Obscure Revealing - Discovering Unknown Psychedelic Rock #248

in music •  9 months ago
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This is great! thanks for sharing!!

Schön wieder was von dir zu lesen :-)


Danke, wird langsam mal wieder Zeit, oder? :D

Durch die ganze Reiserei habe ich fast keine Zeit am Bildschirm verbracht, dass ändert ishc wohl nun langsam wieder.

Funky one :) I've been away for a bit but I am certainly looking forward to catching up on your series!


Haha, same for me, I was just 6 weeks in Morocco and used the internet and it's atvantages just very little. But now I'm slowly coming back into it... :D


Sounds like we were on a pretty similar time frame haha. Glad(in a shitty way I suppose) I'm not the only one who runs into these issues. On another note, have you ever listened to the Sun City Girls? I'm not sure if their material would really fit into the psych category, maybe a few of their songs, but none the less they're a pretty intriguing band and something tells me you might enjoy them

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resteemed! Upvoted with my 0,00000000001!!! dear @yoganarchista