Inktober Day 7 "Exhausted"

in art •  8 months ago 

My drawing for today's #inktober sees our witch rather pooped.


And the entire piece:

Cassandra could really feel the drain from her low mana.

She could barely manage a spell and Vinegar Tom was no help. He'd falling asleep after the first incantation.

I'm posting later today as I had to start my drawing later in the day, having errands to run this morning. It's a lovely day to be out and about, as one can really feel the Autumn in the air. The scent of the cool breeze has hints of cinnamon and old earth and you can just catch the aroma of leaves beginning to rot.

I am trying my best to stick to daily #inktober and also sticking to the prompt. Obviously today's word was "Exhausted" and with my witch and familiar theme this just seemed right.

I of course gave a bit of a nod to our new 'post Hard Fork' use of Mana ourselves.

We have to hope to not use it up too quickly, especially if we are plankton or minnows.

In the spirit of sharing and #inktober today I'm going to share another steemian's post as well.

Today we have @vermillionfox amazing drawing for the prompt 'chicken'. So, go check that out here and share the love.

I hope you all have a lovely rest of your Sunday, what might be left to it.

Well, keep inking everyone and join in if you haven't!

And check out my other #inktober posts thus far:

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Awww look at her, so spent and exhausted. Running out of mana is serious businesss keke. And her doggo as well.
I wonder why she is still bothered to cast a spell though :o.


Well @scrawly, technically I imagined her casting for something big and it's worn her out, so this is her failed spells just spitting out sparks.

You're style is so cool, you just earned a new fan


Oh wonderful and thank you so much, I'll check you out as well :)

I love this one too, her shoes, so cool!


Thank you so much, yes I love a good Victorian boot!

Love the reference to MANA so relevant right now. Amazing drawing too, such great expression.


I couldn't resist the mana @opheliafu as soon as I saw it after the fork I felt like a video game witch wanting to cast 'fireball' :)

Looks great, each and every one:)


Thank you so mucn @inber it has been pretty fun so far. Im not sure I'll be able to do all 31 but I;ll try.

The magic dress works as a sofa for the dog.


I'm glad you noticed that @katharsisdrill :)



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Hope she gets another mana bottle soon ;D LoL the low mana thing and the prompt is rather relevant at the moment isn't it XD


I know @ryivhnn I couldn't resist the similarities :) And some days I do feel this way, as if I've used up all my steemit mana.


It gets like that sometimes. Then you just need to dial back and/or take a break :D


How about us?! I think we all need another Mana bottle ASAP ;) I could always use a spare :)

Hahah, she looks so tired, I know the feeling :) Just I am not that lucky to be able to make some magic from time to time. It would be good to know some cooking, cleaning and the worst one ironing clothes magic, my life would be perfect than @donnadavisart :)


You and me both, @jungwatercolor. It'd definitely help to make more time for Art! Ironing! You are good!


O give me everything you want but don't give me to iron :(((( It's just killing me. I do try to buy clothes that don't need ironing, but from time to time it needs to be done.
And since I am moving in my apartment ( finally!!!) on Spring thinking of buying those machines that do drying and ironing at the same time :)


Yay, a new apartment!

Yes, those machines are amazing! I hate ironing too, a thankless job.

you have a lot of talent! all looks amazeing ❤ wonderful effort, love it ❤


Thank you so kindly @ykdesign. :)

Hehe very cool one ☝️
She looks exhausted and maybe a little bit drunk? 😄

you are awesome girl ! , love this drawings , i enjoy watching them one by one <3 <3 hugsss

Very cool and stylish series of Pinktober! I really liked it)


Thanks a lot ' it'a been a lot of fun.

What a great series of black and white drawings! You could put these together in a book. are so talented! I love your work here...looking forward to more!

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Really like how tired she looks like and also how tired her doggo looks like, and then how nice doggo is sleeping on her lap but then how she uses doggo as book stand :D :D :D

Love this, Donna <3 So adorable and beautiful!!!