Obscure Revealing - Discovering Unknown Psychedelic Rock #180

in music •  last year 
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Old is good, Awesome collection,Thanks for sharing

Wow..This music very nice..I like music..I appreciate your blog..Best of luck.

Very nice old collection...

Great song in the past. Thanks for sharing @sature.

Some parts really remind of me stoner rock, loving the open leather waist coat :)

Rock on!

Again: Nice music!

1971??? This tune with its sound is quite avant-guarde for that place in time. Interesting track that exhudes peculiar just by the first looks. The psychedelic (also stoner) vibes alongside the title & the lyrics. In the drug-induced psychedelia is often hard or impossible to escape fear, especially in strong experiences.

The idea that (all) drugs are for people who are into escapism and running away from problems is therefore an obsolete statement that belongs only to few (and surprise surprise, mostly legal) substances.

Whoever says drugs are for people who can't handle reality should try 5 grams of dried mushrooms and entertain, afterwards, that same idea once again.

"Reality is for people who can't face drugs" - Tom Waits

Fucking awesome song man.

My girlfriend and I made sushi at home for the first time last week and listened to the YouTube playlist while cooking. It was awesome!

Thanks man. Rock on!