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Man I love this stuff, the sound is just right. Nowadays they produce everything with that fake, perfect plastic tone that doesn't do justice to the instruments or the musicians. This stuff was supposed to be recorded like this.

Keep sharing good music, dude.


That's so true. Even modern psychedelic music sometimes lacks off the spirit. Sometimes it tries too hard to be psychedelic just by using ping pong effect and reverb. But it stays super sterile and mechanical in the end. I feel like the "organic" spirit of music died somewhere in the 70s (not completely but to some degree for sure).


Yeah you can find some real groove in stoner rock and blues, but it's not really comparable to the original stuff, I guess.

I love this song. Thanks for sharing @sature. 👍

Groovy!! I actually used to use that word~~giggle!! Do you collect vinyl? One of my favorites which I recently rediscovered is Roxy Music 1972. It is their early sound and is really amazing...the talent of the original musicians was phenomenal.