Obscure Revealing - Discovering Unknown Psychedelic Rock #202

in music •  last year 
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WOW I love this song. fantastic!

One of the songs that use to speak directly to me
I lost it when I lost my phone, thanks for reminding me of it
Gotta go download it again

Yet another great discovery thanks to you, @sature !

Didn't know the artist so i researched a bit and a most interesting thing i have found about her!

From wikipedia:

She retreated from public life after a bad LSD trip left her paranoid and hallucinating, with a ruined voice. Living with her parents and working privately in Edinburgh, she met and married bookseller Gordon Farquhar; together, they lived a nomadic lifestyle in Scotland, living on welfare benefits and moving from house to house, and later tent to tent.

Apparently she went in some sort of reclusive hermitage due to a bad trip?

I mean, certainly not the strangest thing given that those drugs need to be used with conscious behaviour (good, albeit unnecessary perhaps given that tomorrow...). I wonder what her set and setting were. Could this song be a peak into that day where exploring her own psyche costed her so much?

Ever had a bad trip? Not just challenging, just plain bad


On regards of the plain bad. I guess the plain is misused here 🤔🙂