Allow Me to Introduce Myself! | Husband / Father / Humanitarian / Traveler / Expat Abroad

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Hi there Steemians!

Did you know @eoj is Joe backwards? It's true!

Hi all, my name is Joe. Really! In my continuing quest to be the Most Interesting Man on Steemit, I submit to you my #introduceyourself post. Let's go!

Here I am with my small family in a very small taxi in Kathmandu, Nepal.

@eoj introduceyourself.jpg

Left to right: @suitcasemama, @suitcasebaby, @eoj

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Very nice to 'officially' meet you and your family! It is awesome to meet people globally; I believe this is the best part of steemit. Content is equally important, but meeting and getting to know people from around the world, seeing their lives, and viewing the fabulous scenery is another component of Steemit that makes this platform worthwhile.

Thanks for sharing your world with us! You have a lovely family. :)

p.s., I get an error when I try to give a 100% at times; so you got my 99% upvote instead.

haha, THANK YOU! No worries, I'm glad I get any votes at all, I'm not checking the % :)

I agree. It's crazy, I joined Steemit on a lark, mainly to support my little crypto (now neglected) youtube channel I set up at the beginning of the year. I had no idea what to expect really. I was very pleasantly surprised! I wasn't suspecting the kindness, support, community feel - it sometimes feels very big, other times I feel like I'm bumping into the same people all the time. That's been my favorite part and has kept me here. I guess the next step is to meet people in real life!

So when are you coming out to Thailand to visit @suitcasemama and I? :)

The people is definitely the brightest factor of Steemit. I probably would have left early on if not for the friendship I’ve made on here. It is definitely not writing that keeps me here; was never a blogger or social media type and I don’t think that aspect of myself has changed.

I would love to visit your family in Thailand one day!! Perhaps when we all can earn comfortably on here, an adventure there would definitely be in the cards. 🙂

Same here! I'm fairly private/shy plus I'm a slow writer - horrible characteristics for a blogger!

We'd love to host you someday! And remember, flights can be cheap (my sister recently got a $600 round trip to Bangkok out of LA), lodging is free once you're here (just have to sign our guestbook!), and food is super cheap and super yummy :)

Welcome! Following and glad you are here.

Awesome, finally get to know you more :) happy to have you being part of @archisteem contributor too! You have great stories that I would like to spread it out to more audience.

Thanks so much @kimzwarch, that's so nice! I can't remember how I found @archisteem, but I'm loving being part of the community!

Very nice, nah let's use the word, great introduction post. Thank you for the mention. It takes me awhile sometimes to get back around to some people, hazard of how I use steemit I guess. So many new names, places and plane tails, now I am going to have to search.

Haha, please enter the plane tail competition, I think I've only gotten one or two nibbles so far! :)

Thanks again for the support @bashadow - I'm hoping the @newbieresteemday initiative turns into a first port of call for people joining the platform. I'm almost there convincing my sister to start posting, I'll definitely point her in your direction.

Warm greetings from Thailand!

Nice to meet your family! Thank you for the kind words.

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Yay, thank you @newbieresteemday, you're the best!!!!

Oh this is so cool! I love this very comprehensive look at who you are and where you've come from! Makes me happy. Good stuff.

Yay yay yay!!!! @karaelizabeth is back! I just responded to you at @starthere too. Great to see you again - I've been dropping in on @lukes.random once in a while, harassing him to harass you to get back to making posts! You're my only non-family real life friend, don't leave me here alone!!! :)

Hope all is well. We're prepping the guest room for you in Thailand. You and the mister should know: surfing in Bali is only a three hour direct flight away from us ;)

Oh that is an epic idea - Bali!! Seriously?! How cool would that be. Now I'm really dreaming. Next amazing trip...time to research!

And your harassing has worked because @lukes.random has forwarded your comments to me, so between the two of you, you've gotten me back into the swing of things! I've missed this!

Yay! Harassment, the superpower of brothers!


Excellent introduction post @eoj 😊😀😁

Thank you @chrisrice. Looks like you're a new father too, how old is your little one?

Yeah, I am @eoj Baby Zac will turn 1 year old on July 16th, 2018. It will be his first birthday 😊

Congrats and happy early birthday to little Zac! @suitcasemama and I's little one just turned two :)

Ah okay @eoj so he is about one year older than baby Zac. Thank you for the birthday wishes!

On another note, I read about your experience as a humanitarian and it sounds like you have done really good work for others. I really liked your introductory post.

I also noticed that @suitcasemama is Filipina.

I am half Filipino and @emaferice is full Filipino. We live here in Davao City, Philippines. I haven't been to Thailand yet and I don't really know what it's like. Maybe @suitcasemama can compare Thailand to the Philippines in terms of cost of living and what it's like living there.

Cool! @suitcasemama is from Mindanao too! She spent a lot of time in Davao, studying and working there.

I'll let her answer for herself - but she loves it here in Thailand. I've asked her if she wants me to find a job in the Philippines, she says "no way!" :) Although in fairness, my job would probably be Manila-based, which is very different than being Bangkok-based...

Ah okay. We have a friend who was born and raised in the Philippines who also likes Thailand a lot. I didn't get to ask her why.

It sounds interesting since there is probably a reason why @suitcasemama likes Thailand and it might be the same reasons our other friend likes Thailand.

P.S. Thank you for being a part of Steemit.. both of you. I like the things you two post!

Thanks @chrisrice, I appreciate the compliment and will pass it on to @suitcasemama!

Thank you for using our FREE ReSteem Service. We hope to see you again soon.

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Hii friend, welcome on steemit.

Have a pleasant journey. Glad to have you here.Screenshot_2018-07-09-20-56-54-602_com.canva.editor.png

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Welcome to Steem, @eoj!

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What a spectacular intro post @eoj!! Your daughter is so darn cute! You're right; being a parent is nothing like what we imagine it to be, and it's impossible to truly understand until you're in the midst of it yourself :)

You have lead and continue to lead a very interesting life! Work to be proud of :)

I'm so glad that you tagged me today in your comment to @davemccoy, so I had a chance to meet you :)


Aw, that's so nice! Thanks so much for the kind words and for stopping by :) I love being a dad to my son (haha, no worries, we get this all the time, especially here in Asia and especially when he needs a haircut, he's just way too cute!) and just feel thankful most days. Not all days, but most days ;)

Thanks for the compliments! I've been following you for quite a while through my @starthere account - we came in around the same time. You're doing so well, congrats! Hope all is well in Mexico! I lived there for a while and miss it! I hope to get back there soon for a visit :)

haha not he's even cuter with that top pony lol I hear you about not all days!! I used to have to go in to my youngest' room at night to watch the beautiful angel sleep and fill up my meter because he was hell on wheels during the day haha They are 20 and 23 now and man, it goes by fast! Enjoy!

You're @starthere!!! I had no idea :) Thank you for the lovely compliment; I do put in piles of time here. Mexico is great, but we're here because my husband has cancer, so we are simply enjoying life; left the rat race behind!

Why the two accounts? I'm always curious about that.

Thank you! We're very aware how fast it goes - actively looking for ways to slow down time ;)

Yes, you caught me, it's me! I found myself wanting to post more, but feeling kind of trapped in the @starthere persona of focusing on cryptocurrency and humanitarian applications of blockchain. That's only one part of my brain and I was only posting once or twice a month. I opened @eoj to give me an outlet for everything else. So far it's working. Posting way more than before!

Plus, I experimented with bots on the other account and felt kind of bad about it. To each their own, but I was drawn to Steem by the idea that quality posts could lead to success - I'm really interested in that concept and possibility and would love to tell that story to other people, so wanted a bit of a fresh start as well :)

p.s. short plug for health care in Bangkok - it's awesome here! If you're finding your husband isn't satisfied with the level of care, check out Thailand :)

That makes sense @eoj, and I hear you loud and clear on the whole bot thing. I dabbled a bit, but felt icky afterwards. It felt like I was wrapping up and then opening my own birthday presents :)

Thanks for the tip on health care too! My mother calls me a gypsy, so you never know where the wind might take us next 😎

Ha, well put! I've never heard it put that way, I love/will steal the present analogy!!

hahaha feel free to :)

That was an epic introduction post!
I hope that you'll continue with the same enthusiasm!
I have already run into some of your wives travel posts and now I'll keep an eye on you too :)

Thanks so much for the kind words @fotostef! @suitcasemama and I are here together - we just went to your most recent blog and both said "wow!" at the same time. She's a photographer too and was very impressed! Will be following you as well now, great work!

Thank you very much, both of you!

Nice to meet you :)

Thanks @veggie-sloth and warm greetings from Thailand!

That is a very well thought of introduction. Something that I am still learning as a trying-hard writer.

I am amazed by people like you who spend a lot of time on humanitarian missions, travel most of the time and still keep an amazing family. The humanitarian missions alone are very impressive because what could beat a selfless advocate? How much more with a family - with a growing kid?

More power to you and your family!

That's very kind @macoolette, thank you for those nice words! You're right, it's a challenge to do my job and be with my family, a balance I'm always working on :)

I see you're from PH! My wife, @suitcasemama is from Mindanao :)

Cool... I had the impression that your wife is a Filipina. I just have slight skepticism because sometimes Pinoys and Thais have the same physique.

Haha, yep! She gets mistaken as a Thai almost daily!

Well done, awesome photo's and I like how your user name is your name backwards.

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Thank you very much for the suppport @rentmoney!

Your Welcome .. thank you for the support as well !

You're doing aweome @rentmoney, it's fun to watch your account and followers grow!

I really like your article,you are great. I'm sorry to have read it just now that I can no longer share :(
Hoping to hear from you soon.

Many thanks for the kind words @andrea97! :) That's okay, no worries! I understand life can get crazy sometimes...and you can always share a more recent post if you want ;)

Wow .. what an interesting life you have led. Superman to hear more. Love the standard of your post and quality of your photos. And what a beautiful family! Life is grand, huh!!!

Thanks man, I appreciate the kind words! Found you through @travelfeed, happy to meet other surfers. My wife @suitcasemama and I just got back from the west coast - flew in to Perth, went camping, loved it!

Amazing. Where did you go? I haven't been that way for a long while and really want to take my (English) husband.... he's only been up East coast.

@suitcasemama and I flew into Perth and rented a camper truck and went north with our toddler. It was a blast! Made it all the way to Karijini National Park then slowly made our way back towards Perth along the coast. My wife wrote posts on it, make your husband look at them with you! :) Here you go, maybe this will inspire him!


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