Obscure Revealing - Discovering Unknown Psychedelic Rock #74

in music •  2 years ago

I share unknown 60s & 70s psychedelic rock. Todays song is from the UK, made in 1974.

Camel - Nimrodel / The Procession / The White Rider

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Wow! This is very good. I myself love art and this is very inspiring. Keep up the good work. @sature


Not my own art, but at least my research in music. Thank you :)

Lovely as always! @sature


Thank you :)

I enjoy your unique pearls that you find and share here. Sometimes they let me go back to my childhood. Great feeling. Thank you


Thank you very much, happy time travels! :D


THX my friend. Post more then I will go back again and again ;)))

I really enjoy this series and checking out your recommendation every week :) always groovy!


Wow thats nice, thanks a lot :)