Inktober day 18 a combination of two words "Rat Bottles"

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Today's drawing see's our witches involved in a bit of a kerfuffle.


Morganna was not amused.

Agnes knew full well that Morganna's familiar was an elephant. And she surely knew how elephants and rats got along.

One could make excuses for Agnes, having over done it a bit hitting the Bottle, but honestly; multiplying her own familiar into dozens of Rats was just the bitter end

I could not resist the combination of today's #inktober word : "bottle" and today's #drawlloween word: "rats".

I haven't really had time to share process shots of my inking this month, but I did make a funny little gif of today's drawing.

I should have really chose something more simple and less involved for today.

Yet, when I saw the word pairing today my mind just went straight to this. The idea that two witch friends each having familiars that are already not compatible, the rat and the elephant, and then considering bottle and drinking, I mean, I just had to.

Well, my days are still hectic and busy and so having spent so much of my morning into afternoon on this, I had better cut this post short.

Oh, but I am wanted to remember to tag @yidneth as I thought of her when doing this drawing, she LOVES rats :)

Let's not forget to share another fellow inktoberian today.

I think that @vermillionfox darling ink for day 13 "guarded" is great and you should go check that out.

I hope all of you have a great thursday and if you get a chance to ink and join in with all of us, go for it!

And check out my other #inktober posts thus far:

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The stark black and white of your images always strikes me. Lovely work

Thanks so much @steevc I really LOVE doing stark black and white. As I have said before, when I get to the inking stage it's very zen. OF course prior to that is a lot sketches and erasing and trying out different things, but once it's laid out and ready for ink, it's very meditative.

Really good drawings! :D

Thanks so much!

Absolutely stunning artwork, I have to confess the elephant really tickles my fancy - and the double pour from the wine bottles is really inspired.

Day 4 the Spell my youngest boy loves - because he is obsessed with pugs - but you really have excelled in these ink drawings they are all stunning.

#thealliance #witness

Thank you so much @c0ff33a ! I love pugs too :)

It's been a fun project this month and quite literally with all I have on my plate this month, it's been my balance.

Your Inktober is so elegant and lovely!! Also amazing attention to details ^-^ The whole collection is impressive and great to see together.

Thanks so much @kristyglas. I usually only share the most recent say 3-5 previous posts, but this month I can't help but keep linking all the #inktobers as I like seeing them all together as well :)

Hehehe nice one for tackling both of the themes. I have to say that I was also tempted to combine both prompts together, but in the end, I only chose one.
I like the little story that you put with your artworks ^_^.

I'm always making up little stories in my head anyway, so I figure, why not include them to give my own idea for the work.

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wow, I don't have words!!! I love every piece of this series, but this is really super!

Thank you so much @silviabeneforti. I realized after posting it, that I meant to add smoke to her cigarette to fill the empty space above her to balance the elepant on the left hand side. I'll do it later and post about it :)

These paintings are amazing, I'm impressed ... good post @donnadavisart

Well, gee, thanks @teungkumerdu :)

are you welcome...

You're incredibly skilled! Wow.

That is a great compliment, thanks a bunch. I love doing them.


I made a post with your Inktober witches on the federated media Diaspora. Both to promote Steemit and your fine pieces.

OH, wow, this is so nice! Thank you. I'll have to check out what that site is all about.

I love our steemit artists guild :) The milleau of steemit artists.

Diaspora or the federation is a decentralised social network where many servers hosted by private persons "talk" together. It is not completely decentralised like Steemit, but older and in some ways more effective. I have been there for six years now, and it is kind of a nice little village of privacy aware outsiders.

Is it a myth that elephants are not fond of rats? Hahaha! So cute :) I like the conflicting witches' familiars :D Like cats and dogs !

It's just a thing that elephants are scared of mice and rats because they can go up their trunks and suffocate them. i don't know if it's true but it's just a trope that has always been around, so I thought it'd be fun to play on. :)

Another excellent interpretation. I guess two words make this challenge even mor fun 😀

awesome! i like that elephant , it has a nice composition

Indeed I do do do love ratties, would not mind a feeder like that full of furry doses of happiness

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