Obscure Revealing - Discovering Unknown Psychedelic Rock #51

in music •  2 years ago

I share unknown 60s & 70s psychedelic rock. Todays song is from Denmark, made in 1969.

Young Flowers - And Who But I Should Be

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It's so interesting to listen to these classic prog tracks that I've never heard of before. I love how this one kicks in with those fire drums 1:00 in - total left turn. Honestly I was considering turning the track off until that hit, but then I was back in.


Thats what I like so much about this music. The changes in each track, it's always like a big story is told with its ups and downs and everything inbetween :)

I'm a big fan of psychedelic rock. Its quite peaceful when you listen to it.


Thank you, followed back :)

Love it!
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Thank you very much :)

Hello my friend
Happy day .. Beautiful music


Hello, have a happy day too :)

Great one - thanks for that memories.

Inspiered by your post, I just did a post about the German band Interzone you might enjoy it.