Obscure Revealing - Discovering Unknown Psychedelic Rock #170

in music •  last year

I share unknown 60s & 70s psychedelic rock. Todays song is from Germany, made in 1978.

Carol Of Harvest - Somewhere At The End Of The Rainbow

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thanks for sharing.
I'm a great Classic Rock fan with over 500 Records (LP) in my collection.
I'll follow you for more of these and will check out the old episodes.


Wow thats awesome! Do you also have lots of obscure stuff? Recommendations? :)


To be honest I tend to listen to my favourites over and over, nothing obscure just Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and so on.
I'm sure I got some obscure treasures but I'll have to dig a little bit.
I'll let you know when I found something.
Btw funny that this record is from Germany as I'm German myself ;)

I loved it. The production is quite amazing, honestly, for a 1978 debut album. Too bad they didn't release much else.


That's what I think of so much bands I'm posting. Some of them even just released two songs and that's it. But hey, better just a few awesome songs, than a band which is selling out and making 1 good album and 10 bad ones :p

his music vidio really good friends

thanks for sharing this post.thanks a lot..

This one's great! I'm becoming a big fan of this thing you've got going on here(Obscure Revealing).

Pretty badass when the production kicked in. Thanks again!