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Adam's mum Blog #26

World through the eyes of a child

Hi everyone

It's me again.

You know how much has changed since I last wrote to you.

Mom always say that I'm so big. Looking at her, it seems to me that I am small, but I may be wrong?

Returning to the news 😉

I have 2 teeth. Sometimes they hurt me. Then I cry and put my hands in my mouth. My mother gives me super teethers - he helps me with pain.

I roll over from the belly on my back and from my back on my tummy.
I can do it smoothly. And I don't even cry because I know I can change my position by myself. I heard my mother say to my dad that she is proud of me.

I have recently learned a new skill. I can stand up on my hands and feet. Mum says I'll be crawling soon, but I don't know what it means.
I'm throwing you a video of how I'm doing it, so that you know what I mean 😉.
I can stand even higher, but you know this camera distracted me. I had to smile.

You know what I like to do. Bathe. I like to splash with water.
This is so much fun.
My parents say they will take me to the swimming pool.
But what is this pool? I'm a bit scared, but my mom says it will be fun.
I hope she is not wrong. Maybe the pool is a big bathtub?

I would forget to tell you. This week I was at the restaurant.
Wow 😉.
It was fun. I watched such nice chandeliers. And there were some pictures on the ceiling. Cool.

Also this week I met my two cousins. One was 4 yo and the other 10 months old. They were cool. A bit similar to me. The older one brought me toys all the time, but the younger one took them from me. Hmm ... I prefer the older one.

Oh... I go sot tired of this writing. I need to go to sleep.
I will start crying, my mother will feed me and I will go to sleep.
Good night steemit friends. I hope to write something soon.

Ps. I like to read your comments about me. Thank you very much for your kind words.

Xoxo ADAM - Big boy 😉

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Aww so lovely @supercryptomom! My lil bro share the same passion with you: bathing. He splashes water too. Babies are awesome ♡♡♡

Thank you.
It's such a joy to see how babies are enjoy life :)

Exactly, it's such a delight

Hahaha. So sweet. And those 2 teeth makes him even more sweet.

Thank you. You're right abouth his teeth :D

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