Inktober day 5: Chicken

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My witch enjoying a chicken filled moment.


And the entire piece, without the "Steemit chop"


Penelope enjoyed a plethora of poultry.

"As far as chickens go for familiars", said she, "They are Egg-cellent."

Chicken's never minded puns.

Well, I am plugging along with #inktober.

I rose early to do this drawing. I smiled when I saw the prompt as I love chickens. As some of you may know I keep them myself and they are endless entertainment.

Here is my darling Leto.

My favourite hen, broody and the best mother. She'll fight off a hawk to save her brood.

But, back to today's drawing schedule. I usually work in the morning, but after I've spent some time on Steemit. Today I had to head straight into my office/studio to do my drawing as I knew I had to go to the dentist again today. It turned out to be 4 fillings! It was meant to be 2, oh well. And I'm still not done, as next week I need to finish my rootcanal with some posts and a crown and then another cavity on the other side.

Thank God I've given up carbs, as I'm not sure my teeth could take anymore.

But, I digress. " #inktober is turning out to be a good way to focus on a task to keep my mind off that and all the things piling up in this busy month. I am so happy to see so many other amazing Steemians engaging it it as well.

Today, check out @silviabeneforti great #inktober sketch, she also used the chicken prompt, check hers out here.

So, come along and join it, its' great fun. You don't have to be an artist to scribble some ink or digital ink on some white space, so come along! It's a great way to re-christen Steemit after the hardfork!

And check out my other #inktober posts thus far:

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I like that she is surrounded by so many chickens, and yet she feels totally at ease with them. The one that plopped on her hat is very cute <3.
You are doing great with your Inktober pieces, Donna :D.


Thanks so much @scrawly, I'm enjoying them so far, helping me to deal with the stress of this month.

I definitely took inspiration from my own life as I have many times been standing in a place with chickens all around me and sitting on me. I love them.

How lovely is the grey hen ! ^_^ witch serie for inktober, this is a great work you are doing for this month challenge Donna, I wish you can keep up the whole october.. ;-)
oh, and I hope everything will end well with your teeth ;-) love this funny digression 6impffaua4.png


I am going to try. I'll be travelling part of it so we shall see. Some days it might be a scribble :)

Clucking awesome @donnadavisart!
I love Leto - she looks like a nice chicken to have around.


She is a dream. She hatched some chicks this Spring and still 'mother's ' them though they are full grown. She calls them to her to eat first and protects them from the other chickens. She's hilarious.


Ahh bless- i wonder what she will be like as a grandma chicken!

After all my boasting about my 'pretty okay' teeth, I went home early yesterday and spent a total of 3 days with some pretty painful gums...swishing salt water, gagging on tumeric paste, chewing on cinnamon tea bags and living off broth and bland food. today I feel pretty normal but swore once i was free of pain, that i'd have a visit to a dentist. Of course, then I found a pug puppy becoming available by year end and don't want to spend any 'extra' money! ;)


Just do both. Though I just found out our insurance coverage is not as good as I thought and what was going to be like 100 bux is not going to be over 1000 out of pocket, and I'm still not done, have to go in Wednesday again.
Today, oh my gosh. My dentist said, "This wasn't a visit it was a session" My mouth is still numb, I had shots upper and lower, blergh :/


boo. :(
Hopefully wednesday will be the last of it and you can just get to the joy of travel.

"Egg-cellent" drawing, lol :-)
I feel for you regarding the dentist.
That's definitely not funny.


I guess no one likes the dentist. Maybe I should draw a witch transmogrifying a dentist into something. :)


That's true... Maybe a dentist scene would also work for todays #drooling tag ;-)

awesome donna ! love this series , i like the movement i feel in this drawings

Such a stylised series. I am impressed you can keep up the elegance in face of the dentist situation!


Well, art is always an escape for me, especially these black and white pieces, so it's kind of helped keep me grounded and not think about it.


I know exactly what you mean. I am the same way. Last year when I was ill, my doctor said I should not work, but just rest for as many month as necessary, but work was the only thing that kept me sane, really. The pain, panic and depression was all sedated by drawing.

I hope the dental crisis is soon over!

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That drawing of the witch and her chickens speaks volumes. If only I could read.
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Can you speak chicken? ;)

I miss having chickens! Do your witchy's roosters fight? :)


IF they do, my witch just turns them into mice :) I love keeping chickens. I have always done it, but of course have had to have times without them but then comes another year and I'll get back into them!

love her, donna ! and her four chickens <3 the dress is absolutely wonderful and i love her expression so much, what a beautiful piece <3

that hat with the ribbons tied under her chin is so classy * ___ *

and Leto is so wonderful !!! Love her <3


Thank you so much @veryspider I'm really having fun with the design in these.

I went with a sort of 'scarlett ohara' 'gone with the wind' 1940's / 1860's vibe for her :)

Got to love them witches. It's a gorgeous series


Thank you so much. I thought I'd have fun with having a single theme play with the prompts for #inktober this year. And I love making black and white drawings, it's sort of my 'yoga' :)

Wow, those are great inks! Glad to see you are participating in inktober too! Didn't notice before now!

Those are some hot birds :P

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