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What a song!

I can see a great deal of Jungian psychology in here with all his discourses on the shadow self and the omnipresent presence within all of us.

Quite psychedelic even just by analyzing the etymology of this word.

Could we life wholly without integrating our dark side?
I am not talking about being cruel, but learning how to be cruel and then NOT being cruel.

Thanks for sharing. Resteemed!


Thanks for your nice words. I didn't saw the connection to Jung first, need to listen again with this new perspective! :) Thanks!


Ahah no problem! I guess everything is open to all sorts of interpretation, that's what makes hearing other people's opinion an interesting experience on its own! I am not saying that this is the true meaning of the song, but i guess it's one of the possible ones and it's true enough for me!

What do you personally think of it?

Also, thank you (yet again ) as well for sharing these nuggets of psychedelia so consistently :P

It's great.keep shating.hope it's benefits to all.carry on

Although the song is 1970, but still beautiful in that era, and nice to hear even though the old song.