My Witness Application by 👨🏼‍💻 @c0ff33a ☕️

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During the 15 moons (as so eloquently puts it) I have been on Steemit, my followers have steadily grown and I have found many, many friends on here. In this time I have grown more and more committed to reading and sharing as much content as I can from the incredible content creators this platform has. I was fortunate to join the #thealliance family founded and led by the Witness @enginewitty , it has been an inspiring experience being around a group of such dedicated content creators who support as many as they can, engage with so many and ensure this platform retains active accounts.

Some people say...

I leave lot's of comments, I don't notice it myself but as part of my daily routine on Steemit I enjoy reading through posts, upvoting them and leaving a comment that will at least mean something to the content creator and hopefully inspire them. I am particularly keen to support new and growing accounts, and make the effort to seek out the content creators making excellent posts but receiving very little in rewards for them - and do what I can to help with upvote and resteem to gain visibility for their posts.

What does this have to be with being a Witness...

I have invested a large amount of my time and money into this platform, and I would like to see it continue to grow and prosper in the future. Steemit is based around the cryptocurrency and blockchain Steem, everything we do on here is processed through servers around that world which are hosted and managed by actual members of Steemit - they are called Witnesses and without them this platform we all love would not exist. We can all vote for Witnesses, and we all should be doing so - the top 20 Witnesses who have the greatest number of community votes with the highest Vests (Steem Power) from them hold influential control on the direction this platform takes - so part of our voting a Witness is to ensure the people we vote for are contributors to the community and have the best intentions for this platform. Outside the top 20 are the back up Witnesses, who are still supporting this platform by running the blockchain and processing transactions. It is my belief that every Witness is contributing to keeping Steemit running, and that is why I decided to invest time and money into running a Witness server.

What are the specifications of your Witness Server?

I read many, many guides while researching being a Witness - and of course I searched Steemit for them because that seemed the obvious place. The problem with Steemit posts is they are locked after 7 days, so the guides can not be updated to reflect changes in both the Steemd process version itself or the requirements to run a server. The most helpful guides I found were by Witness @yehey and he now has this Witness set up and install guide which exists outside of Steemit so he can update it to reflect changes in the software and required hardware.

My Witness server consists of

2 x Intel Xeon L5640 2.26ghz 6 core CPUs
32 GB Ram
250 GB SSD
Ubuntu 16.04.4

32 GB Ram is barely enough to replay the blockchain, and I will need to upgrade the server in the very near future to keep up with the blockchains growth. To give you an idea of how quickly it is growing, last October the Blockchain was 36gb in size, two weeks ago when I downloaded it to replay on my server it had grown to 106gb and it is growing every day.

The server is handling the work of running the Steemd process well, when I first approached the idea of being a Witness I decided to run something that would be affordable - so I can climb up the Witness ranks at a realistic pace without feeling pressure. If I progress well I will reinvest into a more powerful server and add a Node Server to increase my support of the Blockchain.

I have a Plan...

I did not wake up one day and decide it would be a good day to start running a Witness server. I have read a considerable amount about the process and requirements, including understanding that I need to gather the votes of the community to climb up the Witness ranks. Partly I expect to achieve this naturally, although I am very keen where possible for people to avoid displacing an existing active Witness vote with one for myself. What I would like to do is fill the gaps, gain a vote where there is a spare slot available or when an inactive Witness is voted for. In addition my plan is to encourage Witness voting to the many active accounts that have still not placed a single vote - I strongly believe many people are still not voting for Witnesses because they do not know how, or they do not understand the significance. By creating educational posts about Witness voting, and sharing posts made in the community about it I hope to increase awareness and participation to further the progress of this platform.

What skill or ability can you contribute as a Witness?

With 20 years experience of running my own websites, I have the technical ability to run and maintain a Witness Server. I have manually compiled Steemd rather then running the Docker pre-built system, and learned a great deal about the blockchain and how it runs along the way.

The greatest contribution I can give however, is what I already do on a daily basis - read and share posts leaving insightful and encouraging comments. While the Blockchain needs Servers to run it, we still need content creators to generate posts - retaining and encouraging them is key and I dedicate a considerable amount of my time to spreading my own upvote around as many people as I can.

By running a Witness server, I am making my own personal statement to say after 15 months of posting on Steemit I am here to stay for the long haul. I believe in this platform and more importantly I believe in all the incredible content creators that post on it every single week, sharing aspects of their life, writing incredible stories or poems, sharing photography of places from around the world many of us would never see otherwise.

This is my way of giving back to platform that has brought me so much joy and friendship, and every Witness vote I receive will help me to reconcile a problem I created when I joined Steemit of following every single account I came across.

How can we vote for you as Witness?

Voting for any Witness is very easy, although before you vote anyone you should research the account and find out what they are doing to contribute to and support Steemit. Just go to this page or use the hamburger menu top right next to your logo picture, and choose Vote For Witnesses from there. The Top 50 you can can easily select from the list, for anyone else you wish to add you need to enter their account name in this box at the bottom of the list


If you wish to vote for me I would advise you to copy my account name


And then paste it into the Vote box. If you are typing my account name it is
c zero f f three three a

If you made it this far...

Thank you very much for sticking with me, this is probably the longest single piece of writing I have done so far on Steemit. I have tweaked and revised it many times, to be honest I am still not happy with it but after two days of tweaking and editing it's starting to eat into my comment and upvote time in an unacceptable way. I could have mentioned so many accounts on here that have influenced and helped me, but I did not want to turn this into some sort of needy mention all the accounts to get noticed. I mentioned @enginewitty because he has had a profound effect on my entire outlook on Steemit, I truly respect the way he invests so much time and effort into people on here and supports them. While I was putting my server together, @yehey guides were the most helpful to get me up and running and he is a very active and supportive Witness who earned my vote because he takes the time to share his knowledge.

I would like to say I have the upmost respect for sircork, his work with youarehope is exemplary and I know he deserves a far higher Witness rank then he is currently reaching - the work he does supporting the most needy around the world through this blockchain is incredible and something we should all support. I don't need to mention him, he is omnipotent and will see this using the force.

I also have the most incredible respect for Drakos, even though I have never interacted with him in any way. Throughout my research he is always appearing helping and guiding people, a man always willing to share knowledge and help. Prevalent throughout various Discord servers and also Steemit Chat - he is a Witness that will always have my vote for his technical knowledge and approachable demure.

Finally, I struggled for some time to decide if I should keep this post business like - or finish it with my usual footer which is almost a post in itself. I decided to listen to the many people (you all know who you are) who keep telling me to keep being "ME" - so the footer stays because it really is a little part of me 🤗

Some of my previous posts you might have missed

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The C0ff33 Vlog 26th May 2018
Sublime Sunday by @c0ff33a ☕️

Kind thanks to @enginewitty for employing his Ninja graphic design skills and producing this 🔥 banner

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The picture to the right kindly sketched by the wonderful , be sure to check her incredible art out

The greatest challenge we face on Steemit is getting our posts seen, I have always believed the simplest and best value way of doing this is by commenting on the blog posts of others, the more you engage people and interact with them the greater the chance they will visit your own blog and return to the favour.

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Wicked awesome my man! I was pretty smiley reading this, lemme tell ya! Glad to have someone that cares as much about the future of this chain as several others. Open arms brosef.

as a new witness, trust me... save yourself the trouble and go with a bigger server I burned through at least 50 SBD having to upgrade and reorder. Anyways I'd say go with privex and pay using steem/sbd for the 64 GB server, cause that's what I did go with in the end haha. Cheers

  ·  last year 

Well, good thing I looked! The vote I cast days ago did not take? so now it's there again. I don't know what was up with all that.

Next let me just say I'm SO SO happy you kept YOU in your footer :D You ARE words and the best kind of words a person can get.

You offer encouragement to those everywhere and get upset when you see great posts not getting their due.

Knowing you are now stepping in to have a say in how the blockcain works makes me very happy for the future of it also!!!

  ·  last year 

Congratulations on becoming a witness! I have always loved the way you reach out to the community in a public way and are still pulling strings behind the scenes in discord groups quietly. You are one of my Steemit heroes! You got my vote.

  ·  last year 

Awesome man! I will have a vote on for you asap and I'll send @tyedyefirepower as well.

  ·  last year 

Thank you so much, that had made a massive difference from both accounts and I really appreciate it. Hopefully I can back up all this support by giving as much as I can to the community in general.

Esta noticia me hace feliz porque es lo que necesita Steemit, testigos verdaderamente comprometidos con su progreso. Un saludo caballero @c0ff33a tiene mi apoyo.

  ·  last year (edited)

I am excited for you my dear friend! I will vote for you for sure!! Congrats! :) Done!

  ·  last year 

36 persons will upvote you from my team Mr @c0ff33a I still remember when you help me and now my turn to help you

  ·  last year 

Thank you very much my friend, I saw them all come in as well all that support is very much appreciated I will do as much as I can to give the same back to you all.

  ·  last year (edited)

I thought you were never gonna give this huge step but finally you did!!

@c0ff33a Of course you have to be a witness 'cause, the same as @enginewitty, you do a lot for all of us in and out of @thealliance.

You got my upvote now, so congrats and keep Steemit as the best social media ever!

Post resteemed so that everyone meet the new Witness!! =D

Wow, great post! I am still pretty clueless as far as the internal workings of steemit, including witnesses, but of course, you have my vote!
You are quite encouraging, and I love getting comments from you. :D
Best of luck in all this!

  ·  last year 

I'm so excited that you are a witness now @c0ff33a!! Well done application! You know you already have my vote! ❤

  ·  last year 

Thank you, I really appreciate it and you were so quick to vote for me! In many ways writing this post proved far harder then setting up and configuring the Witness Server, and I still do not feel like I conveyed what I really wanted to say. Throughout my ups and downs on Steemit it is the people on here that have made a real difference to me, and anything I can give back to them and retain the people that make Steemit special has to be worth the effort.

  ·  last year 

I know how it is to edit and re-edit over and over again lol. You may not think you have chosen the right words, but your heart for the people of this platform shines through. 🤗

  ·  last year 

Thank you, I really appreciate it and you were so quick to vote for me! In many ways writing this post proved far harder then setting up and configuring the Witness Server, and I still do not feel like I conveyed what I really wanted to say. Throughout my ups and downs on Steemit it is the people on here that have made a real difference to me, and I hope you all will stay here through the hard times and good ones. 🙏🏼

So what are you saying? It was wrong for me to wake up one day ( rolled off the bed, bumped my head) and decided to become a witness????


  ·  last year 

Not at all, because the person who was there to pick you up is a server expert - and turned your early morning roll over into an impressive spec Witness server that took you quickly into within the top 100. Quite rightly too, you are one of the most active people I see on a daily basis, and you comment on posts even more then I manage to!

  ·  last year 

Both you and @thekitchenfairy are awesome commenters... You are everywhere... spreading the coffee and food fairy love... :D


Terimakasih Eliza!

  ·  last year 



  ·  last year 

yayiyay! Heading over to cast a witness vote!

c zero f f three three a! c0ff33a

  ·  last year 

Thank you very much, and tell me about it - worst account name ever for a voting system which makes you type in the account name! It's the zero people get wrong the most, always wanting to put an o which is understandable. Fortunately I have a tenacious group of followers because I have so many votes already - all of you guys rock and it's amazing how much support everyone has given me.

  ·  last year 

It's definitely the zero! Lol.

With the level of engagement you do here and the support you throw all over, i don't see why you won't get those votes.

Best of luck on this new endeavor! 😉

  ·  last year (edited)

This is so well written my friend and gives a great idea of what you are about and want to accomplish 😊 you know you have my vote already and that's because of who You are.
Steemit needs people like you. Love ❤️🤗

  ·  last year 

Thank you so much, it means a great deal to hear your kind words because I really appreciate how much you put yourself into Steemit and support so many. We all need each other, because together we are strong 🤗

  ·  last year 

Wow, great witness application!!
Im sure youll be a great witness- so devoted to steemit platform and genuinely care about the authors and writing 🤗 you have my vote!👍 good luck dear c0ff33a!!💪🥂

  ·  last year 

Thank you very much, I really appreciate your kind words. Your support and everyone else’s means a great deal to me, hopefully I can give a little something back to this platform and you all.

You've got my vote! BRB, heading over to the witness voting page right now...

  ·  last year 

Thank you very much I really appreciate that, hopefully I will be able to give something back to the whole platform with it.

You deserve it! Good luck and please update us on your progress. :)

Did you see this post?

I work for an exchange that doesn't currently have STEEM/SBD and might be able to help with this. I can't promise it of course and it's hardly my decision at all. If you have Discord, message me: malloryblythe#8139

Hi @c0ff33a, I just stopped back to let you know your post was one of my favourite reads and I included it in my Steemit Ramble. You can read what I wrote about your post here.

Join us on Thursdays for Pimp Your Post Thursday at 11am EDT or 7PM EDT in the Steemit Ramble Discord or:

If you’d like to nominate someone’s post just visit the Steemit Ramble Discord. If I use the post, you earn a portion of the rewards.

Pimp Your Post Thursday is a live curation show where you get to know others and they you. You can promote your post or someone you think needs more notice.

  ·  last year 

Epic, thank you so much that is really kind of you. I already missed the earlier slot, will try and catch the later one if I'm not sleeping!

  ·  last year 

I've just given you a witness vote. I wish you much success

From a fellow Brit

  ·  last year 

Thank you very much, and I had to grin looking at your Bio when I went to follow you. I know there are a few Brit's around Steemit - but some how I never seem to cross tracks with them - no idea why, just the way I suppose I drift around communities.

w00t!!! Pleased as punch to vote for your witness!!! You, @sircork and @enginewitty are among the top reasons I keep swimming around here!

  ·  last year 

Thank you very much, I really appreciate the vote - and while I won't claim to be even half the contributor to this platform those two incredible men are - if I keep plugging away maybe I can do my own little bit.

I think you may underestimate the power of your attitude. I am a gloomy Gus, an "Eeyore" in the Pooh cast. I have to cheerlead myself through anything more difficult than making coffee. OK, sometimes that too, you know how particular one must be to get it right... LOL! Knowing that you are jumping in gives me more hope than is actually rational. Cork is awesome, enginewitty is awesome, but they are SO outnumbered by witnesses who just don't give a shit. Now kitchenfairy has jumped in, that helps... But hearing that YOU are getting involved gave me real hope that maybe we can get the witness ranks filled with people who ARE engaged DO give a shit, maybe even two shits! HUGS!

Darn! It does not show up right unless you click on it... but I tried! 😁

  ·  last year 

You got my vote, and reminded me to vote for the other alliance witnesses - finally!

  ·  last year 

Thank you very much, and it's fantastic you took the time to vote for more Witnesses - every single Witness vote counts and every Witness is working (and spending) hard to help support the platform.

  ·  last year 

Without a doubt you get my vote, off to add it now

  ·  last year 

Thank you very much, I really appreciate all the support I am getting and hopefully I will be able to do some good with it.

  ·  last year 

One thing I have no doubt is that you will do good for the community 😎👍😎

  ·  last year 

Way to go! You have my vote!
Coffee cheers! 😉💕

  ·  last year 

Thank you very much, I really appreciate every single one and it all makes a big difference.

  ·  last year 
  ·  last year 

Congratulations on becoming a witness! Glad to see another witness from our #thealliance Family.

You got only 32GB RAM, So I would suggest you check your server status frequently. Otherwise you may your 1st block as well.

  ·  last year 

Thank you very much, it feels like it might be the start of a very long journey. I know what you mean about the Ram, I'm watching htop pretty much every waking hour just I case - but I know it's going to crash while I'm sleeping. It's the replay time that's the killer with 32gb though, already looking at the options to double it.

This is so cool! I am real happy to see you take on this challenge. Its nice to see someone who cares about the platform as much as you become a witness. it gives me hope for the future :) You have my vote!

  ·  last year 

Thank you very much, I really appreciate the vote and just hope I can stick with it long term - although it's as much about supporting this platform and encouraging more people to vote for Witnesses as my own humble intent.

For sure. I don't think many people realise what a sacrifice it is when you aren't in the top 20. Running a witness server is very expensive!

  ·  last year 

Voted for you do well for the community all the best :)

  ·  last year 

Thank you very much, I really do appreciate you taking the time to vote for me - hopefully I will bring some benefit for us all.

  ·  last year 

Thank you very much, I really do appreciate you taking the time to vote for me - hopefully I will bring some benefit for us all.

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  ·  last year 

You have been defended with a 72.73% upvote!
I was summoned by @c0ff33a.

  ·  last year 



  ·  last year 

Thank you very much, I really appreciate that especially as you are a relatively new Witness and already in the top 50!

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  ·  last year 

oh man!!!! i'm so far behind on posts - its ridiculous!!! LOL I AM SO HAPPY TO GO VOTE FOR YOUUUUU!!!! :)

In the time that I've known you - you have been genuine, caring, proactive and supportive!!!! just the kind of witness we need!!!

  ·  last year (edited)

You definitely got my vote @c0ff33a. You 're a fine example of a model Steemian and just a really good person. One who I have really enjoyed to have gotten to know in the last 4 months or so. :)

P.S. Btw, are you part of the @enginewitty proxy ?? Because I just voted for whoever he voted for as Witness

Congratulations for this great step @c0ff33a, you're an icon in our community, I am pleased to see how you strive for having a high quality in your work. God bless you always and my humble support features.


  ·  last year 

Congratulations on becoming a witness, I voted you up the other day, but my brain is fried at the moment and I read the title of this post as:

My Alliance Application....

  ·  last year 

Couldn't think of a better person to be added as witness!
Congratulations!!! @c0ff33a

  ·  last year 

You've got my vote!

  ·  last year 
It is truly amazing to have you as a witness my great friend, I apologize for being late to this publication and I can not share it, but there is a saying that says; "Better late but sure", hahahha. My sincere blessings and many successes in this new path, a rough road of complete work and dedication, I know that as time goes by, you will perfect your skills. You will always have my support, no matter how small, but you will have it for sure. A hug.
  ·  last year (edited)

you have my support and I vote for your witness today ;) @c0ff33a blessings