inktober day 2: "Tranquil"

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The witch and her familiars enjoying a tranquil afternoon.


Continuing with my Witch and her familiar(s) theme for #inktober, today we have our scholarly witch enjoying an afternoon read whilst her familiars "cat nap" providing her protection and a soft place to lean and snuggle one's feet.

I am enjoying having this structure of witch and animal in black and white for this month. There might be some days where they are not as intricate, depending on what I am about that day.

Having spent so much time laying out, sketching, then inking the piece, I haven't much time nor inclination to go on and on about things.

Let's just say today I love the idea of powerful creatures lazing about in the elixir of the magic perfume of the lady witch, keeping them tranquil and obedient.

I hope all are enjoying #inktober thus far and I hope more Steemians will join in!

If you like my posts by all means upvote, resteem, and comment. I always appreciate comments.

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Its been a long time since I've properly steemed, so I havent seen your art in awhile. Gorgeous work, as ever. ♡


Well, welcome back and thank you so much :)

This one is my favorite! Those tigers look like part of her dress. This girl must have a lot of power when the big cats just sit peacefully next to her :)

Thank you for sharing!


I like the idea of such fierce beasts just relaxing with their witchy friend on a rainy afternoon.

I love seeing all the inktober posts! Makes Steem look like a very regular social media even hahaha. I love stark B&W, in photography but certainly also in drawings and anything else. So I'm going to have a blast this month :-)


I think #inktober is a good way for some of us to get back after the hardfork @soyrosa. It's starting to feel 'normal' again.

I'm definitely going for stark dark and light no real midgrounds here, as I like the look and I am also trying to complete something that looks 'done' in the day. I'm glad you like it :)

A witch and her two tigers? An excellent choice for pet, if you know magic that is :).
I like the tigers' different expressions, that one nearby looks a bit surprised or alert hehehe.


I thought a witch could handle a couple of old tigers. Anyway , if they get too sassy, she can just change them into field mice :)

Amazing! Loving your #inktober art so far!

I know you probably have more professional software you use to make your digital art, but can you recommend an easy but engaging app to use for amateurs? Thanks :)


Actually I just use an old version of Painter, painter 12. I bought it used a few years ago for under 20 dollars. It's pretty intuitive. I think there are freeware versions of drawing software too. It's funny as I use only a few of the options, basically digital versions of my real stuff like pencils in numbers I like, charcoal, ink in fine point or scratch nib and oil paints. Have fun!


Wow really?? Well it's amazing to see what you've been able to do create with this software, i'll check it out :)

Wow- this is an amazing drawing @donnadavisart!



Thank you so much @opheliafu, I'm excited for the month. It IS inktastic!

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Aaaah huge cats today ! TIGERS <3 Love the composition so much * __ *

Your witches and their familiars make such awesome series <3


Thanks @veryspider it's going to be fun I think.