MinnowBooster Epic Update - Community Whitelist Now Online!

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Hey Steemians! This is @raycoms here bringing you an exciting new update about the MinnowBooster platform. You may not know me but I'm one of BuildTeam's top developers and one of the main driving forces behind MinnowBooster's development.

Many of you have asked for a way to eliminate abuse on the Steem blockchain and there are quite a number of people who believe that bid bots are the reason why Steem isn't more successful as an ecosystem. If you've been paying attention we have made many attempts to eliminate abuse from actively scanning the blockchain, increasing customer support agents in our discord server and updating our Terms of Service with new requirements and specific criteria for buying votes.

All of that has helped immensely but the fact of the matter is that without the help of the Steem community, there's simply no way to eliminate abuse. We've listened to Steemians and today I'm proud to announce that MinnowBooster is taking a leap forward in helping Steemians curate quality content while using the MinnowBooster voting market for visibility.

I would like to introduce the future of responsible voting...

The MinnowBooster Community Whitelist

The community whitelist was designed to enable quality content producers on the Steem blockchain to actively curate and groom other quality content producers with the goal of creating an approved whitelist made by Steemians for Steemians.

Some of the benefits of being whitelisted include:

1.) MinnowBooster Whitelist Members are allowed a total send of 100SBD / Day compared to the max send of 50SBD / day for normal users.

2.) MinnowBooster Whitelist Members receive up to 0.5% commission on votes bought by whitelist members they participated in reviewing (depending on the number of reviewers).

3.) MinnowBooster Whitelist Members receive a higher level of profitability on purchased votes when compared to normal vote buyers.

Keep in mind to get a place on the whitelist you will need to be invited by a member of the whitelist, approved by 3 additional members of the whitelist and finally approved by a MinnowBooster admin. This means that there are 5 people reviewing each account and ensures that only writers who strongly adhere to the rules outlined in the MinnowBooster Terms of Service are allowed to join!

Every whitelisted member starts with 2 invitations and 5 votes. If you vote on a whitelist applicant and they are accepted into the whitelist you receive your original vote back to be used again as well as bonus votes for being such a great voter! If you invite a member and they become accepted you receive another invitation to continue the good work!

Don't understand what I'm talking about? That is fine... Here's a simple graphic explaining it visually:

The MinnowBooster Whitelist Model

Now, I'm going to lay out how it works step by step:

1.) You must first be invited by a whitelist member.

2.) After being invited when you login to your account on https://minnowbooster.net you'll be able to see a link that says whitelist on the left in the navigation panel. Additionally you will see that the dropdown menu on the top right has a new link 'Invite to Whitelist'

You have 2 invitations which can be used to invite amazing Steem content producers.

3.) After you use your first invitation it will take you to this screen:

<img src=>

Users who have been invited are allowed 5 votes which they can use to approve or reject whitelist candidates.

To be accepted a person must be invited, receive 3 votes and be approved by an admin.

Keep in mind that your votes matter and voting correctly will result in bonus money and additional votes!

Thoughts on the MB Community Whitelist

This is a new system which we will be testing out as a beta run of what we hope becomes the new norm for all voting bots on the Steem platform. Together we can eliminate abuse and make sure that the blockchain does what it was designed to do, publish outstanding original content!

Thank you again for your patience, understanding and support of the MinnowBooster community whitelist program. There are many more good things to come!

Why choose @Minnowbooster?

Minnowbooster strives to provide a truly investor-class model for Steem investors who are either not good at curating content or do not have the time or inclination to do so and would prefer to earn a "Masternode like" competitive APR return on investment with daily payouts, and simultaneously empowering the community and stimulating the attention economy of the Steem blockchain.

Our team will continue to move forward to equip you with the services you need to succeed on Steem!

What can MINNOWBOOSTER do for you?!

Buy upvoteSBDEarn an instant return
Lease SP from marketSTEEMIncrease your vote strength and curation rewards
Delegate SP to marketSTEEM POWEREarn daily STEEM dividends
Invest STEEM in MinnowBoosterSTEEMEarn daily SBD dividends
Delegate SP to MinnowBoosterSTEEM POWEREarn daily SBD dividends
Sell your vote to MinnowBoosterVOTING POWEREarn SBD share of sells


Minimum Upvote0.01 SBDMinimum SBD you can send
Upvote comments?Can Be Enabled
ProfitAlways Guaranteed!Varies with SBD price, but always receive more than send.
Minimum Lease Purchase1 STEEM
Maximum SP Lease / Steem1 STEEM/50 SPPrice per week/Lease size
Minimum SP Lease / Steem1 STEEM/400 SPPrice per week/Lease size

Provide us with feedback

We are happy to hear your feedback about where we can improve.

Join our Discord chat

Get support and connect with us and other Minnowbooster fans!

We are always looking to improve @minnowbooster and try to keep you up-to-date whenever something changes. If you have any suggestions about what we should change or add to @minnowbooster, then please drop by and let us know!

Missed the BuildTeam announcement? Here's all the juicy details.

Minnowbooster is a @buildteam project by @thecryptodrive (witness) @cryptomancer and @reggaemuffin (witness)

Visit our flashy new website minnowbooster.net!

This is a @steemvoter subscription payment post. Thank you to Steemvoter customers for allowing us to use your Steem accounts to upvote this post by virtue of your free subscription to the Steemvoter.com bot service. @steemvoter is proudly a @buildteam subsidiary and sister project to @steemsports and @minnowbooster.


Your ToS is not visible in the FAQ section. I think you should change that ;-)
Or you could make an extra section in the navigation panel.

Maybe include a number of whitelist sellers counter on the mainpage?

It is good to see some innovation and a genuine attempt at combating abuse via bidding services. 2 questions I have that might bring this initiative unstuck.

  1. Does it create a barrier for entry for new Steemians? Potentially there is risk of creating a mega-circle jerk.

  2. Once someone is whitelisted and their behaviour turns abusive, is there any corrective mechanism to remove a pre-whitelisted member?

I think potentially this is a very good initiative if done right and participants act in the right spirit.

Very good questions. It doesn’t create a barrier for entry as people who are not whitelisted can still use Minnowbooster, they just won’t enjoy the additional benefits that the whitelist brings. In time new Steemians who produce quality content will attract attention and receive an invite from those who actively curate the whitelist. And if someone on the whitelist begins to abuse the service, they can still be banned if someone follows our normal abuse reporting procedure through our Discord support chat. Being on the whitelist does not offer special protection from that.

Normal abuse reporting procedures apply - we have no problem making the abusers fly. They can be reported in our Discord server, where it can be discussed, whether they are fit for the whitelist or not.

As for the barrier for new Steemians, i hope all reviewers don't only look at the user's rep, but actually look at the quality as well.

To up the accuracy, we might discuss whether to up the needed positive or negative votes to 5. This is still a beta, so all suggestions are welcome and all reasonable suggestions will be considered.

This evaluation thing is addictive!
I've been looking through blogs for almost 3 days straight now (and believe me, choosing whether to accept or reject is difficult! Hence my list is only 4 pages long. I keep pressing the "Back" button when I just can't decide).

I'm glad you're having fun with it; conscientious and enthusiastic reviewers such as yourself are exactly the people who will ultimately make the whitelist a success!

How would you guys like to whitelist this account? This would be SUPER helpful for some exciting updates coming in the future ;)

Good idea! I’m all for it!

My chief concern on this venture is the bottom line. Will this new initiative provide the deserves respect within the SteemIt community to make @MinnowBooster a more marketed product in the space or will it alienate users from using Minnow Booster, if say, someone doesn't get whitelisted and rages over their status.

It is quite noble of you to introduce such a revolutionary mechanism to evaluate user contribution and post quality, however nobility and bold action aren't tradable on the markets.

Due to the profitability to run Bid Bots, the space is conflated with them in a manner that reduces visibility for Minnow Boosters. I have spoken with minnows who have never heard of MB and never understood that there was a superior service on the chain. Combating the damaging effects Bid Bots have on the chain goes beyond abusers.

Regardless, it is admirable for MB to boldly place character above profits and take an aggressive step towards the prosperous direction for SteemIt. This touts the continued mission of MB of providing superior services to minnows, boosting minnows (God awful pun intended), and maximizing the future of the blockchain.

Keep the good work coming :)

I think this is a great initiative, yet I am curious about how I could get the attention of anyone in the withe list to get an invitation.

Just by commenting here you got someone’s attention! I see you have already been accepted onto the whitelist, congrats. :-) I checked out your blog too, love your amazing artwork!

I was asking mysef same question too, @anritco. Thank goodness @cryptomancer responded in a manner that is satisfactory to me.
Another question would be how about people who miss this post? How could such people get whitelist invites?
Great job from the buildteam and @minnowbooster :)

@maryfavour & @redfishpillar.

Great initiative!
Hope this will lower the abuse on here!

Btw, do vote sellers have to separately sign up for the new (and lower ROI) voting option?

Im agree with you in this part
Thoughts on the MB Community Whitelist
This is a new system which we will be testing out as a beta run of what we hope becomes the new norm for all voting bots on the Steem platform. Together we can eliminate abuse and make sure that the blockchain does what it was designed to do, publish outstanding original content!

I wish the other bot make the same thing

I have 75 SP delegated from my other account. If I delegate 25 SP more every week, will I receive dividends at the same time every day cumulative or will I receive a bunch of little dividends based on the time of the day that I delegated more SP? Thanks!

Is this White-list public? Can I see who all 80 members are already on the White-list.

Also, it is not clear that how a white-list member can invite another member. And How will I know that I have been invited to become a part of white-list. Do I get a notification somewhere on MB's website or a transaction here in my Steemit wallet with instructions in the memo. Could anyone from the team throw some light on this process?

If you got invited and past the reviews you will receive a steem transfer with a memo that you are accepted. We are currently discussing how we want to make this list available, but we want to spare the whitelisted users of unwanted spam asking them for invites.

Awesome! Thanks for the clarification. And That's true @reggaemuffin, at the starting, White-list should not be available for public viewing. Maybe after a few weeks or months once you have enough accepted members already on the white-list.

We are currently discussing how we want to make this list available, but we want to spare the whitelisted users of unwanted spam asking them for invites.

You just look at "Last upvotes" and you can see who is whitelisted (big upvotes). I think you should fix this and make whitelisted upvotes hidden. (It's just idea)

You could also look at those who received our memo on chain or received big votes on chain. But the point is that most spammers won't put in that much effort anyways.

Muffin, is it hard to get to the whitelist?)
I'd love to be there, by the way :d

Thanks @hungryhustle, the exact questions I was looking for. Seems that I am invited :) But am I already whitelisted? I see my daily limit already increased to 100 SBD

That's true @tysler. You are already whitelisted. :-D And let me know how you checked your daily limit!

I checked just now & I have 2 invites left. :-) Just click on "Invite to Whitelist" (Not sure if everyone is able to see this or only whitelisted members)

And you will be able to see this. Two invites left:

Wow nice @hungryhustle! Click on "User info" to see your Daily limits, Weekly limits, etc. I thought being able to access the drop down menu means someone has invited you to the whitelist. The actual Whitelist is a longer process where you have received 3-5 votes and approved by the Admin. We will be informed via a Transfer Memo when whitelisted, which I have yet to receive.

No @tysler. Actually if you are able to send two invites and your daily limit is increased then you are def one of those people who are in the whitelist by default. Read @reggaemuffin's comment above yours. You and I do not have to go through the whole process :-)

Great! Congrats to you and I. And always my pleasure to contribute good quality content to Steemit

Have you used all your invites @hungryhustle ;) lololol

so good to see minnowbooster working smart for the platform yet again.
This definitely gives me confidence to stay invested
Thanks Guys/Girls!

What a great initiative. Empowering the community to invite members and then evaluate their worthiness to be whitelisted. I am very proud to be able to participate in this process and believe it brings about a greater scrutiny of authors that are able to access @minnowbooster services. Therefore, bringing the cream to the top, as they say! Thanks team.

So cool to have watch minnowbooster grown so much. Thanks for the help in minnows.

This is another update for minnowbooster. Look good and sounds interesting. I hope this update will improve minnowbooster more.

This community whitelist will improve the experience for vote sellers by giving them an option to only support whitelisted members while also cleaning up the blockchain and eliminating a large portion of abuse that takes place on it. We will just have to look at the hot and trending pages in the next few days to see how much of a difference it makes.

Very cool idea, love the work you do MinnowBooster.

Thanks for helping to make Steemit a better site for everyone (especially us non-whales...)

If we all need an invite to be whitelisted, who then sends the invite since this is new which supposes no one is whitelisted already? Is minnowbooster going to whitelist some steemians without invites?

There already are a few highly regarded steemians on this list who became the first to invite others. At this moment we have 80 users on the list, tendency rising :)

Alright. I see...

i remember how long it took to get white listed at @smartmarket , in the end they still couldn't upvote 1sbd , so much for the whitelist .. @minnowbooster i can already buy upvotes for 1sbd so no need really for whitelist or 100sbd upvotes , 100sbd votes sounds more like a dolphin booster instead of a minnowbooster to me :)

Good points but keep in mind many vote sellers will select to only sell votes to high quality content producers on the whitelist so the days may be numbered for abusers, spammers, plagiarists and farmers. There may soon be no more votes available for these type of bad actors.

I really appreciate what is going on within the system and I am a very big fan of this service. Sir I have awaited an evaluation of my blog and possible invitation to the white list but haven't seen any yet. Please sir, is there something I am yet to do?

nothing wrong with filtering out the abusers , i'm always reporting plagiarism if i see it , quality of content is a different discussion some like soccer but i don't just a small example.

Wow! This is a great innovation. A real deal of thought has been put in to make this a reality. I really do hope and pray it works exactly as proposed. @minnowbooster rocks!

This is a wonderful idea! I hope I could be apart of this one day, but I don’t have enough clout on the site for now. :b

You can improve your content and at some point you will pretty likely get an invite. I know that many people who have invites are checking the comment section under this post trying to find quality authors ;)

Please sir I would really appreciate an appraisal of my blog. I have been expecting an invite to the white list but have not seen anything yet. Is there something I am still missing?

Awesome initiative of y'all to try and fight spammers/plagiarism/etc.! I wish more bots/voting services would do the same. If anyone actually sees this and feels like adding someone to the whitelist, feel free to check out my blog. Recently, I've mostly been writing poems about various topics - some funny, serious, sports, drinking...it's a pretty good mix. Hope to join y'all on the list soon!

this is similar to the @smarsteem whitelist system and I applaud @minnowbooster for finally taking this step to make sure that there is one less way for leaches to abuse the system...

if now more bot systems would follow suit then steem will become a better place

Thanks for your comment, MinnowBooster has however come up with a revolutionary whitelist system unlike any currently available; we believe we are the first movers in this area. Our Whitelist is set apart by allowing the community to nominate and vote on who should be added, the first truly community powered whitelist not controlled by any one central authority, we echo your sentiments and do hope other bots will follow suit to enhance the quality of upvoted Steem content.

well its not really community controlled since every application has to be approved by someone you appointed. The voting process beforehand is a nice touch but its still only by adhering to the rules you set.

To be accepted a person must be invited, receive 3 votes and be approved by an admin.

and I am applauding the process since this will remove a lot of scammers from the process.

Yeah we have the admin part in there to ensure that a minimum quality is met. We may give trusted users this power at some point. For now this is to ensure that malicious people don't just approve anything to get the sweet rewards of voting ;)

How do you qualify for these services?

You'll need to be invited by a MinnowBooster whitelist member. This process may take some time but eventually someone will invite you if they feel your work is good enough to make it through the challenging review process. Hopefully this will encourage people to improve the content they post on the platform! Good luck @squares.

@smartsteem you have to apply.
@minnowbooster you have to be invited by a member

I am very happy to read this
Keep it up!

I agree with what you are doing but am mortified to find that you have blacklisted me...

A system built on favoritism if you ask me. Good luck controlling the abuse...friends inviting friends, inviting friends and so on.

Well if their friends don't make the cut you loose invites. That has rather the potential to ruin friendships if one shitposts ;)

Seems like the problem with abuse might already be there unfortunately. I got rejected without even being told...when I inquired about it several times I finally got an answer from one of the users that I have been rejected. When I asked for a reason I was given none and told I was just gonna forget about it.

Would be great with more transparency of the process as well as an explanation and a notice if you have been accepted / rejected. So one knows what's going on and maybe can make the necessary changes to be approved. Been talking to @furios-one and he forwarded it to the developers so hopefully it will get implemented! :)


Should we have to contact to a white listed person. So he can check profile and invite if he/she thinks fit.
I mean how to get attention that someone "white listed" check my profile.

Just a question. How to find someone who's on the whitelist to vote for me?

You are my fav bot!

This is a brilliant idea!

Minnowbooster is setting the new standard for voting services here.

This is a solution that combines the best of human curation with the best of voting bots and will lead to better content and happy authors.

By raising profitability for white listed users Minnowbooster encourages authors to go the extra mile and produce even better content, cause it pays off.

Abusers are dealt with more effectively and see their profits drop. Recognized quality results in a higher profitability and active users get a broader curation scope.

In short: upvoting 2.0 Whats not to love about that!

breathing text.jpg

Loving the new feature and I think it's a great step forward to improving the ethics of promotional vote selling on steem.

that said, while reviewing some whitelist candidates... I did accidentally click "reject" instead of "approve"... since I am apparently even more stupid than that... I reflex-OK-ed the confirmation dialogue...

see screenshot of my activity log:

Is there any way to undo this? I feel bad for giving a decent candidate an accidental negative review!!

P.S.: luckily they have been accepted by consensus in the meantime and the only loss caused was my own vote... so everything's fine in the end and I'll try to be more "cautious" about clicking on the LEFT to accept invitees... bloody habitual brain!

"Keep in mind to get a place on the whitelist you will need to be invited by a member of the whitelist, approved by 3 additional members of the whitelist and finally approved by a MinnowBooster admin."

Doesn't there have to be a pre-established whitelist for this to happen?
Who gets to be on the whitelist before this vote system goes active?

Hello @minnowbooster,
I have read your post but I am still very new to the steemit platform and I have a few questions.
Can we be invited and accepted on the whitelist even though our posts do not use html?
What is a quality post?
I have seen many posts on steemit which are horrible but get many upvotes.
When am I not considered a minnow?
I would just like to know how much I have to invest into steem to step-up my game.
Advice from other steemians is very much welcome and appreciated.

Well, as far as I remember minnows were antipodes of whales. And whales are users with a big amount of voices/coins. So, basically, as soon as you have a low level you are considered as a minnow.
But I returned to platform day ago, so my answer may be outdated. It would be wise to ask someone else just in case.

No problems, you are welcome!

Nice. Super Saiyan Steemian account.
Being new to steam, I really hope that this site can flourish and become beneficial for those that deserve it 😊

Generic comments could be mistaken for spam.

Tips to avoid being flagged

Thank You! ⚜

Great update thanks for sharing

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Thank you for sharing this! :)

good project

good initiatives go ahead best of luck to all

This is a great update.
it will take me awhile to undertand it.

but as much as i understand rn it is a great idea

Awesome update. Excited!

Nice New Concept! I've never Seen An Invite To A White list Before! Maybe I Will Be Whitelisted!

Thanks for the effort of purifying the Steem content, now I need someone to invite me for the whitelist!

It's awesome to see you guys taking a good service and making it even better. Appreciate the efforts of the entire team.

This post kind helped me to understand why the quality of content decreased so much - I wasn't here for 5 months and can see a great difference.

Can someone share the knowledge or links to guides about "How to promote on Steemit nowadays"?
I thought that I can just write quality posts about game development and be okay, but it looks like now it's not that simple.

😀hi what kind of robot?

I will use it ,but make more less for the initials ,it is difficult for then to exchange..

Good idea, anything to improve the content of posts is welcome, hoping to be chosen someday! 😋💃

Nice post, upvoted @minnowbooster
Greetings of friendship @rexobal

Thanks for the ​informative post!

This is something I've really wanted to see. Great job @minnowbooster Hope I'd get my own invitation soon. Best of Luck!

Keep working on your writing and you might be noticed.

The work you currently have could be a bit longer and more personal with much more detail.

Once you do a couple of those things you might get noticed.

Thanks for the feedback. I guess I'll get better with experience. I'm pretty new to blogging actually.

Alrighty, I'll throw my name out there as well then in hopes of someone taking the time to look at my account and hopefully get some whitelist action. :P Keep in mind, I'm all about video not writing.

Once sign in to www.minnowbooster.net. I have no idea how I could be whitelisted. Do I have to contact other steeminans or I will be picked by other steeminans? Please help me on this! Thanks a lot in advance!

This post has been upvoted by @steem-ambassador.

The #promo-steem mission is to support high quality promotional and educational posts which raise the profile and value of STEEM.

For full details of the programme, please visit https://promo-steem.com

Good move on creating a whitelist.

@smartsteem and @minnowbooster are creating better platforms.

Great news for new steemer...

I believe this is a great step forward for the betterment of Steem ecosystem. Quantity and quality both are important. So far, a dominant quantity based content was required to bring Steemit up in Alexa ranking in different parts of the world. Now is the time, we focus on quality of the content. You got my support.

Hi nice article.....Keep writing that's like article and let's help each other also checkout my post click here

I would like to become a whitelist member. Do I need to contribute to minnowbooster to do so? I delegate via minnowbooster but didn't know if I had to get in contact with a whale to initiate an invitation. Just curious. Thanks!

This is a critical post. I really enjoyed reading this post. I believe that such posts are the reasons steemit is up and running. Keep it up buddie.

I have been invited and approved for the Whitelist. An excellent program and an asset to the Steem community.

What's your criteria for this set of users?

If it's just all users that register between now and a set point in the future, you could use the setting under Admin/System/Registration - Give new users this role. Very simple.

If you're wanting to distinguish between some users based on another criteria it will not be easy and may not be possible at all.

However, if you have an SSO you could have a lot more flexibility - you can assign roles based on rules in your CRM that are passed to Lithium when the user signs in to ensure the appropriate entitlements/status. An example might be whether the community member is a paid-up subscriber or not.

Ini adalah ide yang bagus! Aku berharap aku bisa menjadi terpisah dari satu hari, tapi aku tak punya cukup kekuatan di situs ini untuk sekarang.

Well that's a great step to combat abuse. I think most people are not expert bloggers so a tiered system with an increase in vote availability for the higher tiered users may be good. Maybe based on number of votes received in a set period after being invited? This would probably work better if many people were on the white list and only users on it could vote. I love the idea, just giving further suggestions, although I'm sure you have many.

Also my content is basically just images so I would be curious to see what people think of it, I feel like I wouldn't get white listed but if anyone fancy's looking feedback would be appreciated (the images are puzzles that need solving so its not their quality that should be assessed).

is possible to get profit? from some token?

I'm agree with you in this part. I saw your all post is amazing and very helpful

will join the discord channel now hope it will help

Very interesting concept. I have been using MB for months and it has been a huge boost to my posts. I noticed the whitelist vote power on the website and had to come see what it was about. Hopefully I can get on the whitelist, and if not, still a great service.

Good post........ Thanks my friend @minnowbooster

Hey minnowbooster Team,

Keep on the awesome work!

This is a new method which will be tested as we have a steam platform, which is expected for new values ​​for all our votes. Together we can not abuse and block the code.

This is really cool. Can anyone please send me a invite for the whitelist?

I want to be white listed :(

i have invited you, good luck

Thaaaaank youu so muuch :D :D :D

looking to get an invite...


never mind , seems like I got rejected by the community without any reason given...

allow me to translate this blog into burmese language! i wanna tell all my fri about the whitelist! Thanks!

Can anyone who write their mother language be whitelist?

I would love to be considered for the white list. I am a photographer with twenty years of adventure travel photography experience across more than thirty countries. I have over 80k followers across social media and over 1k here on steemit. You can see my work here https://steemit.com/@intrepidphotos

your posts are too short.... even if you get invited there is a chance it won't be approved

I don't agree that post quality is linked to length. I do sometimes post longer posts (like the one I just posted today). However I most frequently post a lot of smaller posts as being a professional photographer its more about the quality of my photographic work than the text.

Super great to see all of that.
I am still figuring things out and use minnowbooster and I like it.
I like it a lot :)
Great people behind it too.
Super well done guys :)

Excellent initiative to guarantee quality content. And thanks to those who approved me to be part of the white list.

Woah! This pretty much explains why I don't see the "Invite to Whitelist" button, so I need to be invited by a Whitelisted member first? XD.

I recommend adding this to your FAQ as I have to search google first to come across this blog post :)

excellent MB, thank you very much for allowing us to use your services in this great platform like Steemit (hopefully the other bots keep doing a good job)

Take your gang and stick it in your ear.


Was it something i said, @techblogger?

No conversation, just off with my head?

Randomly called people rapists, wonders why being flagged.

I notice their was no contradiction of my assertion, huh?

There was nothing to contradict. I would gladly discuss whatever your thoughts were with you if you were charitable enough to actually provide arguments and refrained from name calling.

False premise, ignored.

Ok, its my assertion that receiving rewards from the pool that come from any source other than a noncolluding other is reward pool rape.

I further assert that ganging up to collusively vote each other is also raping the reward pool.
Gangs receive from the many to give to the few, they disadvantage everybody that doesnt join in the collusion, and most of those that do.

By teaming up to rape the rewards pool they take from every other vote on the platform by creating an advantage in the math that devalues every other vote.

Cat get your tongue?

False premise, ignored.


I would gladly discuss whatever your thoughts were with you if you were charitable enough to actually provide arguments and refrained from name calling.

False statement.

by commenting here can i potentially be whitelisted? how does one know the whitelistee's lol