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50.000 steps on @actifit? I woke up sweating.

Something @aislingcronin had said really threw me off guard. It was over 3 weeks ago, but still on top of my mind.

I woke from my sleep to a blaring alarm, groggily opening his eyes as I sat up in bed. Outside the window, the still dark morning made it look as though it was the middle of the night. It felt like I was back in the woods in @nmcdougal94’s cabin again.

After 3 nights of struggling, trying and hoping the insanity would go away, I couldn’t take it any more. I called up @wakeupkitty to meet up at the @freewritehouse. I hadn’t been there for over a week. People were starting to wonder if March Madness had gotten the best of me. In reality, it had.

As we walked in @owasco was playing the piano. The notes serenaded through Jerry’s as she sang
"everyone is caught by the gravity
of the moment
creation is creation
it takes a village
for high art to be born"

The place was packed. We sat down at the bar next to @fitinfun who was trying to motivate me to be more proactive. "I won several contests this week for sbi and steem. You can do more, but don’t give me that 7 push ups and post a movie of it to twitter stuff. Tweets that go nowhere but to other steemers on twitter are not a good use of time.”
She was literally talking down the one thing I’d been able to keep up. But it wasn’t that. It wasn’t the 50k steps on Actifit or 50k words written. Something else was getting into my head.

@pixiehunter came over to greet me
"Dude, why the heck are you so jittery? I mean your hands are shaking like you had caffeine overload. You know @fitinfun would have your head if you had an energy drink."
@improv and @wonderwop also came over to look at me “What’s up?"
"I was just so tired and feeling slightly overwhelmed by the tasks that I have to do. Plus the fact that I couldn't eat meat today, didn't help with my mood.” I responded.

"Moesta et errabunda” @dranuvar said from behind the bar. "What do you mean?” I asked. “You don’t know Baudelaire? Well, you gave the first step and reached here, there will be time for everything else” He responded while handing me a drink.

I saw in the corner of my eye and went up to him "Can I have a word?” "Sure. Come on in, take a seat.”
"I noticed @carolkean held something in her left hand. A piece of paper? An envelope. She wouldn't keep still, so it was hard to see. I keep having dreams, does it have anything to do with it?”

He laughed. "Yes, this is actually a dream. And @carolkean is your dreamkeeper"
I blinked at him. “Do tell.”
He explained “@kaelci, @paul.atreides, @fitinfun, @grandiosae, @improv and @wonderwop will be checking on you. The whole @mariannewest boulevard has cameras checking on you for a finale"

Things kept get more complicated. "That’s so strange” I said to @balticbadger who had previously given me advice before “I taught the weekend trip would be the finale, but than last week happened and now I feel so out of sync. He looked at me peacefully and said "These questions are not for me to answer, @jeanlucsr, YOU must decide your fate”

I felt like I needed a change up. Something about visiting the upper hill side of Steem City was trying to get to me.

I was planning to go last weekend, but than the Freewrite weekend trip happened. And honestly, I preferred staying on the @mariannewest boulevard. It was where all the good freewrite memories started. This boulevard, the Japanese Restaurant @nathanmars and the Surinamese card shop @faustofraser right around the corner had been the places that got me hooked on Steem City. That and the @partiko designs @d00k13 used in his bar which I kinda got addicted to as well.

"How can we know anything about what’s “up there” when the only people going are paid for by various governments that we know are lying liars that lie?” I asked @fitinfun. “I hear there is only one place there, called Deep Space” she recalled “It’s a contemporary place, but you might get into experimentative territory.
"I never mind helping a friend or family member. Don’t mind getting a reward either" @aejackson said "But subjecting my body to scientific experimentation may have been one step too far.” I kept getting tenser. @tristancarax came over to lighten the mood "In a time not so long ago, I was in deep space. I'd found myself there after a night of heavy drinking in a club I frequented. It was mind-blowing.” I couldn’t tell if he was joking or not.

"Give me a minute to think this over” I told @wakeupkitty. "It's not upon me to say what is a wise thing to do.” She responded. Other freewriters at the @freewritehouse tried to lighten the mood. @lacl give it a positive spin "Deep space place of meditation for relaxation, this is what comes to mind when listening to this phrase!" @kimberlylane even came up with a cheer
"Deep Space, in outer,
Deep Space, in inner,
Let’s go to that DEEP place,
A space-place please, deep, deep, space play!"
@d00k13 refilled my cup and sent me on my way
"With out a single cup we be quitters.
On the go cups for the quick hitters. Heck, you know what, I'll join"

@harmonyval decided to give us a lift to the upper hill area of Steem City. She know the area because there were a couple of good places to eat nearby. It was quite chilly on that part of the city. It was evening, but the sun hadn't set yet. It was quite bright, still but slowly getting cloudy. The were a lot of dapp signs along the road. "They read in silence." @wakeupkitty whispered in my ear.

As we arrived, @botefarm hit me with a motivational poem.
"Between us, a deep space
In all honesty, here lies the best
Closely looking, integrity intact
Sad, true, bizarre, fact
This is the man for the job."

@paul.atreides brought into the Deep Space location. It was weird, as I didn’t quite recognize anything. He explained "We often do not think that what happens in deep space will have an effect on our lives but the truth is that it really does. Be careful where you walk"
I heard different languages, like there were translators all over the place. I recognized fellow freewriter @isgledysduarte explaining a more personal approach behind what deep space was "Sola con el sonido de sus olas, sola con mis pensamientos, en un espacio profundo de intimidad"

All of a sudden everything changed. In what felt like seconds it went from creepy to plain out weird.

We had changed into monkeys. Twelve. Twelve monkeys. I looked at @improv, "did you have anything to do with this?"
"I think I've made a mistake," said. "I thought this was the place to come for a journey into deep space.”
@d00k13 angrily looked at him "But is there a solution? Seriously is there anything that can be done?”
“I have a feeling” @botefarm slowly said while looking at me "What brought here was payback" responded:
It’s a zapfic illusion. The monkeys symbolize something. You just have to figure it out. It will go quicker than you think. 30 minutes at most.
“30 more minutes?” @mr-neil shouted "Please help me. I’m going to subjected to another 30 minutes.”
“Ok, I’m just making a suggestion,” said @nmcdougal94 looking at me “grant yourself super strength, super speed, invulnerability, and the ability to fly"
"You would think that if you were going to have a deep space walk, you would have the correct equipment on board.” @wonderwop said “Bruni believes you can do it"

With that I started my zapfic:
This was my last march madness freewrite
A penny for my thoughts,
A nickel for the mmfans,
A dime for those who find the easter eggs
The monkey symbolizes my 12 responsibilities
In Dutch there is a saying 12 crafts, 13 accidents

The March Madness Fan Contest (5 STEEM Giveaway)

Halfway through March Madness I promised and even announced a mmfan contest. I didn't keep my promise, as I never wrote any of the missing freewrites up until today. I still have the 5 steem in my wallet and I want to make up for not following through the first time, so I'm giving it away on this readers of this post.

This freewrite will serve as the outro to my freewritehouse march madness series. Below a listing of all episodes:
1 - A Night at Jerry’s
2 - The audition for Saturday Night dancers
3 - The Meat and Gravy that wasn’t
4 - 500 Shades of Freewrite
5 - Much Ado About A Minivan
6 - Flying mushrooms and liquor trips
7 - The Freewrite Novel: A Quick Snapshot
8 - Good beads on dead Tuesday
9 - Nothing beads a pound cake
10 - The Weekend Road Trip

To participate in the MMFAN Contest you will have to:

  1. Comment on this post by using the #mmfan hashtag. Preferably a response of 25+ words, not just commenting the hashtag
  2. I will respond to every #mmfan comment and will include an 5-25% upvote (currently worth $0.002-$0.010).
  3. Let me know which episode was your favorite and which character was your favorite. Please elaborate why.
    I will choose the winners next weekend and will make a post on Sunday April 7th announcing the winners with prove of payout.

The awesome people and their stories that made this freewrite possible:
@wakeupkitty >
@harmonyval >
@nmcdougal94 >
@owasco >
@d00k13 >
@fitinfun >
@botefarm >
@mr-neil >
@aejackson >
@wonderwop >
@improv >
@pixiehunter > >
@balticbadger >
@paul.atreides >
@lacl >
@isgledysduarte >
@dranuvar >
@kimberlylane >
@tristancarax >
@carolkean >
@mariannewest >

Word count: 1357 words
March Madness total: 9578

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Special shoutout to @zord189 for this awesome signature

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Please, save the awards got deserving fans! I'm just here to say that is an epic outro! The cool thing about these contests is meeting amazing steemians! Great work!

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Thanks @balticbadger!
Had a lot of fun changing the lines from your stories into a completely different context 😅.

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Dear @helpiecake,
Thank you and your community so much for the support!

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I smell a spin off ....The Card Store; The mistery of the missing Crypto's...:)


Haha.. I think I'm good for now 😂

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Wow! I had quite alot to say, didn't I? Good work, my friend, very entertaining! :)

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Haha.. glad you liked it!
I think I used multiple freewrites of yours for this one 😅.

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Oh my goodness I got to play the piano and sing!
How can one have a favorite character in your epic story? They were all so nicely in tune with their actual writings!
I love that you asked @improv if he had anything to do with the monkeys, that @wakeupkitty kept tipping you into fantasy (maybe she had something to do with the monkeys), I think I love all your characters.
I'm going with @wonderwop though, you nailed him. His great nose for diamonds in the rough and his helpfulness came through in your stories and here you have ended with his ultimate faith in all of us.


You are a true #mmfan 😊
I think @improv really made me push the envelope with the monkeys, but it gave the story an unexpected twist. I think @wakeupkitty's consistency really help me a lot. Not only is she in every story because she was one of the few that conquered march madness, but she always had so many lines to pick from in her stories.
And where would we be without @wonderwop 😊.

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You punch these out with the apparent speed and ease of an algorithm, though I'm sure it takes a big investment of time and effort to write these clever riffs. Bravo!


Thanks for the compliment 😊.

The writing goes quite smooth indeed. The preparation part (going through everyones freewrite and picking out lines) is a real big investment of time indeed. But in the end I do feel it is worth it.

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I know all too well how long it takes to read each day's freewrites. Hats off to the volunteers who deliver new prompts daily. If that project has fallen by the wayside, it's no surprise. Thank you for your persistence and dedication and imaginative blending of the prompts and posts!


Um, was I supposed to be using the #mmfan tag? I'm not in this for the money and I'm long overdue to go back to hosting some writing contests like I used to. Prizes! Contests! Promotions! you are savvy and you're a great team player. Thanks for making Steemit and freewritehouse even more fun and rewarding. :)


Don't worry. I'll count your comments on today's post as an entry 👍

I'm happy to have joined the freewritehouse and be part of this. Also love connecting with many established writers who are being so supportive ❤

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Instead of meat, you could have eaten fish the new freewriter @myjob is great in catching them.

You will finish your book or short story. 7500 words will do too at Amazon

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Haha.. good to know!
Will be keeping an extra eye on @myjob this week.

7.5k is enough for Amazon? Interesting 🤔

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· 23 pages

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