Inktober Day 3: "Roasted"

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My drawing for day 3 of #inktober finds our witch and her familiar in a bit of a sticky wicket.


Here is the entire piece:

Elsbeth thought a toasy fire was a great way to spend a rainy afternoon.

"Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing," she thought.

I'm trying to decide if have some text to go along with my #inktober drawings might be sort of fun.

I'm also trying to decide if I want to include the prompt word when I lay them out to put on prints and clothes and such. Maybe something along the line of this, as I did with the first one, what do you think? With a border and the Prompt word in there?


I think it might be a nice way to use these images this month. Though, I won't start putting them on anything most like until the weekend as I still have my wretched dentist things to see to this week and so much to-doing as well.

On that note I shall make it short and sweet today, as I spent Most of my morning on the layout, sketch and inking of today's piece.

If you haven't joined in on #inktober yet, why not give it a go?

I was also thinking, as it seems a few other Steemians are joining in, maybe I'll share someones inking for the day in my post. In that sort of community spirit I do love here. So, today why not check out @opheliafu inking today, it's cleverly done on aluminum foil or tin foil or kitchen foil, or whatever you call it. Check hers out here.

If you like my posts by all means upvote, resteem, and comment. I always appreciate comments.

And check out my other posts.

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I would love to see some text with your images! It would give your art another dimension! This one is very nice! But I must say it was the easiest one to understand until now :) Thank you for sharing! :)


Thanks yeah I did add text to this one, just not in the image but under it. I like them to be a bit ambiguous so you have to sort of hunt for the images in the pattern :)

Hehehe this one looks like to me that she's trying to save the bird away from the fire around them.
What a strange and exciting scene you drew here, Donna :).


Thanks @scrawly, I figutes 'roasted' could be fun in my witch theme :) Her raven familiar is wondering if she has it all under control or not :)

I hope I can still join in this inktober challenge! Terrific work, @donnadavisart! And yes putting some words in your drawings are a lot fun!


Thanks @christianyocte I think I might continue that :)

love your creativity, you have wonderful work, love your style.

Oops! XD The text adds to the fun if you decide to add any more for future ones :D Hope she managed to deal with the out of control campfire XD

Nice. I love drawings with big black and white areas ^.^


Thank you, I'm focusing on just high and low lights with not any midground.

Wow, really beautiful!!! It's really perfect to represent the word of today and I love how everything works here, from the with to her familiar and others!


Thanks a lot @silviabeneforti. It's a fun challenge this year to use a theme to address the prompts. Today is the best day "Spell" and we'll see, as I've mentioned today is root canal day arghhh :/

Your inktobers are incredible. Love "Poison" as well, such amazing design.


Gee thanks @twirble, it's going to help me focus through this busy month!

It's so much dynamic in it! I love <3
I miss inktober this year, have to much to draw in CG. So I will just go to your blog every day and enjoy your challenge artworks:)


I've been loving your progression on your works on your blog well done! They seem to be really well received which is also nice. :)

This seems a busy time of the year for a lot of us.

She looks like she's a fierce one, this witch ! The pose is striking and I love the movement of her dress and hair so much <3 Nice !!!


Thanks a lot @veryspider. I'm really trying to focus on light and dark and trying to tell a story without too much midground. That might change as the month goes on, but depending on how busy my days are!

Another killer pose! And I really like how the word looks incorporated into the drawing.


Thanks @la-fumettista I kind of thought using the words in the layout for things and prints would be nice. It should be an interesting collection by the end.

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Great works very stylish and creative! It's nice to see all those ink drawings everywhere :)


I know its been nice after the hard fork down time. :)


the downtime really sucked I thought steemit committed suicide lol

Wow, this is just amazing I love your style, I don't know why but it made me remember Lisa Lisa from JoJo lol


Thank you, I didn't get that reference so I looked up JoJo, it's really cool.

you are such talented artist... i think i should try to join this #inktober, thank you for the information.


You should to, it's a fun way to draw ever day!

OOOh i love your works the first one remind me of a ancient wonder woman XD I don not know why, but i like most the last one, so charming.