul on my list as well but since the Hard Fork shut everything down and I've put together this blog, she's already been tagged and has produced a post! So I'd have to time travel to #nominate her! Other uber-taleted Steemians I'd love to see do a Top Ten are nominees are @lynncoyle1, @jpphotography, and @jessicaoutside!

Thanks again to @anomadsoul and see everyone around!

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wow that´s a lot to read. will check again tomorrow. But already like that second post.
I will try to participate as well.

Hey! Thanks for stopping by! I just made a comment on your Nai Harn post, I need to check that place out next time I'm down there! :)

Thats your kid? So cute!!

Yes, he's pretty cute! Now @suitcasemama and I just have to make sure that he doesn't grow up knowing it!! :)

Haaa! Good luck with that!

I love this @eoj; such a cool idea especially when things were "down"here! Good for you to do it; I shut my laptop several days ago, and just re-opened it this morning :)

I've actually been meaning to collect all of my "mural" posts together in one big showcase, so this may be the perfect opportunity for me to kill a couple of birds with one stone, so to speak! Thanks :)

Great, looking forward to it and welcome back!

Thanks @eoj :) I came back a little begrudgingly, because I'd gotten used to not doing steemit, but after today, I realize I've missed it :)

You have such a various types of posts. Mine just food travel food food LOLOL. You guyssss sombooonnnnn!!! hahaha I'm still up for that when you guys have time! :D hahaha

Hey!!! Sorry we keep missing you, we're having a super crazy week. We hope it calms down soon because we want to eat some yummy crab curry with you soon! :)

Thanks for the nomination! I finally got around to writing the post today, it was fun :)
I had missed your posts about AID:Tech and surfing in Bangladesh before, great reads! The police wanted to arrest the surfer because they thought that his board looked like a missile - wow!

Hey @jpphotography! I just stopped by your post - really, really well done! You add a ton of valuable content on Steemit, it was great to see some of the posts I had missed before. Thanks for the kind words on my work, glad you liked them!

All the best from Bangkok from @suitcasemama, @suitcasebaby, and I!!!

Thank you :) All the best to all of you!